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[PYCL: Live at noon with no shadows of fear, frustration…(2) Think without limits, strife (3)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for July 15, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Can you find together all the references to light in the lesson. Include all the iterations of that term and everything that expresses light such as "radiant", "radiance", "undimmed", "day" and so on! Why is light so important to Life—why are they linked? Think about how light is symbolic of understanding, and how we "see" best in the light. Understanding God as Life brings more brilliant expression to us as reflections of Life.

Notice that "day", as defined in citation S5, is an idea of God (Truth and Love), while "time", defined in citation S4, in not. Think of Genesis 1 creation, where light is part of the creation, but time is not!

Pycl #2: When is the sun shining on us at its fullest? At noon. It is directly overhead, no shadows. This symbol for how our life is neither developing nor declining is a helpful one. Think of how Mrs. Eddy says it in citation S20. Work together with the younger ones to think about how the sun rises and sets and how there are shadows during most of the day because of the angle of the sun.

As a symbol, noon is where there are no barriers to its light. How do we feel when we are most happy? Are there things that are occupying our thoughts that are frustrating, fearful, anxious, etc.? Then, we are not living at "noon" but allowing "shadows" into our thought. Then, we are thinking that life has good and bad, happiness and sadness, life and death, in equal measures. In fact, Life is eternally at noon, and here we can move on to some thoughts about time.

Pycl #3: Look together at Mrs. Eddy's definition of Time in citation S4. Is there anything good in it? Think about how we use the word…"I don't have enough time", or, "there isn't enough time"? Hmmm, do we want more "limits"? How can we measure things spiritually if time is "mortal measurements"?

Try bringing a ruler or tape measure. What kinds of things can we measure with that? Have them use it to measure a few things in the classroom. Now ask them to use this device to measure someone's kindness, or health, or love….

Pycl #4: Look together at the definition of "Day" in citation S5. Do we want more of that in our lives? Why? Does it have to be daytime to have the brightness of Life in our experience? Notice that "time and sense" disappear when true "day" is being experienced! Day is an idea of God, time is not.

Look again at the creation story in Genesis 1. See if time is involved. Is day part of creation? How can we have more "day" in our lives? When we are approaching an activity at camp, at home, in school, what qualities will bring a sense of "day" as Mary Baker Eddy defines it, into each activity? Notice that the Bible passage in citation B2 tells us that God's lovingkindness is with us in the daytime and that even at night "…his song shall be with me…" To me that says that Love and Life are singing comfort to us in just the way we can receive it and rejoice in it even in our darkest moments. So even night time can be a time to experience Life's radiance!

Pycl #5: Try listing all the things that lead us to a better understanding of Life. For example citation S1 tells us that such an understanding "lengthens our days…", citation S5 tells us that "…objects of time and sense disappear…" as we understand Life better, citation B4 explains that when we think about spiritual law our days lengthen, we find more peace, happiness and so on.

Pycl #6: The Bible stories in this lesson are great to share. The story of manna, in the context of this subject is so cool! Look at the consistent appearance of morning in that section. When does manna appear? Can we get "manna" today? What would it "look" like? Do we have to "collect" it? Is it ever too little or too much? We have to "eat" it/put it into action or it might spoil!!

And we cannot gather extra manna/ideas from Life for use tomorrow! Each day we have to collect fresh inspiration to meet that day's needs! Think together of other ways we can expand on this idea of how Life provides for us and feeds us and how we can be more aware of how we experience Life fully.

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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