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[PYCL: Listen to Spirit's intelligent messages that are always there! (#1)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

August 9, 2015 on


by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: How does God speak to you?
I think that our children do wonder how God does speak to us. Spirit is one of those synonyms that is associated with a special sort of communication. There are a few examples of this in the lesson that we can share. Abraham speaks and hears God throughout his life. In this lesson he hears that he can expect to receive a child within the year. Moses also is included and he encourages all to listen and receive messages from Spirit. Jesus and Stephen are further proof this week that God speaks to us directly. But just how does this apply to "regular" people like us? Do we have to be "special" like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Stephen? Well, in point of fact, we are! The Golden Text says that God has "sealed us, and given the earnest of the Spirit in our hearts." He has put that spiritual sense that perceives God/Spirit's presence and messages, right into our heart! We don't have to look outside ourselves. Citation S12 tells us that these great patriarchs "…heard the voice of Truth, and talked with God as consciously as man talks to man." Translate some of that for the kids. "They heard God talk to them aloud, just like we talk to each other." If you have really young kids you may enjoy reading the book "Travis Talks with God". This book has been in the Reading Room for years and probably exists in your Sunday School as well. You certainly could find a testimony of healing from a child in our periodicals too. Ask if they've ever felt like they heard God? What did it feel like? Did they hear words or was it just a strong feeling that they knew what they were supposed to think or do? Share something from your experience.

I have a few that happened as a child that stand out to me in their simplicity. This can't help but make your pupils feel that they are in the same "boat" as you are. It is important that they leave class knowing that they have heard God, even when they didn't know it! For example, a few weeks ago I was loading bikes in the back of my car and I set my phone on the bumper. I drove off and didn't realize until I got home that I had forgotten my phone. I drove right back to where we had loaded up and looked for it, and then walked where I'd driven to find it. I really thought I'd find it right off, how long could the phone sit there on the bumper of my car right? But to my dismay it didn't appear. When I went back to the house I was pretty frustrated with myself for being thoughtless about the phone, etc. even though I knew that wasn't productive. But Huck (my oldest son) enthusiastically offered to go look. I sort of dismissed his help, I'd already searched extensively. Then he says "I know! Use the "find my phone app" on the iPod and see where the phone is!” We did just that and found that the phone was sitting in the driveway about two hundred yards in. (Our driveway is super bumpy, unpaved—we drive through a creek bed—I really was surprised the phone stayed on the bumper that far). So making a short story long to make this point—we drove right to the phone and it was safely in the middle of the driveway where no tires go. I was very grateful and explained to Huck how that was a great example of listening to God! He wasn't giving in to the discouragement and frustration that was keeping me from hearing the intelligent messages of Mind/Spirit that are always there. Huck was delighted to hear that this was the voice of God giving him good ideas. And I was delighted to have that example to share with him! So there is a simple example. No one should leave class thinking that they have never heard Spirit speak to them!

Pycl #2: What is Spirit?
Talk about the relationship of Spirit to "wind" or pneuma. Bring a fan (or you can each blow on the back of your own hand) pinwheels are good examples also. Talk about how breezes blow and make us cool, lift a kite, carry seeds or scents and so on. Can you see the wind? Is there any doubt that it exists and has power? Think about this as it applies to God as Spirit. Aren't healings a bit like the wind? We see the leaves move in the wind, that is the visible evidence that wind exists. When we have a healing, we then see evidence of Spirit with us.

Pycl #3: Is Spirit visible?
I loved that the story of Sarah and Abraham bringing Isaac into their experience was linked to citation S8. Isaac's appearance was one of God's "multitudinous objects of creation, which before were invisible…" becoming visible. What a way to illustrate man's eternal existence, never beginning or ending in matter. Citation S20 speaks to this promise as well. What things might we expect to see more of as we understand that Spirit is the source of all existence? What "invisible things" become visible? In some ways my long story in Pycl #1 illustrates this in a literal way: the phone was "invisible" to me until Huck was open in his thought to all the abundant ideas of Spirit.

Pycl #4: Spirit is abundant–infinite!
We don't have a limited amount of Spirit's inspiration and power. I love how all the people in the lesson this week illustrate the passage "for God giveth not the Spirit by measure unto [them]" (B12). We are given a constant flow of Spirit and spiritual ideas, but we have to share those ideas without hesitation or holding back. Because there is an infinite source, we never need to be afraid that the wealth of Spirit can ever run out. We can share our joy, energy, love, intelligence, kindness, even, as in this week's lesson our money or gratitude as the widow did in citation B12. We are being called upon in this lesson to give all that we have, not just money here, but each day, all our devotion. This year's theme at CedarS of putting your all on the altar works well with this story. How does the widow's example apply to us? Maybe we are a kid and we don't have money to give, what is this story asking us to do? Pass around a can or basket to do a "collection". What are we going to put in it? (We can use slips of paper with our ideas of what we can give). Maybe we revisit these ideas from week to week.

Pycl #5: What are our "orders"?
Citation S22 tells us that "Christians are under as direct orders now, as they were then, to be Christlike, to possess the Christ-spirit, to follow the Christ-example, and to heal the sick as well as the sinning." Ask the kids: "does this apply to all of us?" What are "orders"? You can talk about military orders, or orders you get from mom and dad or a teacher… What do we think of as orders from Spirit? (I guess the quote kind of answers this, but it doesn't hurt to hear them share their own thoughts).

Pycl #6: "…holy thoughts, winged with Love…"
Finally, I just can't leave without mentioning this quote from citation S25. This is such a great image! Spirit and Spirit's ideas are not so "high-minded" that they are above our own experience. They must be and are "winged", that is, they are made practical and healing, with Love. Love makes Spirit felt and perceived, because often Love is the easiest way that we know we are hearing and feeling Spirit's presence. Think of the first verse of "Mother's Evening Prayer" by Mrs. Eddy and how it describes Spirit's gentle but powerful presence. She makes use of the imagery of a young bird's early flight here also to illustrate these ideas of Love's tender care for Her children. And think about it—Spirit is the very air on which this Love flies and is lifted up.

Have a great Sunday!

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