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[PYCL: List ways to see God "in action"! (1)]
ossible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for June 24, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkinmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: If the universe is really spiritual….This seems like a theme in this lesson, the universe is spiritual, so material so-called laws are not really laws at all. How should we think, how should we feel, how should we act if that is the fact? It might be fun to contemplate this big question and think of little ways that we can change our thinking to make this spiritual universe more visible to us. Can we find ways to see God acting in the world around us? Can we see God acting in Sunday School?

Make a list together of ways that we can see God "in action". You can come in with a list from your own week. I might share that I see God acting in the faithful sweetness and affection of my dog. I see God in the peace and privacy of my little office surrounded by trees where birds perch—sometimes beautiful evidence of creation reflected in families of baby birds learning to fly and fend for themselves. These little things are reflections of God's love and creativity evidenced around me. Younger children might want to draw something that represents their insights about God being with them and around them.

Pycl #2: That could lead directly into thoughts about the kingdom of God/kingdom of heaven from the Golden Text and Responsive Reading. Where are we looking for spiritual creation and the Creator or God? Well, She dwells in the kingdom of God and Jesus tells us that is within us. So is it in our body? Obviously not!

There are two examples in the Responsive Reading of what the kingdom of heaven is like. What if we think of that mustard seed as within our consciousness? If we are looking for spiritual evidence of God everywhere, then maybe we are watering and tending this mustard seed, helping it grow in our consciousness until it begins to provide shelter for other ideas, provide "shade" and "food" for others? What if our consciousness guards and warms and protects that little spoon of leaven, that hope, faith, insight, love, tenderness? What if we keep it sheltered so that the coldness of criticism, the drafts of anger, false judgment, fear cannot keep it from rising and providing light and nourishing love for many around us? I noticed for the first time, the link between the mustard seed and the kingdom of heaven, and Jesus scolding his disciples in B15 for their lack of faith. He talks about faith as a grain of mustard seed….How is this like recognizing that spiritual kingdom within each of us?

We have done this before, but you could certainly bring in some yeast, a little sugar (to help it rise faster), and flour. You can even do a tablespoon of yeast and "three measures of meal/flour". These measures could be just any random scoops that the children use to measure the flour. Make sure they are big enough to contrast with the yeast though! Add warm water and sugar, have the children stir, then cover in a warm, non drafty place. The dough should be thick and stiff, you don't have to knead it as that can get pretty messy. Check it at the end of Sunday School to see how much the dough has risen from that one small amount of yeast! ( a tablespoon is actually quite a lot of yeast—it makes the rise a little more dramatic is all).

Pycl #3: This is related to the above but bears mentioning. Where are we looking for joy and satisfaction? Are we waiting for a trip, a friend, time at camp? Or are we aware that we are carrying the kingdom within, and all the joy that is there, everywhere we go. This is the spiritual kingdom that we live in and we have joy and peace and health everywhere we go when we are looking to Spirit.

Pycl #4: One way to notice that God is governing and we live in Spirit, is to make sure we are asking God for our information and not the body, a friend, parent, material sense. See citation B1 "Ask me of things to come concerning my sons [and daughters]…" Wonderful healing is available to us when we remember that God is the only source of truth or reality. Material sense turns things upside down as it says in citation B2.

Pycl #5: The story of the parting of the Red Sea is so fun to discuss because there are so many lessons to learn from it! Can the students think of any ways that this story applies to us today? Is God leading us today through what seem like impossible situations? Is this maybe a helpful way to view our progress from thinking only materially to thinking more spiritually about life? Check out citation S9. "…so shall the spiritual idea guide all right desires in their passage from sense to Soul, from a material sense of existence to the spiritual…"

The Children of Israel were obeying God, escaping slavery….When we are doing the same, obeying our Father-Mother and escaping the slavery of false beliefs about life and intelligence in matter, we can expect to have our eyes open to the fact that Spirit is governing!! Just remember that God isn't doing miraculous things when called upon…see citation S6. You can check out the whole story with your class.

Why did the sea go back down and cover the army of Pharaoh? What does that represent to our lives today? What is our "enemy", and how does God's spiritual law of good "drown" that enemy? What do we have to "do" so that we can see this? Cool that there is this statement in citation B6 that tells us that God "…will be exalted among the heathen…in the earth". To me this means that God will be lifted up or made visible right here in our experience.

Pycl #6: What if we were to discuss citation S14 as an element of treatment. With little ones the idea of lifting thought above error could be illustrated with a picture. Maybe there is a muddy pit at the bottom of the page. We "build" a strong and safe bridge above it and "put" our thought on the bridge. When mud seems like it gets thrown up at you on that bridge, what can you do? You can "contend persistently for truth". Talk about those words "contend" and persistent".

Maybe you find that even though mud gets thrown at you, you have built your bridge high up and it can't get to you, or you build a wall alongside the bridge so the mud can't hit you. Maybe your thoughts up there on the bridge make it so you know where you are going and how to avoid the mud altogether and you never even see those blobs which fall harmlessly back into the swamp below. I don't know if this image is helpful, but maybe you can think of one that is or can come up with one together in class.

Read the story in citation B10 to reinforce this lesson and citation S12 to understand that the bridge, etc. is like "binding the strong man". The mud could represent critical thoughts we might have of others, or hurt feelings, or sickness. We have to contend with persistence to experience the freedom of spiritual reality, but it's worth it!

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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