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[PYCL: List how Love is present in your day. (1) Meet challenges with calm. (2)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for August 5, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkinmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: What are some of your pupils afraid of? Without spending half of Sunday School laughing about what scares them, can you gather a few "things" and then spend some time together thinking about how Love makes that fear disappear? Practically speaking, why would Love make us unafraid in the dark, for example? How do we feel when our mom or dad is in the room with us? How can we "get to know" Love in a way that makes us equally confident in the dark? How about we start looking for all the ways that we see evidence of God's presence with us? Maybe we see it in something beautiful in nature or outside.

Maybe we see Love in someone who shares a smile when we pass them on a walk. What about a friend that shares a toy or a book? Those are all examples of how Love is truly present in our day (and night). Compile a big fat list of ways that God is with us, each pupil in the class, and then look at this list together and think about whether these evidences of Love's power and presence displace the fear of the dark. If they are not too little you can add that it takes practice to overcome these things. It takes practice to look around and notice the goodness from God. Just like we practice and instrument, art, sport, reading and so on, to get better at them, so we have to practice being conscious of Love so that we are good at noticing Love's presence when challenges come up in the dark!

Pycl #2: How does Love make us powerful? Do we feel powerful when we are afraid? What kind of power are we given—power to do what? We are given, by Love, and through reflection, the ability to meet challenges with calm. We are given the ability to keep our thought so clear that we can see solutions and feel Love's presence when we are afraid or sick. We can recognize, with this power that we are not victims and that Love is right there even when we don't feel great, or are sad or angry.

In the Responsive Reading one of the lines from 1Tim reads that we are given "a sound mind". This also translates as we are given "self discipline". This would be the ability to govern and correct ourselves, right? Wouldn't that be a pretty cool "super power"? We'd never have a parent or adult telling us how to behave because we are given the ability and power to do this in accord with Love. You could bring in some weights or stones to lift. Discuss the difference between human "power", and divine power that we reflect. To be clear, when we feel afraid and powerless, it is not because we are powerless… and we don't have to lift some kind of spiritual "weights" to get "stronger"; but it is helpful, as it says above, if we practice recognizing God/Love's presence in our lives.

Pycl #3: There are several analogies that might be helpful with younger children. Try bringing in a small glass. Put some water in it, less than half the cup. Add stones to the cup—have them do this. With each stone what happens to the water? Think of each stone representing a spiritual sense of Love's presence and the water being our sense of Love enveloping us. With each stone "quality" we drop in the water, the level of the water rises. We can bring that right to the lip of the cup by continuing to add these qualities of perception. In the end, there is no more room for anything but these qualities and Love (the water).

Pycl #4: Another analogy for how we are never separate from Love is the sun. Have each child draw a big sun on a page of paper, or you do this for them. Then draw rays of light coming out from the sun. Think of how the ray is never separated from the sun, not even by a cloud (which might represent fear, or sickness, etc.). The ray continues to be derived from the sun with no gap.

If you fly in an airplane above the clouds, you can see that the sun's rays are still attached to the sun. In a similar way you can think of God as the sun and man as the rays from the sun. A ray derives all its light and warmth from its source. Likewise we derive all our sense of loveable-ness, joy, health from Love. If the sun ray could, would it "change its mind" and become independent of the sun and start sending cool rain? No! It cannot do anything that its source hasn't caused it to do. So we can only remind ourselves powerfully, that as Love's "rays" we are never separate from Love, never alone, never without the light of Love, even when we feel like we are in the dark!

Pycl #5: Retell the story from the Bible in citation B6. I find it helpful when I'm retelling or rewording to still hold the Bible open to the story or verse. That way it is clear, that while we may be putting it into our own words, it is still from the Bible. Make sure you let them know why Saul went into the cave… he went in to go to the bathroom (and yes, this is kind of funny)… and why David might have been able to sneak up on him and slice a piece of his robe off without Saul noticing. First of all, it would be dark, second, the sword would have been very sharp, and finally, the robe would have been extravagant and long since it was a king's robe.

Why did David spare Saul (remind them that Saul had been hunting David down to kill him with his big army, for quite some time! [answers range from about a year to 20 years!]). What does the kingdom of heaven in man have to do with why David saved Saul instead of killing him? When we are aware of the kingdom of Love within our consciousness, and we are filled with the light of Love, how hard would it be to do something truly unloving, like killing someone? Saul was struggling with hatred. What do you think the "panoply of Love" was like that David was "clad" with? (You will need to define "panoply" and "clad")

Pycl #6: In Section 2 and 3 there is so much about Jesus' command to love our enemies. This is such an important Christian idea that it bears some thinking about. Just how do we go about doing this? We've touched on the idea in thinking about the kingdom within us. What other ideas can be practical and helpful? Can you share some examples where you were led to feel love when you might have been hurt, especially by a friend or loved one?

Can you make a list together of how Love supplies us with the qualities that make us understand that Love has never left us. That means that when we are tempted to feel abandoned or hurt by someone, insulted etc. we can turn to this list of ways that Love has never turned Her back on us, ever. We may have some looking to do, so that we can perceive this fact, but we can definitely use this list to give us the backup we need when anger or hurt seems especially fresh.

Pycl #7: If your pupils are a little older. You can share this testimony that was placed at the end of the My Bible Lesson. It is a powerful testament to Love's government, and very moving. Hopefully this link will work for you!

Click here to view:' https://journal.christianscience.com/shared/view/wdi1ks64f8?s=e

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