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[PYCL: Lift limitations; remind yourself often that your abilities are from your Creator! (4)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“God the Only Cause and Creator”
for December 9, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS of House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Check out the Golden Text together and "make" a garden or building. For a garden you can be creative. One idea would be to bring in sheets of brown construction paper and several colors of tissue paper. Bring some white glue or whatever seems best to use. Think about what makes each individual a "garden" of God's creating. Can they name qualities or characteristics that make them God's garden? How do these qualities blossom, grow, etc. Have fun with the analogy. For every idea you can tear off a small piece of tissue and pinch the bottom together so that the top looks like a small flower. They shouldn't be more than about an inch and a half or so wide so that you can plant many of them in rows… glue them in rows on the brown paper. If you don't want to mess with this, another idea is to have them draw the "crop" in rows, or bring stamps that they can print in the "rows" on the brown garden paper. You can certainly find other methods of carrying this out, have fun!

Likewise, if your class is more into construction, you can look at the "building" idea and consider bringing some blocks or Legos for them to use, one block for every characteristic or quality, as with the garden. Encourage them to keep it smaller so that there can be a reasonably "finished" building by the end of Sunday School.

Both of these projects could be ongoing if they are having fun with them and not too distracted by the materials.

Pycl #2: Citation B2 has a wonderful statement where God tells us to "Ask [Him] of things to come concerning [His] sons…" Do we always ask God first about things concerning ourselves and those around us? I have a really great healing that occurred with one of my boys when they had a bad bike wreck, where I was directed to this passage. When I stopped asking my own worried thought and turned to see what God was telling me about my son, he was healed of the side effects of what appeared to be a concussion in the space of the period of Sunday School. What are some ways we can put this command into action in school, at home when with our siblings? What do they think God is telling them about others? You could include the passage in the Responsive Reading that tells us that He created Jerusalem "a rejoicing and Her people a joy"…. Sounds like God's creation can't be mean, selfish, annoying…

Pycl #3: In looking at Section 2 this week I've been thinking that maybe we need to be alert to the fact that as God's creation, His ideas, we are each being called upon just like Abraham was. It may not look like this to us. Do you think that it looked like it to Abraham? Remember that God promised him a special place when he first left his homeland. He was promised, as we see in this citation, a multitude of descendants. But it must have seemed like an empty promise to Abraham since he didn't get a son of his and Sarah's until he was 100 years old!!!

How long are we going to stand back and continue to rejoice in our present good, each day, knowing that our purpose is as holy as Abraham's? Can we see how God is talking to us today? Each day we are getting messages, direction, angel thoughts…. how do we learn to identify them, as Abraham did?

Pycl #4: Citation B9 makes it clear that all the power and goodness that Jesus expressed was from God. Then in citation S17 Mary Baker Eddy tells us that it is not only possible but our duty, every one of us, starting with "children", to do these same things that Jesus did. This is a little similar to the last Pycl, in that we are recognizing our purpose and selfhood that is of God, the only creator and cause. The reason we can expect to do these things is because we get all ability from our Father-Mother.

If you have an idea for an invention, you have made it to do a certain thing and it does this thing. It is designed to do this one thing and does it well. Can this invention suddenly do other things that it wasn't made to do? In this same way, God has made you to reflect and express Him/Her. You can only do this and not evil or other things that don't express God. Those "other" things have no substance, and with an effort to use our spiritual senses we see those things disappear and the real become more tangible (as MBE says in citation S10). Let's remind ourselves that our abilities are from our Creator. This lifts limitations.

Pycl #5: How does the story of loaves and fish help us today? Read or tell it together. Bring some goldfish crackers for fun, just to represent the idea of "fishes". What if we think, for example, that we can get all the joy we need from one "kernel" of gratitude? Is not that like the infinite abundance of joy, through a grateful heart? Can you think of other things that we can demonstrate an abundance of? God, being the source of all good, we should be able to think of some things.

Pycl #6: I'm not sure how to employ this, but I love the idea that Love "…bathes all in beauty and light." This makes me think of the fact that Love is revealing to us the beauty and light in each person, when (as in citation B2) we turn to Love for the accurate view of a person. I love this idea of "bathing", can you do something with that image and the younger children? How can we "bathe" in "beauty and light"? What does light represent? What does Mary Baker Eddy mean by "beauty"?

If God/Love does this, aren't we reflecting that ability to bathe others in this beauty and light? Can we think of how we might do this? Can we "withhold" light and beauty from someone if we think they don't "deserve" it? On whom does the sun shine? Does the sun choose to leave some out of its rays?

Have a wonderful Sunday School lesson!

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