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 [PYCL: Let’s be as humble and stress-free as reflections, knowing God’s with us, always! (2)]
CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson on:

Christian Science

Sunday, December 28, 2014

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO [& Warren]   (314) 406-0041

[Today Kerry sent in this slightly-abbreviated version of PCYLS, what with her daughter getting married!  Italicized brackets added by Warren Huff, PCYL editor & CedarS executive director.]

 [PYCL 1—you could bring wrapped presents to represent ways the Christ is a gift…]
What gifts did you get this Christmas? What gift are they talking about in the Golden Text? Have some fun with the idea of gifts and what gift is being talked about in this week's lesson. Hey, does this mean Christmas is never over and gone?  Yes!  Now how do we really feel this gift every day in our lives? There are any number of ways to approach the gift-giving.  You could bring in little wrapped presents that represent the different ways that the Christ is a gift in our lives.  For example maybe one gift represents the love that God has for us that we see through our parents love.  One gift might be a shared healing; and we can talk about how it continues to be a gift to us today.  Maybe another gift is the students!  Why would they be a gift?  Are they representing qualities of Christ?  I'm sure you will think of some gifts of your own!  

[PYCL 2— you could talk about the amazing gift of being aware that “God with us”.
The Responsive Reading ends with these words, as the name of Emmanuel, the Christ child.  Think of what a humble and stress-free example Jesus was.  He could do anything yet stated that “I of mine own self can do nothing.”  You could bring in a mirror or a small one to give as a gift to each student to remind them that God is even more with them than is their reflection, since he is the original that we merely reflect.  You could discuss how the gift of thinking like that will remove all fear, worry, pride and stress since there’s nothing more humble or stress-free than a reflection!

[PYCL 3— you could talk about letting the Christ light shine to heal and bless all.]
The Comforter is the ultimate gift—but if you look at Section 4 you can see that if you don't use that healing power that the Comforter reveals—it's like hiding your candle, and it becomes useless.  [You could bring in a “torch” (flashlight in England) and hide it under a “bushel” or wastebasket to illustrate this.  You could also link the Christ light with citation B1, “Arise, shine for thy light is come, and the glory of the Lord is risen upon thee.” (Isa 60:1)]

[PYCL 4— you could talk about government.]
What kind of government were they talking about in citation B3?  What were the people expecting the Savior to be, what kind of leader?  When we expect things to be a certain way, do we sometimes miss what is important—for example, the people/Jews were expecting to get a savior that would lead them into battle and give them freedom from the Romans or from whoever was running their country.  So they missed the magnitude of the coming of Jesus!  What are we doing today that would make us miss the presence of the Christ in our lives?

 [PYCL 5— you could talk about being wakeful shepherds.]
Do something with littler kids where they pretend to be asleep.  Talk about what it means to be “wakeful”.  What do we want to be awake to?  Why are the shepherds awake?  They do this to keep their sheep safe.  Why should we be alert?  What are we keeping safe?  What made the shepherds so ready to see that special message from the angel?  Humility?  Alertness?  Care (for their sheep)?

 [PYCL 6— you could talk about the naturalness of healing.]
I like that healing is a part of God's law, not an exception to that law—and that Jesus came to show us this. I like that we can expect healing because it is natural, not because God is doing something “special”.  This is from Section 3….

 [PYCL 7— as a preparation to welcome the New Year on Thursday, you could talk about how Christ makes all things new! (II Cor. 5:17, Rev. 21:5, Hymn 218)  What would it mean to let “that mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus” (6th Tenet, SH 497) so much so that literally ALL things (and people) would become new to you?  How can you see your old home (school, family car, bike… ) in a new spiritual light?  (Refer to our last week’s PYCL 4 exercise of turning “things into thoughts.”)  How can you see everyone in your family, your neighborhood, your school, in a new Christ-light as God’s perfect image and likeness? How will that change everything?]

[Have a fun last Sunday of 2014 together!]



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