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[PYCL: Let Truth reveal your spiritual nature & freedom from matter's crystallized limitations!]

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Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?
The Christian Science Bible Lesson for Sunday, June 22, 2014

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO   (314) 406-0041

[PYCL 1]
It took me a couple of “runs” at this lesson to glimpse the amazing vastness of the spiritual universe that is being revealed through these seven sections.  And then to think about how to share these rather “big” ideas with kids—well, that has been its own kind of challenge.  It is all well and good to say that “the universe is spiritual”, “matter is not real”, “God made/makes all, and all is Spirit”, but to make this more than words for children (or maybe for anyone) is a different matter.  You can always begin with addressing the title of the lesson and talking about why Mrs. Eddy might have chosen to address this topic two times every year.  Why is it still relevant to today's scientific thought?  Make sure the younger ones understand what “atomic force” and “evolved” mean.  Just don't get stuck in explaining the material theories for too long since you will want to spend most of your time pondering together what it means to glimpse creation from a spiritual standpoint rather than a material one.

[PYCL 2]
I see a lot of “light” in this lesson.  There are references to light as part of creation, light as necessary for the crops, light as a “symbol of Mind” (S6), and so on.  I'm sure you've discussed ideas about how light represents all sorts of things about intelligence, understanding, discernment, clarity and so on, but make sure all are on board with the symbolism so that you can think about these terms each time light is mentioned in the citations of this lesson.  The reality of God's creation can only be seen in the “light”, that is, through spiritual understanding.  The sun, then, is a symbol.  It is not the true source of life and light, it is a symbol of divine intelligence, the source of all intelligent creation.  That's a pretty huge thing.  God said, “let there be light”, He didn't say “let there be the sun”.  (I know the sun and moon are mentioned, but after the mention of light being there, almost like an afterthought!). Citation B15 is followed by the statement that “the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord…” (B16).  In other words, the light or knowledge of God's glory is apparent to us, right here and now in our present understanding.  In this same section (section 5), you have the story, subtly, of how Jesus came into being.  This is a perfect example of the coming of the light to men.  Jesus illumined our thought, brought us out of the idea that man is a material, sinning, diseased creation, and into the understanding of our spiritually whole and harmonious nature.  All the S&H citations in this section point to the unfolding idea of Christ, coming to consciousness and “…chasing away the darkness of error.”   Talk about Jesus' coming, how does this relate to light and creation?  Think of the star that pointed the way to Jesus' birthplace.  Think of the first chapter of John where the creation story is told in terms of the “Word” and of “light”.


[PYCL 3]
Spirit tells us a story of Spiritual creation.  We can see this best with light, but another aspect of seeing spiritually accurately is looking at the most truthful view.  You can think of your own analogy here and it would be helpful to have a healing that illustrates this thought.  But an obvious thing would be to talk about climbing a tall mountain.  When you get above the treeline (where it's too high for the trees to grow), you can get some amazing views.  You can really see what is around you.  You may have seen waterfalls, colorful birds, cliffs or boulders on your way up, but you don't get the perspective of the vastness of what's around you until you get to the summit!  This is like getting a spiritual perspective on things.  It’s getting “above” what material sense tells us and glimpsing something of God's spiritual reality.  We can easily pay too much attention to the senses, to pain or fear, anger, sadness… we have to really lift our consciousness higher and listen carefully for what God is telling us, to find the grand, and true perspective.  Citation S24 explains that the material senses cannot reliably tell us about our health.  Mind, alone gives us the truth, the reality and perspective that we need to have to reveal our true, harmonious, spiritual, nature.

[PYCL 4]
Along with the story of light in this lesson, comes the story of the battle that Joshua leads against the Amorites.  In this story the sun “stands still” until the victory is Joshua's.  Is this a story about God “intervening” in a material battle, to help the “right” side?  Look at Mrs. Eddy's statement in citation S17: “Spiritual evolution alone is worthy of the exercise of divine power.”  God doesn't “intervene” in human affairs.  God is always governing His perfect creation in harmony.  God governs the universe itself for good.  Creation serves the Creator.  We don't need to delve too much into the details of how we see/understand the way in which this governing takes place.  We only need to truly acknowledge the divine government.  If God did “intervene”, then it would be a miracle when healing, or in this case, battle victory, comes.  It would be an instance outside of the ordinary way in which life unfolds.  In fact, healing or victories such as this one are instances where we glimpse something of the divine light or intelligence that is always in operation.

[PYCL 5]
There is young children's story in a very clever book entitled “Mouse Soup”, by Arnold Lobel.  In this story, (one of a series of short ones), there are two large stones on the side of a hill.  They love to “look” at the beautiful hillside that they are on; it is full of lovely grasses and flowers, birds and bugs and so on. One day they ask a bird to tell them what is on the other side of the hill.  The bird flies over the hill and comes back and tells them that there are towns and castles, valleys and hills, etc.  He describes the great detail of a perspective that has the height of a bird's-eye view.  The stones are then terribly sad for a hundred years that they are not on the other side of the hill, where the view is so grand!  (If the kids do not see the humor in this, you can certainly enlighten them!)  Then, years later, they ask a mouse to tell them about the other side of the hill.  The little mouse comes back to tell them of the beautiful grass, flowers and so on that he can see.  The two stones are then satisfied that the bird lied to them.  They are once again content that the view from both sides of the hill is the same. Maybe this story would be useful to convey the idea of perspective and how we can be limited by what we see if we look only from a material sense perspective. We might also be tempted to be fairly content with the “smaller” view if nothing drastic comes along to upset our restricted sense of 'reality'.  But when we are freed from the narrow view that matter presents, we have the opportunity to embrace these bigger concepts of a God that made creation harmonious, glorious, constructive (not destructive), full of lasting beauty, and divine intelligence!

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