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[W: PYCL: Let them take a key home as a reminder (3) Pantomime opening a door… (4) Make a list of angel thoughts! Level "mountains" of anger, resentment, fear… (5)
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for December 22, 2019

By Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Why is the Golden Text true? What "things"? This is true of spiritual reality, the only reality. What we see with material senses is like a dim reflection of what is true, and we get some glimpses of Truth through the proper understanding of the Christ man, and the true Father-Mother that governs. This is what Jesus came to share.

Ask the students what evidence they see that "…with God all things are possible." What evidence can you share from your life? What evidence is shared in the lesson. Here you have the opportunity to go through the various stories that paint a clearer picture of what the Christmas season is about and how it relates to this week's Bible lesson.

Pycl #2: Even with the youngest you can share some thoughts about symbolism. What qualities does the baby Jesus express (you will have to share some ideas and explain what innocence might be, for example.) What qualities does a good mother or father express; how did Mary and Joseph express these qualities?

Can we express qualities of fatherhood and motherhood, even when we are children? How about qualities that the baby Jesus represented? Write these qualities on colored paper in the shape of ornaments and attach them to pipe cleaners to hang at home.

Pycl #3: Look at the Responsive Reading together and find where God says that He has given us the "key of David", which gives us an "open door", "straight" highways, raised "valleys", and lowered "mountains". Bring each student a large pretend key (cut one out of stiff paper of some kind), or a real key if you have one laying around. What kind of key "opens" this "door", what kind of door is the prophet and Revelator talking about? Isn't the door to understanding the power that we have as Christ man? Isn't it the freedom, joy, health, intelligence, inspiration and so on that is given to us by our loving Father-Mother?

How did the promised Messiah give us this key and open this door? How does Christian Science (and Science and Health) do this? Keep digging with them, how does travelling on a winding highway compare to progress on a "straight" one? What does this mean spiritually? What about the valleys and mountains? We love the beauty of both of these manifestations and they are, neither one, evil. But symbolically we could think of them here as making spiritual progress readily accessible. How did Jesus do this? Did he speak in stories/parables that made his message clear? Did he meet people right where they were, in streets, synagogues, on the sea, in the mountains? Have them think about how Jesus and Christian Science might be seen as giving us this key and then let them take a key home as a reminder of this idea.

Pycl #4: Check out citations B6 and S6. What are these passages saying about man? How can a man be a "hiding place from the wind," etc.? What does that mean? It must be the Christ man here, and look what that man does, "…he reflects the beatific presence, illuming the universe with light." Wow! The Christ man illumines the universe! How do we do this? What can we do to express this in a tangible way? How did Jesus express this light? Is it mostly out of our reach?

Citation S9 tells us that this kind of practical Christ is here now, "knocking" on the door of our consciousness. Are we going to let it in? Have the little ones show this by talking about Christ ideas and have them pretend to open the door to those ideas, or to close the door to things that are material and the opposite to Christ. They can pantomime the door opening, etc. or you can have them put their hands together like a gate and open and shut their hands. You can go through the symbolism of "covert from the tempest", "water" in the desert, and the light that Mary Baker Eddy is referring to "illuming the universe".

Pycl #5: Check out the shepherd's story in Section 3. Can we be like shepherds today? What was their thought like? Mary Baker Eddy talks about the need to be "wakeful" in citation S10. Why were they awake? (their job was guarding the sheep, right?) How can we be "awake" or watchful—and what are we watching for? What kinds of angels are coming to us? Can you make a list of angel thoughts? What did the angel tell the shepherds?

Are we still being told about Jesus' birth (in our consciousness) today?

Do we listen and stop what we are doing to obey the angel? Might that be a little hard to do? What if we are in the middle of being angry or frustrated with our sibling? Can we "stop" and humbly listen and walk toward that new sense of Christ presence? Do we have to leave the room maybe to do this? Go for a walk? Think of some practical strategies that make this kind of welcoming thought something we can learn to do? Isn't this another way for us to understand that idea of the "open door" that the Christ is leaving for us? Isn't this like leveling "mountains" of anger, resentment, fear, etc.?

Have a great Sunday School class and beautiful Christmas Season!

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