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[PYCL: Let the loveliness of spiritual supply, harmony and creation, speak for itself.]

Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Is the Universe, including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?”
for the week ending Sunday, December 17, 2017

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
email: kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: This is a "big" subject for young children. As always, I find it helpful to focus on some of the smaller elements while also introducing the topic generally at the beginning. So, you may want to generally speak of what the belief/beliefs are about how the universe and man are evolved—evolution—the "big bang" theory at the beginning of class. These are commonly respected explanations of material "creation". We don't need to dwell on them, or to spend a lot of time discounting them. Rather, think about all the ways in this lesson that these theories are naturally refuted. Compile testimonies that illustrate the facts of spiritual creation and origin (in addition to those in the lesson). And instead of using these examples as some kind of "baseball bat" to drive away the material theories out there, let these spiritual facts stand on their own merits and let the loveliness of spiritual supply, harmony and creation, speak for itself.

One thing to consider while sharing these examples is addressing the subject of "miracle", which is touched on in this lesson. What do the young children think about that word. What does it mean to them? How does Christian Science healing get defined? How does the loaves and fish example in Section 5 fit into things? Why are these not miracles? Why is it inspiring and encouraging when we regard such things as a result of God's law? Think about law as something that we absolutely expect to be followed, not in the way a traffic law is followed or not followed, but in the way that we tend to regard things like gravity acting. Explain gravity as a law and have them test it by dropping a pencil. Did they ever doubt it would fall? And yet, they were not born knowing that things would fall… Babies drop things over and over from high chairs to see what will happen! They are fascinated by the fact that things fall to the ground (and maybe that mommy/daddy picks them up over and over too…). But now that they are older, they don't doubt that that will happen to their pencil! God's laws are even more unbreakable than gravity (We know that Jesus defied gravity when he walked on water!) Since we know that "miracles" like the ones we read about in the Bible and periodicals are actually the result of Love's laws, we can also expect to have wonderful healing in our lives because these laws apply to everyone! God originates all that is real.

Pycl #2: Definitely look into the story of Jesus feeding the multitudes. How many people were fed by how many fish and loaves of bread? Where did the extra fish and bread come from? Can we think about how God creates ideas—and these ideas truly feed us in every way? Bring in a basket or two with goldfish crackers and bread to distribute and discuss together the ideas with which God feeds us. Is there any limit to these ideas? Does it matter where we are (out in the wilderness—alone in the city—in our bedroom?) The baskets would be for the very young who can pass out their wares while sharing what ideas God is feeding us that keep us satisfied, happy, strong, cared for. Is there a limit to the ideas God can share? Is there a limit to the good that He gives us—either a limit on amount or is it limited by where we live, how old we are? Does God have to get the garden ready to plant, plant the seed, wait for the plant to grow, the fruit to ripen, harvest it, process it, make the bread? Or does God think, and it's done? Ideas are powerful! This is spiritual creation, instant!

Pycl #3: Maybe your class would be up to thinking through citation B6 and its statement of how we are "clothed". See if they can determine what Paul is getting at. Talk about how tabernacle or temple in the Bible is likened to our body. How can we see our bodies more spiritually? It seems hard to think of this passage simply, but I'm enjoying seeing if there is an essential truth or two that can be shared and developed with younger kids. Think about it like "clothing" them (our bodies). We put on a coat to keep us warm…maybe we can think about how spiritual thoughts of having all that we need from divine Love bring us warmth and protection from the "cold wind" of criticism or judgment. You could bring a sampling of clothing to use for this exercise. Have the children put something on and talk about what its function is for our body—how can each article of clothing translate into something spiritual?

Pycl #4: The story of Zacharias and Elisabeth in Section 3 is a great way to prepare for the Christmas story that you may want to discuss this week and next in Sunday School. You can talk about Elisabeth's relationship to Mary, Jesus' mother, and how Mary came to stay with her for a time during their pregnancies. How did her son John help to prepare people's thought for the arrival of Jesus? (mentioned in citation B10) How can we prepare our own thought to receive this message of the Christ? Were Zacharias and Elisabeth "prepared" to receive John into their lives? How was this a surprise to them? Was it a "miracle" (Pycl #1)? I think it's interesting to note that in many of the cases where a Biblical family was assured that they would have a child in an unexpected time in their lives that an angel appeared to them. This happened to Abraham and Zacharias and to Mary as well. What does this say about human generation? Who is truly responsible for our origin? Can we look to angel thoughts to see our own origin and see it more clearly in God than in our human parentage? What does this do for us? Make a list of how truly accepting that we originate in Spirit changes things on a day to day basis.

Pycl #5: It being the Christmas season and all, we could dig a bit deeper into the subject of angels. Mrs. Eddy's definition is in the third section— citation S13. Why are angels included in this subject of how the universe and man are evolved? We certainly touched on it in the previous Pycl. But how are these angels bringing clarity to the fact that man and the universe are created spiritually? What angels can they think of that they may have entertained in their experience? Can you share an example? How do angels fit into Jesus' birth? What are they found doing? Announcing!! In what way is the Christ babe being "announced" to us each day? Are we being like the shepherds, standing watch, looking, and ready to receive?

Hope this gives you a few ideas for Sunday!!

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