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[PYCL: Incorporate the reversal theme into this week's class! Quit listening to lies! (1) Use keys to unlock treasures of Truth! (3)! For healing argue against what the senses witness. (5)
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on


For March 26, 2017

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Find one or more ways to incorporate the theme of reversal into this week's class. Here are some ideas, but I'm sure you will find many more!

*Citation S5 talks about how "…mortals present more than is detected upon the surface, since inverted thoughts and erroneous beliefs must be counterfeits of Truth." This brought to my thought the idea of an iceberg. They are known for having only a small portion of their size above the surface of the water (hence the term:"that's just the tip of the iceberg"). I like this metaphor to illustrate how the visible "mortal" evidence seems so present and solid, while in reality, it is the hidden part that has the real mass (and is "inverted" right?!). If we look under the surface of what we are experiencing, we can see that the true substance, good, harmony, is the only real and present fact of things.

*Look at the story of the woman in Section 2. How did she "reverse" what she saw? What was she looking to to correct this impression of death? How did Elisha "shut the door" on this false suggestion? He must have worked mentally also to reverse this appearance of death.

*Look at Hezekiah's story and think of how he (and Isaiah the prophet) reversed the very powerful suggestion that the enemy was going to crush them? Did they "reverse" the cries of material sense? The king of Assyria was yelling over the city walls, "Don't listen to your king, God can't do anything to save you!" Isn't this the kind of thing we hear in our thinking when we are feeling sick, afraid, etc.? We are tempted by our material senses to believe that God can't do anything to help! How do we reverse this? Can you think of some specific ways to refute this (along with sharing these great examples from our Bible lesson?) Citation S20 tells us one way is to "look away from the body into Truth and Love", citation S23 gives us instructions for how to counter the suggestion of accident, can you find others?

* Citation B17 says that we should quit hearing or listening to lies, wrong instruction. Make sure you are practicing the ability to discern what is a lie!

*I think it would be helpful to come up with some spiritual truths that counter specific lies. These can be from Bible verses or passages from Science & Health, but can also be general truths based on the books. Much like Mrs. Eddy does in her passage about accidents, we can understand that Mind is intelligent and good and always governing, so there can't be any "chance" that would make it so that accidents are possible in God's kingdom. We live in that kingdom, never somewhere else, even temporarily. You get the idea.

* "Turn away mine eyes from beholding vanity…" from the Golden Text. With the little ones, have them literally turn their eyes away from something. Then they can't see it right? How can we do this mentally in such a way as to destroy the whole suggestion (in other words, not just ignore something, pretend it's not there by not looking—but see the truth that is its opposite—error's destroyer)?

Pycl #2: Explain or ask why we have a subject on Unreality as well as Reality. I mention it in the Met this week, but you can find answers in citations S25 and S26. We can only progress as we understand the difference and leave the false behind, and "A knowledge of error and of its operations must precede that understanding of Truth which destroys error..". If you can't tell the difference between the true and the false you become a victim of the false. You can use the bank account analogy that I've shared (operating on the false assumption that you have only a couple of dollars when, let's say, in reality, you have tons—you would never go get groceries or leave the house with no money to buy gas, etc. You might be sad and afraid, all for naught if your banking records were just wrong!). Or think of a new example.

Pycl #3: I was looking at the last part of citation S1 and thinking about how Christian Science and its revelations "unlock the treasures of Truth". What are those "treasures"? Can you come up with a list of them? Find something to act as a treasure box (this is something that can come in handy for other lessons as well!). Can you find inexpensive keys? It might be least expensive to get some of those big plastic keys that people give to babies to chew on, I know key blanks aren't cheap because I used to get them for my boys when they were smaller since they loved keys so much! Each key can "open" the treasure box when you give the key one of those Christian Science revelations about health, harmony, God and man. You can find these truths and revelations throughout the lesson as you go through class and share the stories in this Bible lesson. You may write on the key (you could cut out paper ones too!) these qualities or revelations from what you all know of CS.

Pycl #4: One of the facts that helps us to discern what is not real, is the idea that God is all good and ever-present. Citation B2 asks "Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the Lord." Bring a cup in a bowl to catch overflow. Fill the cup with water or some other flowing substance like sand, all the way to the top of the cup. Is there any room for anything more? If God is ALL good and fills up every space, where is the room for evil/unreality?

Pycl #5: This is obviously pretty similar to some of what is before, but is helpful to expand upon. Look at citations B5 and B6. It speaks in citation B5 of a "true witness" vs. a "deceitful witness". What is a witness? How are we being a true witness? How did the Shunammite woman bear true witness? How did Elisha? How can we? There is a role here for us to do our own truthful witnessing, as well as to recognize when others are witnessing truly or falsely. When we feel sad, angry, sick, etc. we can argue against what the senses are "witnessing" like the woman and Elisha in this story, and have healing results, because we are witnessing to the truth of a situation!

Pycl #6: The human senses seem logical! Others get sick around us—we get sick. Look at what the king of Assyria tells the people of Israel. It was logical I'm sure. What the prophet tells Hezekiah is not logical, why would we just accept that God has already defeated the enemy, and that they will not so much as shoot an arrow at the city? Well, because Isaiah knew God, that He was all good, that He was the only power. He could "turn away his eyes" from the mesmerizing view of a powerful enemy, and say, "Wow, looks bad, but I know God is the only real thing!" We can do this too. Share an example. I love what Mrs. Eddy says about reason in citation S4.

Pycl #7: Okay, one more… citation S12 talks of evil being a "negation". It would be easy to illustrate this idea with light and darkness. Darkness being the absence of light, rather than a "power". Despite popular novels and movies, darkness doesn't have the ability to "move in" and take over. It is merely the absence of light and light eradicates it. You can use flashlights to illustrate this point in a dark box or room at church. It's a simple but effective way to symbolize the insubstantial nature of evil. How are true and good thoughts like that light?

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