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[PYCL: Give them wings of holy thoughts!(#4) Put them in a courtroom (6).]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

“God the Preserver of Man”

on December 6-13, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: To discover more about the meaning of preserve you could always bring in a jar of "preserves" and some bread to share while you discuss what it means. Talk about how preserves are made, why they last. Many varieties of jam say the word "preserves" on them; try to find one of those. How do they think God preserves man? This thought can be discussed through many examples in this week's lesson.

Pycl #2: In the Responsive Reading we have the passage from Psalms. "Be still, and know that I am God." What does being still mean to them? Think of ways that being still can happen—other than just "not moving". You can look at citation S2 for the definition of the Kingdom of Heaven. The last part mentions "the atmosphere of Spirit, where Soul is supreme." Aren't we most aware of feeling that atmosphere when we are being still?

Pycl #3: This lesson is full of references to the kingdom of heaven—the fact that it is here, and within us. Why is this an important element in understanding how God preserves us? There are lots of ways that the kingdom of heaven is described, see if they can find them. Some are in citation B3, think of words like: secret place, refuge, safety, shelter. Citation B1 tells us to "repent" because the kingdom of heaven is right here. Repent in the Bible can be translated as to "rethink". Do we need to "rethink" what the kingdom of heaven is? How does it actively keep man safe? How do the kids think of the kingdom of heaven? Do they need to "rethink" their ideas? Why or why not?

Pycl #4: It might be fun to bring in some red, maybe some green paper too, and cut them into wing shapes. Bring along thread or string to hang the wings from. Look together at citation S5 where Mrs. Eddy talks about "holy thoughts, winged with Love". What does that mean? Are they like angel thoughts? Why do they have "wings" or what do the "wings" represent? Can you think of some holy thoughts to write on these wings? How does Love make them "winged"? When you are done you could hang these "winged thoughts" up in your class, or send them home with your pupils to hang from their ceilings or whatever appeals to them.

Pycl #5: The story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego is always fun to share. If they know it you can have them tell it. Can they find anything in the story that they've never noticed before? Why did they see a 4th man in the furnace with these men? Why was the Christ there for them and what did he do? Isn't it because the Christ is God's ultimate idea that is winged with Love? The Christ is the practical help that we need when faced with challenges. Do they see that the Hebrew men were not saved from the experience of entering the furnace? What does this say about how we are preserved? We don't always get to avoid a scary or challenging situation, but we can always be saved from dire consequences! The story of Jesus walking through the angry crowd is more along the lines of being spared the part where they would throw him over the cliff. I noticed this time the question from the middle of the story "and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands?" Isn't that the kind of question we field when we are struggling with something scary or painful? The same age-old suggestion that we are not safe in God's care, but are victims of whatever "power" is at hand. These furnace experiences often "burn off" the fears, doubts, and so on that we carry around. They are opportunities to see God's power in action.

Pycl #6: Talk about what a witness is. Read citation S13 together. The false witnesses of material sense reverse the true harmony of being. It is these false witnesses that keep us from feeling the presence of God's kingdom. We don't have to believe their suggestions. Set up a court room and talk about how the witness to a crime, if they lie, can seem to get the person on trial in trouble. But the truth that proves them wrong takes away all the lies. The person on trial would be set free; they wouldn't go off believing they were a criminal. You get the idea. When we feel that we are threatened by fear, anger, sickness, etc. we can remember that the witnesses that are telling us to be afraid and so on, are lying. We can trust that the peace that comes with being conscious of the kingdom of God within, is right there. That ability to "be still" can make this harmony visible to us, just as it was to Jesus and to the three men in the furnace.

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