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[PYCL: Find the love and strength behind following rules. (1,2) Welcome angels today. (4)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science”
for December 30, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: What is a "comforter" (other than a big, fluffy, blanket thing)? Something that comforts, right? Can you name together ways that you feel comforted? Often this takes the form of a parent or friend, sometimes it's having someone put an arm around you, or say something kind or supportive, maybe it's showing you how something that you might be afraid of is actually safe. Is there a set of ways that we find comfort that express aspects of God's being? For example: Finding out the truth behind something could totally be comforting if you are afraid of something based on incorrect information! That might be God as Truth bringing you comfort. Having your mom put her arms around you when you are sad or upset would be an expression of love. This is God as Love bringing you comfort.

Together you might share some thoughts on the Christ. What is the Christ (how is it different from Jesus and why does the Bible refer to him as Jesus Christ)? Maybe one way that is helpful to think of the Christ is as a communicator of God's power and love and truth and so on. [W. from Latin com=together, fort=strong.] In this way the Christ is always there to comfort—[strengthen together]. Jesus told us (B10 and B11) that the Comforter would come… does it make sense that this Comforter would offer the same healing truth that Christ Jesus shared with humanity? It is the power of Christ healing that is ever available to comfort us and to save and heal. Notice that Mary Baker Eddy tells us that it is "Divine Science"…the highest spiritual understanding of Christian Science, that we are told is the Comforter.

With the younger children you could bring in an actual comforter for a bed. Talk about what it would be like if you lived somewhere cold and there were holes in it, or it was too thin. Would it provide the comfort that it was intended to provide? How does God/Love/His Christ provide consistent comfort, no holes (but definitely holy…hahaha)–sorry.

Pycl #2: Why do we study Christian Science in particular? I think it is helpful to share your own honest assessment with the children. For some of us it may have started with the fact that we were raised in it! Hopefully it has expanded beyond that point if we are members of a church and sharing our love of it with Sunday School students! In the Bible we have many examples from Jesus' day where he points out that those who were in charge in the church/temple—the Pharisees and Sadducees—were suffering from belief in religious creeds and rules without the essential elements of love.

So our love of Christian Science must be based in something more than creed/beliefs that we subscribe to. For me Christian Science is the best explanation of reality. I want to know what is real. How does it line up with what Jesus taught? To truly demonstrate what Jesus did, we cannot just follow "rules"—there is an understanding of God as Love and Truth that is required—not like God "requires" this of us—but because we cannot really obey and demonstrate something we don't love. Otherwise we are just blindly obeying rules.

Maybe you can translate this into a conversation about how dads and moms have rules for us to follow that are actually rules that stem from love. A simple analogy might be holding their hand when crossing a road, or looking both ways. Sure, that's a rule we have to obey, but why? Because Mom and Dad love you so much that they want you to never ever get hit by a car! That's not a dogmatic "rule", but one based in love. A rule that might not seem so "love" oriented, at first glance, might be something pertaining to say putting away laundry that has been washed and folded. You're certainly not going to get run over if you disobey that rule! So why obey that? Maybe it's a rule that we learn over time, expresses love, appreciation, gratitude, for someone's hard work for us? How does this play into our love for Christian Science? (This often develops over time as we learn its usefulness!)

Pycl #3: What does "universal Love" have to do with Christian Science and the Comforter? (S29) Why is it vital? What does it mean to be "universal"? What is its role in healing? (S21) What is its role in comforting? Does a hug mean anything to you if the person offering it is doing it in a perfunctory way and really wishing you would just go away? How does Christian Science help us feel God's comforting Love? (Maybe citation S31 will help here?)

Pycl #4: Check out the stories of Jesus' coming and think about what this means today. Citations S6, S8 and S9, to name a few, help us see how this Christ is continuing to come to our thought today. How can we be like the "wakeful shepherd"? Sometimes mortal thought only glimpses the truth of the Christ like those "first faint morning beams". Material sense can be very convincing! our job as Christian Scientist is to dispute the material sense and welcome even the faintest of those "beams" as they come to thought, knowing that they will shine more brightly as we understand more deeply the power of this Christ.

Think of how Jesus' birth represents this idea of a growing maturity of thought. How was Joseph led to understand the coming Christ? Who came to explain? Who explained to the shepherds? How do angels come to us today?

Pycl #5: I think it can always be interesting to go into depth in this birth story and see all the analogies that apply to us today. The idea of there being "no room in the inn". What does that mean for our own thought? What does it say about the humility in our consciousness that is necessary to receive these angel messages? Could our "inn" be too crowded for the Christ? What was Simeon waiting for? What did he recognize? Can we recognize the same thing, or did we miss out because we weren't living when Jesus was born?

Pycl #6: What was Jesus' mission? (S12) Can you think together about what that means to us today? Are we continuing this mission? How?

Have a happy Sunday—and a Happy New Year soon!

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