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[PYCL: Find examples of being hidden from all evil. Don’t forget the denouncing step!! (1, 2)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Ancient and Modern Necromancy, alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced”
for December 2, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Look for all the words that stem from hide, hid, hidden, or similar. How are we "hidden" from evil? Can you find all the examples of people who were hidden or of verses that speak of how we are hidden from evil, from enemies, from fear, from arrows, from disease, from shame, pride, anything that claims a power separate from God? How does understanding that these thoughts are without power, without source (don't come from a person or from God), help us to "denounce" them? With the younger ones you could come up together with a phrase of denunciation that we might use every time a thought comes that makes us scared or angry or upset in some way. "Get Out", "No", or something funny if they want. Just hunting through the stories in this week's lesson for these examples, and discussing how they apply to us today would be enough for a whole Sunday School class!

Pycl #2: What is "your real life.."? (Golden Text) Is this something different from your "life" here in Sunday School? Why are you safe in this life? Can evil harm you in this "real life"? It is quite clear in this week's lesson that with God as your only source of life that "God and man are coexistent and eternal" S5. As such you can't be separated from Him in any way. We make this something demonstrated when we declare it, recognize it, and claim it regularly. But also by denouncing the thoughts that tell us we are "alone", "separate", "powerless", and so on.

In each of the stories in the lesson we find that the character(s) that are beset, in some measure do this denouncing, or have the denouncing done by another! So don't forget that step!!

Pycl #3: Check out citation S4. Bring a cup of sugar, or something dense. Fill it to the brim (or have the kids do this). What happens when they try to add more to the full cup? Think about how this represents the goodness and allness of God. There is no room for some other "story" about us. We are one with God and He is All; there is no room for some "other" "us". Every other suggestion that we are not included in "All" is a lie. We are so we must be part of ALL!

Pycl #4: Thinking of the baby Moses story in Section 2, what kind of "ark" can we build for our own "babes"? Think of a baby as a new, precious, lively, joyful, complete, creative (etc.) idea. We all have these and should have them all the time as we listen to God. What kind of "ark" do we need to make in our thought to protect these new ideas that come from God as they come to us? How do we weave together the thoughts that give these ideas "structure" and "strength"? How do we keep "leaks" out of the structure so that the good that we are learning about this idea doesn't just dissipate and we forget the gift we are given? Maybe one kind of "daubing and sliming" would be to give gratitude regularly for God's gifts. Another might be to continue to demonstrate healing and take note of the fact that demonstration is a daily activity. Maybe we should write down our thoughts for a periodical—that would give it permanence not only for us, but also for others!

Pycl #5: In Section 3 there is the story of how Jonathan helped to protect his friend David from his own father, Saul. Jonathan wasn't influenced by his father to do evil. How can we be resistant to the influence of evil and stand up for what is good and right? How does Love "hide" us from evil? Dress in the "panoply of Love". What do the "clothes" look like? With the littlest you could bring in some things to dress in, hats, etc. and talk about how they might represent qualities of Love that actually protect us? Love destroys hate, when we don't feel hatred, and we denounce it as powerless against Love. We are protected not only from the terrible feelings that hatred brings, but also from the sting of being "hated" by another. We can "….dwell in [the consciousness] of [Love] for ever." S15

Pycl #6: Read the story in Section 4. Do we stand up for good when we detect it? Do we "hide" it from evil? If we do, we can find ourselves "preserved" as Rahab did! Can you share an example? How does Truth protect us? Can you see how Truth saved Jesus in the next section? One way is to remember that evil is not a person!!!! Think together about this amazing fact.

It takes all the sting out of hatred and evil if you always remember that it is impersonal evil. It is the suggestion that evil is a "person" when it is really just "evil"—it is its "own source" and totally illegitimate! If it's not a person, then we cannot "hate" anyone! Nor can we be hated. This is what saved Jesus from stoning. This is what made him able to rise from the dead after being crucified by hatred and disbelief! He knew it had no source, only God, Good is a source of power!

Have a great week in Sunday School!!

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