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[PYCL: Find angels to meet specific challenges! (5) Accept lovely, true, good thoughts to find yourself peaceful, guarded and safe. (2)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson ideas for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for February 3, 2019

by Kerry Jenkins, CS of House Springs, MO
Kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Angels are a fun study with young children. What do they think that angels look like? Why do we picture angels as beings with wings? Think of the metaphors with "lifting" our consciousness, "elevating" thought, and how about citation S20 where right motives "give pinions to thought…". Pinions are the important flight feathers—the ones that are essential to getting up in the air.

What thoughts and "motives" help us "take flight" in our life? What are motives? Even small children have motives, though they are largely subconscious ones. You could even bring each student a helium balloon with some angel thoughts written on it to take home. (Write them together in class.)

Pycl #2: It might be fun to have the children think about what kind of shelter or home they would need in order to feel safe. The Golden Text is from the 91st Psalm. Look at it from some alternate translations. One thing you can read in this verse is that when we bring ourselves into the shelter of God, of Love—when we only accept lovely, true, good thoughts—we find ourselves feeling peaceful, guarded and safe. (Isn't that the way home should feel?) Combine this search with looking into the last verse of the 24th Ps. from the first section.

I found this week that the word "surely", as in "…surely goodness and mercy…" is more literally translated as "only". And from previous Bible research and comparative translations I have found that "follow" is more accurately translated as "pursue" (strongly and purposefully no less!) So that passage might be read: "Only goodness and mercy shall pursue me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in this house of the Lord for ever." Look at how Mary Baker Eddy translates "house" in citation S5. Why would she use the word "consciousness"? If we are awake/conscious to Love's power and presence, then aren't we always at home there?

Perhaps you all could build some small houses (cardboard, precut) or draw them on paper. What are the walls made of? The foundation? The roof? What will keep "leaks" of fear out of our thought when we are feeling ill or injured or looking forward to a tough test? Have some fun with these building parts as symbols! How does Love "seal" these leaks? You can have some special shiny or colorful paper to represent a roofing material that you might spread over the roof of your building. And some other color for other parts of the building.

Pycl #3: How do praise and gratitude help us in the process to "see" or "entertain" angels? Make a list of ways. When we feel gratitude, and express it verbally, and, even more important, practically, we are recognizing how Love is active in our lives and thereby we are making room for good to grow.

Have the kids ever noticed how they see something everywhere when they are thinking about it? For example, when I started thinking about how to get more flowers in an area in our yard that I was trying to grow into a small prairie, suddenly, everywhere I looked I saw new kinds of wildflowers. Even along our driveway I noticed a multitude of flowers that had never really stood out to me before. Try it sometime with something you are interested in!

Pycl #4: There are several "appearances" of angels in this lesson, or even just places where we find or see things that we previously didn't. Have some fun looking through the lesson for these. Sometimes they really are literal angels such as appeared to Hagar and Peter. In the case of Jesus healing and eating with "sinners", he shares parables about how Love always redeems each of His ideas—sheep, silver (B10). Not one can ever be "lost" or a "lost cause" to Love.

We each have value and worth. We are found and "seen" and celebrated by Love. And then there are the blind men who shout for Jesus to notice and heal them. They are told to be quiet! We might think of this as being told not to reach out to the Christ. "Just sit by, let things take their course, be passive". This is nothing short of animal magnetism. You could share some instances where we might be tempted to allow the Christ to just pass by in our lives. Have they ever let an opportunity for healing go by because they felt embarrassed or too shy to reach out for help? Did they feel like society around them discourages spiritual healing? How does a better understanding of Love help us resist that temptation?

Pycl #5: Speaking of appearances… Where was that well that Hagar suddenly saw when the angel appeared to her? Was it there all along? Did it appear as it was needed? Like Peter's angel who led him all the way out of prison and into the city and then vanished from sight, this "well" is there when we need it.

Can you share an example of a time when you needed inspiration and healing and couldn't find a "way out" of a situation and something just changed in thought or circumstance that opened the door for healing? That's what this lesson is showing us. That Love never leaves us without solution, resolution, healing. No matter how dire—and really it doesn't get much more dire than the desert without water, or a prison guarded by 16 soldiers, not to mention blindness.

Maybe each student can go home with at least one "angel thought" to carry in their pocket that they have thought of in class. You can give them a verse on a card, or it can be something original to meet a need they share. Consider making this class an opportunity for each to find at least one angel to meet a specific challenge they are having!

Have a Sunday full of angels!

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