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[PYCL: Don’t just dabble! Dive deep daily to practice what we know of God. (5)]
ossible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for July 15, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkinmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: What is God to the pupils in your class? How do they see/feel/hear God in daily life? If they don't think they do, can you figure out together how God is ever present and powerful? For example, when you need help doing some task and you get just the right help, isn't that God or Love or Mind knowing what you need and supplying it in a helpful way? If someone reads you a story before bed, isn't that God expressing Herself in a way that you feel and hear as Love? When you help out with some task or just clean your room, you are actually experiencing the presence of Principle, Love, Mind, and so on. See if they can share some ideas of their own!

Pycl #2: Bring in some dress-up clothes for the very young. Almost anything will do, hats, vests, scarves, even shoes. Read the Golden Text together and the Responsive Reading at the beginning where it reiterates the idea of God being "clothed" in righteousness and majesty. Obviously God doesn't "dress up" in clothes. What does each of these qualities symbolize? You can look in the Bible where it talks about the "breastplate of righteousness," etc. if you want further clothing ideas.

But talk together about what qualities go with the idea of "majesty" and "righteousness" and "strength". You can have them name some of the ways that man reflects these qualities and put on the article of clothing as they state each quality. You can draw a connection with majesty and kingliness. Someone who rules with authority (and fairness, and intelligence and love, etc.). Notice the qualities mentioned in citation B2 for further study!

Pycl #3: I've been travelling with a group of Christian Science teens that used part of the Responsive Reading as their theme for the year, so I can't pass this up! "The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea." Think about what that "noise" represents in our day to day lives? Does the "noise" of aggressive material sense sometimes make it hard to hear God? But this quote tells us that God is mightier and louder than the "noise" of material sense which might tell us we feel ill, we aren't good at drawing, or some other limiting lie.

Can you think of any other "voices" that are noisy? Now can you think of how God is present, helpful and "mightier" than their noise? So you can help all to recognize that the point here is that even though material sense can be very noise with fear, pain, illness, hatred and so on, God is always the only true governing factor! You can see together what One God does in citation S28.

Pycl #4: How do we give glory to God? Mention and show them a picture of "morning glories". These beautiful flowers open only in the morning. They might be said to be "glorifying" morning time! Is it a bit like being the "light of the world", a "light on a hill that can't be hidden"?

This idea from citation B2 is hand-in-hand with citation B3 where God is "exalted among the heathen". What does that symbolize? Who are the "heathen"? Are they everyone who is not a Christian Scientist (yikes, NO!). If God is exalted among the "heathen" doesn't this symbolize that Her greatness is lifted up for all to see, use, understand, enjoy?

Pycl #5: To understand God we cannot just "dabble". Like everything that is challenging, we must work a little bit each day, steadily to practice what we know of God, to use our understanding.

Look at citation S4 for a great analogy about diving deeper. Talk about how the shallows in an ocean are usually without many fish or animals. It is only as we dive deeper that we see the abundance and variety of life that is hiding within the ocean. Bring a picture or two of a coral reef, vs. the shoreline with the occasional hermit crab, etc. Mortal belief is like the shallow water. It cannot answer our deepest questions and it cannot reward us with satisfaction or real healing the way a "deeper dive" into understanding our Father-Mother can!

Pycl #6: It is helpful for the pupils to understand the universality of God and Christian Science. God is the God of all, whether we know it or not. Check out the story in Section 5, citation B20 about Cornelius. It is interesting to think about whether this was a "new" rule, this one that God revealed to Peter and Cornelius, or a rule of divine Love eternally that they just discovered through "diving" more deeply into understanding God!

Pycl #7: Finally, I love the thought that if you reduce citation S27 to its barest elements, the brotherhood of man consists of Love, Truth, and Principle. That makes me think that maybe we can look at the opposite: a lack of brotherhood, as an expression of having many gods. What would those gods be? Fear? Hatred? Greed? Pride/superiority? Money/wealth? and so on? How can we keep our thought on the one God? Maybe by doing some of those earlier Pycl things like glorifying Him, understanding Him, and so on.

Have a great Sunday!

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