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[PYCL: Don’t be list-less! Make a list of how each recognizes God's presence. (1)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

”Adam and Fallen Msn”
for May 13, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkinmail.com (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Maybe "trouble shoot" together about where we have each been most happy, most joyful, had more fun than anywhere in our lives. This could be a number of places (maybe CedarS!); it could be in the presence of certain people. The kind of happiness and joy we are talking about is not the kind of joy we might gain from just a trip to the amusement park probably, though it might be? After you have a list going check out what it says in the Responsive Reading about this "…in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures forevermore." How do we get into God's presence? Do we have to "go" somewhere? Try sharing some of your own experiences when you felt that you were in the presence of God. Did you feel deep joy? Lasting pleasure? Why? Likewise, if we are not experiencing this joy, is there a way to "bring ourselves" into God's presence? To me this means that we are constantly looking for the evidence of God in our daily lives. This is a conscious acknowledgement of good, of beauty, of love in our interactions. Then it’s feeling and having conscious gratitude for this recognition. It might not be a bad idea to make some lists of how each of us recognizes God's presence with us.

Pycl #2: Talk about the snake. Bring in a pretend one to use if you have a young class. How does the serpent tempt us to believe that we are not the loved, spiritual creation of God? Have the kids take turns with their ideas suggesting some sneaky lie about man to another pupil using the snake. Then how do we refute such suggestions? What do they positively know about God as Love that makes these suggestions lies? There are many citations that answer this question but it might be interesting to see if they have any feelings about Love that they can share in their own words.

Pycl #3: Since we are dealing with the true man in this lesson you could think together about what it takes to "put on the new man" from citation B6. This is a mental process. Is it similar to waking up from a dream? Did they notice that God put Adam into a deep sleep to make woman? Think about the difference between being "asleep" and being conscious. In which state are we aware, alert to God's goodness? Are we maybe "dreaming" when we experience things like sickness, anger, sadness? If we are "dreaming", how can we wake up? What do we need to do to become alert? What happens to the dream? How do we prove that something is a dream? Check out citation B19 where the Bible tells us that we can "awake, with thy likeness". We are "awaking" to this, not "making" this likeness. It is already there!

Pycl #4: Citation B7 talks about how the serpent was "subtle". What does that mean? How is error sometimes subtle? One way is that it comes not as a literal talking snake, but as our own thought! If a snake walked up to us and said "hey, why don't you do this bad thing that you know you shouldn't do", we'd more likely laugh and say "forget it"! Most of us are ready for something obvious; it is the subtle thing that tricks us!

Pycl#5: I think we can have some fun with the "blame game" at the end of citation B7. God asks Adam why he ate the apple, he blames Eve, and so on. Then God's punishment makes it convenient for man to blame woman for the fact that he has to work by the "sweat of his brow" for his entire life. Why is it a tendency for the "Adam man" to blame (I mean here man/woman). What do we accomplish by "blaming"? When our "joy" comes from matter ("apple"), then we are also going to blame matter for the lack of joy. Blame also comes from ego, which is a separate identity from God right? In the first Genesis model man is already good, whole, complete. There are no roadblocks such as a forbidden tree. Man is reflection, having no wholeness separate from the source. There can be no separate beings that are full of fault in this creation. When we are tempted to blame, we are really just showing that we are not conscious of the fact that man is the expression of God. If we look to man either for our joy or for the blame, we will always be stuck with those limited joys!

Pycl #6: What would you think of your parents if they kicked you out of the house forever if you made one mistake—if they never gave you the opportunity to reform or grow or change? Share some thoughts on this. Now, what did God do to Adam and Eve in the second chapter version of creation? Does this square with your ideas of God as Love? Are you interested in learning to understand, love and obey such a God?

Have an awesome Sunday!

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