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[PYCL: Declare Christ-like truths to cut thru any net, or illusion, of limitation! (#3)]
ossible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson on:
Christ Jesus
for Sunday, March 1, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

pycl #1: Discuss difference between Jesus and Christ.
The Golden Text makes it clear that the power and presence of Jesus Christ is forever with us. How is this possible if Jesus disappeared from earth over a thousand years ago? We have a really great opportunity in Christian Science to understand the power and presence of the Christ today in our lives. Share examples of Christ’s activity and see if they have any experiences of their own to share of this activity. You can draw on several passages, but one might be from citation S13: “Christ is the true idea voicing good, the divine message from God to men speaking to the human consciousness.” With the very little ones, you can talk about messages, what they are. Can they pass a Christly message to their neighbor? Verbally or on paper… this message, if it is from God, will contain something divinely true about them. Can they see that such qualities and messages demonstrate the presence of the Christ that is always and has always been with man?

pycl #2: Eyewitnesses.
What is an “eyewitness”? You can talk about how police might use an “eyewitness” at a crime scene. Can we be eyewitnesses for good, catching Christly activity in other’s lives and in our own? Citation B1 tells us that there were people who were there and saw with their own eyes the things that Jesus did. Today we are also eyewitnesses to these same works because Christ is eternal. Would they have liked to be there at Jesus’ birth? In this section we have the opportunity to be eyewitnesses each day to the birth of the Christ in our own thought/consciousness. In this way we are welcoming in the new thoughts that come to us from Christ about our friends, neighbors, and whomever we come across. This readiness to receive the new ideas about healing and the goodness of God brings with it wonder, gratitude, healing power, authority, hope. Can we be ready for this “child” each day and never “miss” the birth in our consciousness? We can also take this as an opportunity to see our spiritual origin, our source of life as coming from God, as Jesus’ did. In this way we are always discovering more of our true selfhood and making healing that much more practical in our lives.

pycl #3: What kinds of nets are trapping us?
Everything in the Bible is practical for us today, so, since most of us aren’t fishermen, at least not for a living, what does the story of the disciples leaving their nets to follow Jesus mean for us today? What about the story of the nobleman and his son, what net did he untangle himself from? Come up with some thoughts together about what these nets represent and why we might want to leave them. The nobleman was clearly struggling to believe in the power of Jesus, yet he came to him out of desperation, to heal his son. Jesus saw the man’s need of faith in the spiritual nature of this Christ healing and demanded that the man leave his “net” of fear and unbelief. The man readily accepted the power of Jesus’ command and went on his way, knowing that Jesus had done the work of seeing his son as well and whole. Are we trapped by fear, by limiting thoughts about our abilities, by stubbornness, unhappiness, etc.? You could create a net together out of yarn as you discuss what mortal thoughts might suggest to us that we are “caught” and powerless. Then give each kid a pair of scissors and let them declare a Christ-like truth that can cut through any net that would limit them; they can cut through the “net" with each declaration of truth.

pycl #4: We have his (Jesus’) fullness.
This is just a little point but I love the thought from citation B10 that we have received the fullness. To me that means that we didn’t miss out one bit on the power and presence of healing that Jesus shared when he walked the earth. It is still the same power (GT). Every time we have a healing or witness someone else’s we are in the presence of the full power and goodness that Jesus demonstrated on earth.

pycl #5: Jesus the “bread of life”—what’s that?
What does that mean? You can explain that bread was historically important as a major component of people’s food in Bible days. But more than that, Jesus was telling us something about what life is. That life is really the demonstration of the truth that God and man are spiritual and good. This would be the “bread”, the demonstration of this fact. This demonstration brings spiritual, eternal life, into view in a practical way. It makes matter disappear more and more and makes Spirit more and more apparent. This would be that same Christ “speaking” to our thought (S13 again).

pycl #6: notebook of Biblical examples where evidence of Christ can be seen.
Think together and make a wall chart or write in a notebook together, all the places in the Bible where we see evidence of the Christ being present for people. Did Abraham hear the message from the Christ? How many times?! How about Moses? Samuel? Elijah? Elisha? Daniel? Jonah? David? Ruth? Esther?… you get the idea. This could be ongoing of course. Think of it as the “…chain of scientific being reappearing in all ages…” (S22) You could do another paper chain too, with names of each Bible character or an event in their lives and bring it right up to today with kids’ names on it.

pycl #7: New man.
With the littlest ones you can talk about putting on the “new man” from citation B20. You can do this with articles of clothing, just to give them a representation of “putting on” something new. But you would want to be clear about what is really “new” about yourself! With the older kids you can work with ideas of newness or of new birth that we spoke of earlier might apply. Who doesn’t want to drop something that is “old” or mortal about themselves? All of us want to do this. It might be a habit that we don’t like, or a kind of behavior that is not really God-like. What makes it possible to be “new” each day?

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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