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[Pycl: Daily have fun seeing & acknowledging ways that Spirit is active in your life & speaks to you!]
Possible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School from the Christian Science Bible Lesson:

for Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021 (*the afternoon you’re invited to a Zoom video for young campers—below*)

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO • 314-406-0041

Pycl #1: Daily Have fun seeing & acknowledging ways that Spirit’s active in your life & speaks to you!
There is so much about Spirit's communication to man in this lesson that we should have some fun finding all the ways that Spirit speaks to us. Start with the Golden Text which is taken from Isa.59:21 in the Contemporary English Version of the Bible.

What "message" is God/Spirit giving to us and how do we hear it? Is there only one way? You can think about angels, you can share experiences where you heard a voice, felt a direction being pointed out, got a sense of deep peace or joy. Do the students have any moments that they remember recognizing this feeling? It might be helpful to talk about keeping a little journal in Sunday School (if on Zoom, get them to acquire a small spiral notebook—or mail them each one—that they have time each week in which to write down one or more examples of how they heard Spirit leading them during that week. Even if they can't think of an example, keep after them each week.

Explain the nature of animal magnetism that causes us to forget or diminish the ways in which Spirit is in operation. We tend to notice things that are ugly, disturbing, unkind, etc. (Like noticing and being mesmerized by a traffic accident and missing a beautiful hawk perched nearby.) These overwhelm the human mind and lead us to feel hopeless, powerless, or inadequate to bring the power of Spirit to bear on our daily lives.

But, if we daily acknowledge all the ways that Spirit is noticed, active in our lives, we start to see just what a powerful force Spirit is! And we might then recognize the power we have to bring spiritually healing thought to bear on absolutely every event in life. As a bonus, we might notice the lovely bird because we aren't staring at a traffic accident.

With the “littles,” try setting out different ways we communicate. We might have a computer, a cell phone, a letter, you can even mention smoke signals! Set all these things down in front of you, with the exception of the smoke signals! Do we communicate sometimes without any of these things? What about when we snuggle up to mom or dad, are we communicating then?

Isn't that like communicating with Mind when we solve a dilemma that our family or friends are facing? In a way we are communicating when we play a beautiful piece of music right? We could be said to be communicating when we participate in an athletic endeavor. At our best, Spirit is being expressed in each of these activities and that is communicated to everyone around us! How can we think of Spirit's communication in light of these human methods? How is it different, how is it the same? Is it vague? Do you think that sometimes material senses make it seem vague?

Practice a few minutes of quiet listening whenever it is possible in your circumstances. You may want to discuss how Bible characters heard Spirit speak to them. There are so many examples!!

Pycl #2: One idea that’s often connected with Spirit is individuality…Share unique flavors of Goldfish…
If God is the source of our being, our existence, then Spirit is also what inspires our uniqueness. Look at the Responsive Reading together to help you with this discussion. 1Cor 2:9 Eye, 13; 12:4-9, 11, 13. Try reading it in a couple of translations.

A silly but maybe tasty way to think about illustrating individuality coming from one source might be achieved by bringing in several small bags of different flavored Goldfish Crackers (or whatever you choose). In each bag we are told that it is one particular flavor, "Cheddar", "Parmesan", "Pretzel", or whatever. There is one source (illustrating the one source of our being as Spirit) for these crackers, but there are different varieties or flavors of them. I do realize this is silly, but might be fun for the younger ones and if you are in person you can share them too!

Make sure you discuss where talents and "gifts" come from. Are any of us left out of these "bestowals"? If someone feels they have no particular gift you may want to dig deeper into this and talk about how we might need to uncover that/those gifts and learn to identify and claim them.

We also must use the spiritual gifts we are given or they tend to disappear!

Pycl #3: What yield signs do we get as we go through our day?Practice yielding to Spirit’s urging.
If the children are a little older, contemplate together Mary Baker Eddy's statement from citation S11/p.200:20 where she tells us that the five senses are really the supposed opposite to Spirit. What does this mean? How do we help these senses yield to Spirit?

It's interesting that a yield sign on the road is telling us that we must give way to traffic coming from the busier or, maybe "important" route. (Not always the case, but for this illustration…) Think about Spirit's suggestions being the "busy/important" route, and material sense being the one that must yield to Spirit's "traffic", or messages. This is a new thought to me because I always think of the material senses as being the "busy" ones. But if Spirit is the true communicator and is the true power, then, of course Spirit's "highways" are carrying the important messages and it would be "easy" to yield at that sign, maybe we need to simply recognize and obey the sign?

What yield signs do we get as we go through our day? Do we sometimes feel the urging that we know we should get right to doing something, but then put it off in favor of something we'd rather do?
Wasn't that a "yield sign" that we just ran right through?

Pycl #4: Build a "stockpile" of spiritual insights & healing power to infinitely bless those around you!
I wonder if we can glean some new ideas by reading and thinking of metaphorically about the story of Joseph interpreting Pharaoh's dream in cit. B16, Gen. 41:1-57. What if we are being asked to see that material sense and the promise of material "good", is like a drought?

Maybe we could see that we are being given this prophecy today in order to always set aside our desires to live a more contented material life in matter, in favor of living today in Spirit, as much as is possible for each of us? When we practice setting aside matter in favor of Spirit, we build a "stockpile" of spiritual inspiration, insight, healing power, that we can use to infinitely bless those around us (as Joseph did in Egypt), and equally provide ourselves with deeper joy and satisfaction.

Pycl #5: I love using a fan to illustrate the action of Spirit, which is invisible, but also influences us.
This can be done via Zoom or in person. Discuss how we can't see wind, or actually "hear" wind, we hear it going through trees, etc., but that is the action of the wind on things, not the wind itself. We don't know "where" it comes from, "where" it goes—see cit. B22, John 3:1-3, 6-8 and cit. S26, 78:28 and cit. S27, 598:1-5. If you are meeting in-person, give each child the chance to feel the wind blow their hair, or if on Zoom, you could dangle a tissue in front of the fan and watch it blow. How does this bring us a deeper understanding of the action of Spirit?

Pycl #6: Explore the option of thinking about what Valentine's Day can signify spiritually.
It is, of course, a made-up day, but if you think it would engage a fun discussion go for it, and you can share some valentine activities while speaking of the source of love. etc.

Have a great week in Sunday School!

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