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[PYCL: Create a walk to freedom (1,2) Wash away lies! (3) Talk of shadows & showers (4,5)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for the week ending Sunday, January 28, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO
email: (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Well we can create a walk along the "path of Truth" this week, for almost any age. For the youngest it might include a literal walk with some pauses to share an idea about what path Truth has laid out for us, maybe some pre-made signs that you have distributed with ideas that spring from this week's lesson. You could design the walk with such signs in the shape of footsteps, as in "footsteps of Truth” from citation S29—and from the Science & Health chapter title. An example of one idea to include might be the freedom that this path grants us. This is especially emphasized in Section 5. How do Truth and following Truth's path give us freedom? Freedom from what? It can seem like a contradictory idea, this freedom. What about the "straight and narrow path" that the Bible describes? That doesn't sound very "free." So what is the freedom that we get? You could design an entire path just naming the freedoms that we get when following the path that God sets us on. For the littlest ones you could come up with some of these freedoms, then find them on the walk, and then come across some blank signs or "footsteps" and ask for them to fill in the blank.

Likewise, if you need a review of the Commandments, this is a great way to bring them into the discussion as this lesson talks about following God's path of Truth and the freedom it brings.
Do the Commandments bring us restriction or freedom? And if it's freedom, again, what kind of freedom, and why?

Pycl #2: For some of the older children you can look more deeply into Section 5 and this theme of freedom and its connection to truth and Truth. There are Jesus' famous words that are often on the walls of Christian Science churches: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." [B16] What was Jesus talking about here? Check out citation B17 where it refers to being made "free from the law of sin and death." And walking in liberty in citation B15. "Truth brings the elements of liberty." What slavery is abolished in S24? Do we each suffer from a different type of slavery, maybe different kinds at different times? How does Truth free us, specifically? Then you have immortal man being "forever unlimited" in S25. Healing is a kind of freedom too. What about the passage in S19 about the power of honesty? Why is honesty power? Why does dishonesty forfeit divine help? Anyhow, there is much to be gleaned here about freedom.

And just a slightly humorous aside: you could look in section 4 at the story of Zacchaeus and link it to the final S&H citation in that section–"When we wait patiently on God and seek Truth righteously, He directs our path." (S23) – even if that path leads us up a tree! In other words, even if it seems unconventional.

Pycl #3: Is truth harsh? Do you feel like sometimes telling the truth in a situation leads to punishment or shame? There are a number of citations that explain that mercy always accompanies truth. Why is that? See if you have some examples of where truth has uncovered something that is a lie in your life, and felt a deep sense of mercy–the love that God is shining down on us–in the wake of this discovery. Sin and sickness and so on are lies, the opposite of truth. Sometimes we feel badly about such lies and how they seem like a part of us. But replacing them with truth can bring us a great sense of dominion and power (like it tells us in that citation above: S19). Why would we feel that when we've exposed a lie? Because we are then no longer an unwitting victim of the lie! What if you were to think of lies as dirt. Bring in something dirty that you can wash off together to reveal the true nature of whatever you are washing. You can bring in a basin in which to wash the item, or go together to the bathroom sink or water fountain to wash. Use this as a way to illustrate how we feel a sense of purity or mercy and love when we wash of the lie of dishonesty because the lie is not part of us, rather, is like the dirt that honesty washes away.

Pycl #4: God's truth is our "shield and buckler" (B2). Discuss what a shield and buckler are, and what they do. Why is truth like these things? With the little ones you could make a shield for each from cardboard that they can decorate and fill with ways that truth protects them. I also like that in the first part of this Biblical citation we are told that we are safe under the "shadow of the Almighty". This is a great analogy to bring up. See if you can find a shadow that is cast in your Sunday School room. When we stand in the shadow, are we far away or close to whatever is casting that shadow? In the same way, if we are under the shadow of God, then we must be very, very close to Him!

Pycl #5: Truth is also seen as God's word, a way that God speaks to man. So we must be able to hear His voice and understand it right? Citations B5 and B6 together illustrate the way in which God speaks to us. He doesn't come to us in such a complicated or rushed way that any inspiration we stand to gain, or information we need is washed away because it comes too overwhelmingly. It doesn't "trickle" to us as in a drought either! But His truth showers on us gently, "distils" like dew. That means that we can expect to understand the way that God is speaking, that His message nourishes us and supplies us with just the right inspiration to absorb and demonstrate his goodness.

Have fun this Sunday!!

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