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[PYCL: Cherish your S.S. education & Truth's “Super Power” to free from lies! (#1b)]
Possible Younger Class Lesson Ideas for Sunday School (S.S.) from the Christian Science Bible Lesson:

“Truth” for January 24, 2021

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, of House Springs, MO
kerry.helen.jenkins@gmail.com • 314-406-0041

Pycl #1a: Distill Truth’s essence as its power to free us from all that’s a lie about man & God Let's think together about why we have Truth as a synonym for God! See what the students have to say about this. Why is this one of the seven, essential names for God — what makes it essential? When we think about the word "essential" and "essence" it can help to understand why Mary Baker Eddy chose seven of these words as names for God. The essence of something is the basic, unchanging nature of something. See if that makes sense to them.

You could bring in a bottle of "essential oil" if you have any (and are meeting in-person). This would be the distilled oils, usually of a plant, that have the strongest smell. Hopefully, it would be something pleasant to most so that they enjoy sniffing it!! So, if that essential oil is the most distilled and potent part of the plant (that has odor), we could think of the synonyms as the most basic, distilled, powerful essence of God's being. Why is Truth powerful? Well, that's something we can talk about in this week's lesson!! It is powerful to free us from all that is a lie about man (and God)!!!**

** Pycl #1a: [Warren:] Each fictional character in popular “super hero” comic books and movies possesses at least one “Super Power” that is unique to him or her. Truth’s “super power” featured in this lesson is, as Kerry states above, “to free us from all that is a lie about man (and God)!!!” It might be fun in class each week to come up with a “super power” to assign to each of the six, synonym-subjects in the current series of Bible Lessons. An important, next step will be to acknowledge that each of these “super powers” is really a “super-NATURAL power” that, by reflection, each of us can to use as Jesus modeled by us and as both he and Mary Baker Eddy gave us definite rules to do likewise.

Thinking of these “Super Powers” as well as of the ongoing interest I saw over Christmas in grade school children building Lego models of the fictional Hogwarts School and it seven-year education system in the “magical arts”, remind me of some blogs I wrote decades ago. I wrote them in response to the best-selling series of Harry Potter books and movies that were making such a seemingly “magical” splash with Sunday School students and adults. My goal was to specifically point out how much more valuable a system of education Christian Science Sunday School offers to them so that take full advantage of it! Click below for these blasts from the past.

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Pycl #2: Share examples in this week's lesson to illustrate how Truth & freedom are linked. The Golden Text this week is the famous statement from Christ Jesus about how knowing the truth makes us free. Let's have some fun thinking about why knowing what is true "sets us free". Free from what? Can you share an example of how learning of what is true, specifically, gave you freedom from something such as anxiety, illness, injury? Can they share some healing of their own? You can then go to some examples from this week's lesson to illustrate how Truth and freedom are linked.

In Section 2 we have the story of Moses getting some guidance from his father-in-law on how to rule his people with greater ease and freshness. (Exodus 18:5, 13-15, 17-19, 21-24, cit. B5).
This is a great "modern" example to us of how listening to God, in this case the Truth, as voiced by Jethro can lead us to make more effective and enlightened decisions! Isn't that a great lesson for today?

How can we become more effective and efficient, more loving, and bless a greater portion of our community? Listen to the truth about where we receive intelligence, guidance, wisdom, experience. Sometimes we can get fooled by the lie that we have to "do it all", when actually God provides us with all that we need … either wisdom, or others with whom to share the "burden"!

In Section 4 we have the woman who was bent over for 18 years being healed by the truth as voiced and known by Jesus. Can we take this healing apart and view it both literally and figuratively? What makes us feel weighed down today, bent over?
What do we see when we are looking at our feet and the floor?
Are we getting a full view, a view that represents the "truth" of our surroundings, or a limited, less beautiful view?
How do we get tricked into sometimes engaging in the same sort of limiting view of things? Does fear of a particular activity or person influence us? Does pain or sickness limit us?
Of what truth can we get a better understanding in order to help us "stand upright" and get that wider, clearer, panoramic view of things?

Section 5 has the apostles escaping from prison.
What truth, or what about Truth causes them to be freed?
What kinds of angels can come to us as we express moral courage and fearlessness in the face of evil? Truth has angels of wisdom, discernment, acuity, that are there to help us make the right choices that lead us to safety, to freedom, even if we find ourselves temporarily experiencing situations that may feel like a prison! Can you share a personal example of this?

Pycl #3: When we let Truth inform our actions, we see things more clearly.

Ideas that come from Truth/God, are angels. They are thoughts from Truth. Truth is something that reveals. You could work with flashlights or even overhead lights to share an analogy about how truth is often equated with shining a light on an issue. When we speak of "shining a light" on anything we are talking about chasing away darkness or ignorance. Just like we can turn on a light in a dark space and see everything in the room clearly, so when we let Truth inform our actions, we see things more clearly.

We don't feel anger, jealousy, sadness, etc. when we are really opening the "door" of our thought to what is true. There is a passage that mentions this kind of "door opening" in citation S13/p.224:22-28. How do we learn to open our mental door to the light of Truth?
Why would we "close" our thought door to Truth?
See several stories in this lesson where people closed their thought to the truth that Jesus or the apostles were preaching. Use hands to imitate the idea of "opening" or "closing" doors and list what a true idea from God is and how we "open" our door to this truth.

Sometimes, when we are struggling in the "dark" of fear, anger, envy, insecurity and so on, we look at truth/Truth, and feel so separated from it that we could be tempted to reject the good that is offered! This is why we are constantly encouraged in the Bible to remain humble, childlike, pure in our thought and action. That way we don't take offense when we feel we might "look bad" next to another, but instead see such a comparison as a call to inspire our thought and actions to rise to a higher level!

Have any of the students ever felt bad about themselves next to someone who seems "better" than they are? Have they been tempted to say or think something critical about that person and not really understood why? See citation B8/selections from John chapter 8, cit. B12/Luke 13:11-17, and cit. B14/Acts 15: 12, 14, 16-21 for examples of mortal mind's resistance to Truth. These are good illustrations of how mortal thought might be tempted to resist the goodness/close the door on, Truth! You could circle back to how lights discourage thieves from robbing a place. Why? Because they have nowhere to hide!

Let's not give our less than lovely thoughts anywhere to "hide"! We can shine our light of "Truth-knowing" on all that makes us sad, angry, ill, jealous, etc. This doesn't have to be painful, but we can welcome that light because it is the light that destroys the darkness and frees us from "bumping into things" in the dark, those feelings of inadequacy, etc. are like furniture that we are walking into, or holes we fall into, because we are living in the dark. The light eradicates the darkness or error, not the person!!! So, we don't have to ever feel like a bad person, we just gain freedom through that truth light because truth always shows us who we (and others) really are!

Pycl #4: Even if your class is meeting via zoom you can make a "standard of liberty" together. Discuss citation S29/p.227:21-25. A standard, mentioned here, is harkening back to the era where each side in a battle would have a standard bearer, someone who held a tall pole with that country's flag atop it. This standard was visible so that in the confusion of battle you knew where your soldiers were and how you related physically to the battle field. In this case it might be thought of as the highly-visible banner that tells us that Christ revealed/is revealing to us the truth, the Science behind man's whole, healthy, good being!

Jesus and Christian Science tell us how we can be free from the claims of matter as "law". Design such a banner, attach it to a long stick, pole, or broom handle! Go ahead and write messages of Truth's freedom on it, things you may have discovered in Sunday School together. This could just be made of paper and markers, or it could be made from white or light-colored fabric. Have fun with designing and conceiving of elements that make it a "standard of liberty"!

Enjoy the freedom that Truth brings this Sunday (and every day!)

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