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[PYCL: “Behold wondrous things out of thy law”!]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for The Christian Science Bible Lesson on:

God the Only Cause and Creator
for Sunday, June 7, 2015

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Seeing spiritual creation. [As John 1:1 starts with “the Word” –see CC Download 1]
So now that I’ve been thinking about this lesson for a week and a half I’ve been giving a lot of thought to seeing God’s creation around us. **[PS] Talk about being able to see and more and more demonstrate God’s one and only creation, instead of its feeble counterpart, mortal existence. There are several examples in the Bible lesson, and in the Bible generally, where this kind of seeing is illustrated. In this lesson we have Philip, one of Jesus’ own disciples asking him to “show” him the Father (B19)… From our perspective it may seem like we should say: “Well duh!” But to Philip and other Jews of the day, they were still grappling with the ultimate prophecy and wondering about whether Jesus was “the one” or not. Jesus obviously helped Philip to gain the understanding necessary to reveal the presence of God’s creation. The next section (#6) shows Philip doing those Christly works of healing that indicate his understanding of God as the source of all creation, the cause of all true and harmonious being.

I took a careful look at citation B22, trying to plumb it for what it is saying in the context of Philip’s transformation. It helps me to see it as the Christ—God’s clear message to man—makes us understand God’s goodness, His spiritual creation, to see it everywhere! This is how the story of Jesus’ conception fits into this lesson. Obviously the spiritual creation aspect is there, but the fact that he so deeply embodied the Christ, who is the spirit that most clarifies God’s power and presence to man, makes this story even more connected to this lesson subject.

So how can the Christ, the truth, help us today to see God’s creation around us? What gets in the way? How do we combat the obstacles that material sense tries to put up? Why might even Philip, who saw all the amazing things Jesus did still be wondering about who God was—whether Jesus was His appointed servant? If Philip struggled with all the amazing evidence that he had, is it any wonder that mortal mind would challenge us to doubt God’s good creation? So what can we do? Come up with some thoughts on this; bring some testimonies of healing that clearly illustrate the true creation and God/Good as the only source.

Pycl #2: Build a foundation.
Bring in some blocks or Legos and build a “foundation for spiritual healing” (S23). What sorts of building block essentials do we need? What is healing “built” on? Do we have to be experienced? Do we have to be an adult? Do we have to know how to read? There are so many qualities that we can use here. Think of some, but talk together about why a given quality might be essential. For example: why is purity essential? Conversely you could address the so-called “mortal foundation” —one of discord—one that is constructed on a “false sense of man’s origin.” (S16) In doing this you could certainly have some crooked blocks with rounded or pointed tops so that they don’t support anything good on top of them. An example might be to make building blocks from cardboard boxes, and then you could modify some of them to have tops that are unstable in some way. This would nicely illustrate the way that matter tries to offer some sort of “law” to build on, but that law contains so much that is awful: hereditary disease, etc. along with what might seem “good”… hereditary “good”, for example.

Pycl #3: Spiritual causation and progress.
How do these two things relate (S27)? When you think of Philip again, you see that he progressed in this lesson. It seems that he came to an understanding of Jesus’ origin, and hence the origin of all mankind as spiritual. This enabled him to heal widely and effectively. How can we get a clearer glimpse of this spiritual causation? Obviously, through healing, but how do we make our way in that direction? I think this involves some “grit”, as they say. Can we “stick to” something even when the evidence of our senses doesn’t seem to back up our claims? I’m sure you have some examples of this being the case, either your own or others. What happens when we don’t seem to make progress in any endeavor? What is our attitude towards those things that challenge us? Is there something at camp that you particularly dread orfear? [Hopefully NOT, after watching the 2015 video about CedarS! … or another camp] How can we really dig in and practice our ability to recognize these fears for what they are, error’s voice, not our own? How does spiritual creation fit into the picture? Can we see that in God’s creation anything that is fearsome either isn’t true or isn’t actually worthy of fear. For example: let’s say you are afraid of swimming. That could be fearsome if you don’t know how to swim. But what if you understand how to swim? Wouldn’t that be an example of how understanding spiritual creation or the laws of God would make fear disappear? The skill of swimming takes us from fear to joy at being in cool water, learning to expand our sense of the world and having greater enjoyment of life! We have progressed!

Pycl #4: “behold wondrous things out of thy law.”
Maybe I’m repeating things here, but take citation B24 together and think how we can see the wondrous things that come from God’s law of creation. His creation has laws that always promote harmony, health, safety, joy, strength, peace, kindness, etc. How can we “open our eyes” to these things that are surrounding us? Try a blindfold. Does the blindfold make us not be able to understand the presence of kindness, love, joy, peace? (You could have one of the students give the blindfolded one a muffin or some treat to express kindness or generosity). We have closed a material sense, but our spiritual sense is always receptive to God’s goodness. Spiritual sense always sees!

Hope this gives you some ideas for Sunday, have a great one!

**[PS, editor’s apology: Kerry’s email of this PYCL was unknowingly deleted with others on Tuesday, and due to my preoccupation with staff training work for the Opening Day of CedarS 1st session that starts tomorrow, it was just retrieved. So sorry!]

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