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[PYCL: Be healed to “skip and dance all the day long." Feel Christ "settled" in you! Take personality out of the equation! Stop the alternate “March Madness” of parading bad! (1-6)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for March 5, 2017

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Well, because my son Charlie had a lovely healing and uplifting of spirit on Monday when he felt glum and certain that the day was going to be rotten—I have to recommend a little memorization for your class. It is included in this week's Met. Sorry for the repetition. It is a version of Psalms 90:14 from The Message "Surprise us with love at daybreak. Then we'll skip and dance all the day long." We read it together on the couch early in the morning when he expressed his sadness about the day. On the way to school he said, "You know that Bible verse we read this morning healed me!" It's great to remember that the Word reaches children directly, and we don't always need to use our own words.

Pycl #2: In the Responsive Reading it tells us that "For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven." Jesus tells us that the kingdom is within us. It made me think of this passage as telling us that God's word, his healing Christ is also "settled" in us! I'm not sure how this figures into a class discussion. Maybe you could talk about the kingdom as it relates to man and home, since those are subjects of this lesson. Then you can extend it to this passage. To think of the Christ "settled" within each of us is a comforting and powerful thought.

Pycl #3: Since there are several things shared about man's eternal nature (the story of the man in Nain, the last part of the last verse of Ps. 23 two times, S31, among others), you may want to talk about eternity. Ask them what "eternity" means to them. It is important to make a distinction about eternity—noting that it is not a "really long time" but has no time involved at all! Man, made in God's likeness is spiritual, not matter-made. So, we are never born, never dying, that's a thing of matter. Look at citation S30 together. As we "start not from matter", we cannot cross over some invisible barrier into a more "spiritual afterlife". It's easy to think that those who appear to have died have "gone on" to somewhere else. But Mrs. Eddy makes it clear that we do not "… cross the barriers of time into the vast forever of Life…." We dwell in that "vast forever of Life" right now! So our job is to see that each day in our experience in some way. Can you find examples of that? Certainly healing, especially instantaneous healing, illustrates the fact that we are not truly bound by matter and its lies. Maybe you could share an example that clearly shows this—or Biblical examples or some from our Leader's life.

Pycl #4: Working with that final verse of the 23rd Psalm, focus on "consciousness" from Mrs. Eddy's translation in citation S32. When you agree together on what it means, you can think about dwelling in consciousness. Building from the lesson you can talk about how our consciousness can be "reborn" (Section 4) [or “born from above” as in Met PS #3]. Our consciousness is eternal; it cannot "inherit" anything evil or material because it is not matter. It is actually in the consciousness of Love that we dwell or live! What might that look or feel like? Since consciousness isn't something we can "walk into" or "sleep in", etc. we can think together about a more spiritual definition of home. Can we bring this home/consciousness with us wherever we go? Is it always welcoming, warm, cool, safe? Identifying ourselves with consciousness rather than body helps move healing forward.

Pycl #5: Another thing mentioned in the met this week is from citation S31. In the Met I mention that I enjoy the thought of the curtain in that citation being something like a stage curtain that is lifted up to reveal man as never born, never dying. You could certainly do something with this involving a sheet that you lift to reveal that true sense of man. First come up with all the qualities you can think of that define man as God's image. Then think of what might obscure that if you aren't being watchful. These are the "curtain" things that make it hard to see that real man. So, it might be anger, sadness, feeling sick, injury. Using the sheet you can have some students lift it up to "reveal" the true man (one of the students would be fine, they could have qualities of the real man pinned on their clothes if that seems appropriate—or not, after all, they are that real man!). This may be a gimmick, but it could help them think of that curtain in the thought that makes it hard to see the good, Godlikeness. If we think of it as a curtain and not as a person, then lifting the curtain is a way to take personality out of the equation. Then, it becomes a simple act of lifting a "curtain" rather than trying to see a "bad" person as "good".

Pycl #6: Look at the story in Section 5. Think about the "procession" that is joining in with the widow's mourning. Think of it in terms of all the things that parade in our thought as bad things that happen to man. Are we "joining" that parade? Are we agreeing with the error about ourselves or others and "marching right along" with that error? Or are we standing aside and denying the current of thought/the parade, as Jesus did? How can we do this day to day? Jesus told the widow to "weep not" and the son to "arise". These commands could be seen as a call to us all to not mourn what the material senses tell us, that God has only good in store for us. They can be seen as a call to rise above these senses, to ask the Christ, God's word to man, what is really going on. What kind of parade would be a good one to join? If the children are very young, you could design and carry out a parade that anyone would want to join.

Have a great Sunday.

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