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PYCL: Be grateful for being saved from the pits!-2 Find each Commandments value! -1
CedarS PYCL—Possible Younger Class Lessons for:

The Christian Science Bible Lesson for September 23, 2018

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Wow, what an opportunity to dig into the Commandments to see their positive impact on everyday life. I think that we could take each one and think about how they are put into action to lessen the impact of matter in our experience. With the very young you probably wouldn't put it in these words, but think of this in terms of, for example, when we have no other Gods before Love: What gets in the way of us expressing Love at all times? Does anger, a false sense of "fairness" (I find this to be huge with siblings), sadness, etc.?

Are these feelings that cause us so much trouble, from God? Are they preventing us from expressing fully and experiencing fully the joy, peace, freedom of living Love? Yes! So that must be matter getting in the way of us truly worshiping God! Now take that to the second Commandment and so on down the line. Remember to translate each Commandment to its broader implication such as purity, respect, and so on, so that they are truly elevating everyone's life in the most helpful way.

Pycl #2: Bring in a picture of a deep pit or cave that goes straight into the ground. There is one near where I live that has a tall chain link fence all the way around it to prevent people from falling in! Ask about whether the children think that putting a fence around it so that no one falls in is a restriction on someone's freedom? I love the visual image of this as a way to help bring across the point that the Ten Commandments are like a fence around the pit of materialism.

It looks like it is saying "you can't go there", but it's really saying "if you don't fall in there you have infinite freedom and joy and all the rest of the real universe of Spirit to play in (and you won't have all the pain that comes from falling down that pit!)" You might have a better way of saying it, but something along those lines might be a helpful way to illustrate how the Commandments are still really helpful guidelines today and not just old-fashioned suggestions.

Pycl #3: It also is cool to point out that the first part of the Responsive Reading says: " I am the Lord thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage." What is "bondage"? Why is this followed by the Commandments? Are these rules a way for us not to be put into bondage/enslavement of matter?

How does matter try to enslave us today? Is it by tempting us to feel that we are only happy if we have a cell phone or device to play on? Is it having the "right" friends? Is it getting the "right" recognition? If so, then we are walking right back into "bondage" when God has led us out! It's not that electronics, friends or even recognition are bad, but if they in any way replace our conscious awareness that all joy comes from God, then they are going to be keeping us in enslavement to temporary happiness. You can certainly bring in some toy handcuffs or something to illustrate the point as long as you find a way to employ them such that they don't become a distraction!

Pycl #4: I love the appearance of the term "ark" in this week's lesson. Look at Mrs. Eddy's definition of ark in citation S5. Talk about the ways that an ark has appeared in the Bible: As a boat to save mankind and animal kind with Noah, as a safe, somewhat waterproof basket boat for baby Moses (who eventually brought us the 10 Commandments!), and as a safe place to keep those Commandments.

How does such an ark figure into our daily lives? Can we keep our consciousness like an "ark" that keeps out ugly materialistic thinking, and preserves and keeps safe the holy thoughts? Feel free to have some supplies to create your own small paper boats or draw some boat-like things that might represent this idea of safety for God-like thinking.

Pycl #5: Why does the wall at Jericho fall down for Joshua? What is like that today when we are really understanding that God is the only power? With the younger classes you could really have them act out this story so that they remember it. Link it with the story of crossing the Jordan in the previous section. What part does the Ark of the Covenant play in these two stories?

Now go to Section 4 together and see what happens there. Can they discern the difference in the approach in this case? Why did it fail? Can you put these ideas to use in our everyday lives? If we have a materialistic view of Christian Science as a religion where you just "know the right spiritual facts" and then heal matter…then you are approaching Christian Science as just another materialistic way to handle matter. But, if we are seeing that every challenge is an opportunity to love God more deeply and understand Her more clearly, then we are advancing our thought and consciousness of spiritual reality and matter takes its proper place, as subordinate to spiritual reality—until it is truly demonstrated as nothing.

Have a wonderful week in Sunday School!

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