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[PYCL— Be God’s Valentine  as a “representative of Soul”! (3)]
CedarS PYCLs–Possible Younger Class Lessons for:

The Christian Science Bible Lesson for February 16, 2014

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO   (314) 406-0041
[with bracketed italics by Warren Huff, CedarS Director]

[PYCL 1]  This week's lesson has both the Lord's Prayer with its spiritual interpretation, and the two “great Commandments”. These are staples of Sunday School teaching so you can't go wrong by focusing on them. Maybe you could look at them together and ask why they'd be included especially in a Bible lesson about Soul? You can bring the discussion around to spiritual sense and how prayer and obedience to spiritual statutes or laws sharpens our spiritual senses, helps us to be less easily impressed by material sense and its presentations. How do these prayers/laws help us to know with certainty what is good, spiritually right? You can put each situation you confront to the test: Does it reflect a love for God and man? Or, for example, does it express forgiveness and the complete peace and joy that comes with knowing that our daily bread, our source for good, love, ideas, and so on, are given to us each day from God. You can really take any line from the Lord's Prayer and think on how it applies to a situation. Maybe at the beginning of class you can place a question box on the table. Any questions the kids have can be anonymously put in the box and you can randomly draw and work together on an answer with these ideas in mind. If there are more than one or two students this might work well, even as a permanent fixture and they can put questions in later for the following week.

[PYCL 2]  In citation S1 Mrs. Eddy tells us that “…Soul, or God is the only truth-giver to man”. Check out the entire citation together. Is there another method of getting rid of darkness? Experiment with the little ones by bringing in a box that is dark inside (has a lid). Have them sternly scold the darkness and tell it to go away. Give them each a turn. It will hopefully make them giggle. You can give them an example. Ask how they should get rid of the darkness inside the box? Should they try hitting the box? Once you have “solved” this “problem”, ask them if there are alternative ways to get rid of darkness? Does anything besides light destroy darkness? Then talk about where truth comes from. Does it ever come from a lie? God is the only source of truth and our Soul senses can hear and see this truth, just like the light and it makes error disappear. Maybe you have an example of this from your life, where a truth discovered, obviously made a lie disappear.

[PYCL 3]  I mention this in CedarS Metaphysical this week, but I think it might be worth using in Sunday School, especially with some of the kids who can write. Look in citation S3 at the definition of 'Children of Israel'. Try having them “re-write” it using the first person wherever possible: “I am the representative of Soul, not of corporeal sense; I am the offspring of Spirit,…” and so on. Maybe you could type it out this way for each child and glue it to a Valentine and give them each a copy to take home (I know Valentine's is over by then…you can just glue it to a card if you like!). What does it mean to “wrestle with error, sin, and sense…”? Can they think of someone in the Bible who did this? (Not in the lesson, but sometimes it's fun to think about different Bible characters anyway and Jacob was a wonderful example of someone who learned to think more spiritually as he wrestled with material sense. Also, interestingly, he became known as “Israel” instead of Jacob…what does that say about his identity and the definition we are looking at? You can address this as well in the section on transfiguration!)

[PYCL 4]  Once we've established that we are each a “Child of Israel”, then we can talk about all the promises or covenants that God has made with these “children”. Do they then include us as well? Yes! We've just established that we are children of Israel, each and every one of us! What promises can you find in this week's lesson? The responsive reading is full of promises about prosperity and good for us. It tells us that we won't have to suffer periods where there is lack or things don't seem to go as well as other times. Rather, Soul's abundant good, is poured over Her children all the time. We may have to hone our spiritual senses to be aware of this abundance, but it is there! There are lots of references to covenants in citation B3, there is some in citations B4, B7…can you find any promises in the Lord's Prayer?  How about “Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven. Enable us to know,–as in heaven, so on earth,–God is omnipotent, supreme.” I think that is a promise of God's loving power being active in our own experience. In Section 3 we get to see how God's laws are meant to be expressions of His love for us, not rules to obey without understanding. So when the disciples eat “corn” on the Sabbath as they walk through a field, or Jesus heals on the Sabbath, they are acting out of God's love and provision for Her child, not opposing but fulfilling God's law.

[PYCL 5]  Have a look at the Transfiguration in section 5. If you live in one of the snowier areas of the world you could have the kids take a look at the sun on the snow. My son and I noticed this yesterday, how blindingly bright it is, and I joked with him about the way it talks in the Bible about the Transfiguration being “exceeding white as snow”. What does the Transfiguration mean in a lesson about Soul? What does it mean for each of us? Can we be transformed through understanding reality with spiritual sense? What does all that brightness symbolize? Talk about the story and the way that Jesus was seen with Moses and Elijah… separated by many years humanly… but together here! What does that say about Soul's creation? Are we confined to time and body? How can we begin to prove that we are not, in small daily ways? Here is also an example of how the laws and promises of Moses and the prophets, represented by Elijah, are a part of spiritual transformation or transfiguration. Obedience to these laws brings this kind of change into our experience. Again, if you have an example of this to share, all the better!

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