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[PYCL: Banish outlaws! (5) Admire artwork! (1) Reason from the right basis! (3)]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for


on March 6, 2016

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Admire artwork! How would you reveal something or show someone something that you created? Would you lead them into a dark room and say "tah dah"? No! You'd show it to them somewhere with plenty of light so they could really admire what you had done. You could do something with this without telling them ahead of time where you are going with it. Have each child draw a picture and keep it hidden from you. Now either have them follow you to somewhere dark in the church and try to have them show each other their drawings, or put the pictures, one at a time, in a box with only a small, eye-sized opening through which to peek. Then have everyone try to see the pictures through the hole with no extra light. You can have them take turns with each drawing. When you are all done ask them to suggest some better ways to admire their art. Let them put it in their own words. Now you can connect this exercise with the idea that we are God's "drawings", His ideas. He made light before He even made man so that His creation could be seen for the wonderful and remarkable creation that it is (Golden Text (GT), "light" part is from Responsive Reading). By seeing that we are remarkable ideas, recognizing our wonderful nature, we are then seeing how good, wonderful and remarkable God is.

Pycl #2: Find newness and wholeness in your spiritual nature! Citation B5 mentions that if we are "in Christ" we are a "new creature" or new man. What do the children think this might mean? Why is Christ connected with this idea of being new? Is the "new man", which is made in God's image, material or spiritual? (That invites a pat answer so you may have to dig around a bit to discuss what a spiritual man might be…) How do we discover this being that we really are? We would have to look to Christ Jesus and his works and words to get some idea of how to recognize our spiritual nature. We can cite examples of spiritual healing here and read the stories in this week's lesson to bring out this thought. We looked at Christ Jesus in last week's lesson, how does knowing about him help us understand man, in general, better? What things did Jesus do that changed our thought about man (you could just say healing here, but what about the stories he told like the Prodigal, the talents, the seeds by the wayside and so on… what do these stories tell us about man?)

Pycl #3: Reason from the right basis! Sometimes we find ourselves trying to figure things out from the standpoint of being a mortal kid or adult. We wonder why we are sick, how come we had an accident, why some friend said something unkind to us. In citation S12 we see that Mrs. Eddy tells us "For right reasoning there should be but one fact before the thought, namely, spiritual existence." What does that mean for us? If we don't know, then we are always reasoning from the wrong basis! Try bringing several examples for fun. Maybe a small pitcher filled with water to have them pour it in cups, an unopened box of Tic Tacs or something like that, a box of something like Goldfish crackers… whatever you come across, but several examples would be fun. Then have them fill the pitcher with water. Take it to the table and ask them what will come out of it when they pour it into a cup? Hopefully they will say "water", or "whatever we put into it". You can repeat this question when you pull out the candies or crackers or whatever you bring. It would really be weird if peanut butter were inside the box of Tic Tacs right? This is how it is with God and man. God puts in us only goodness, harmony, truth, loveliness. Nothing else can come out of us that was created by God: "…and without Him was not anything made that was made" says John 1:3 in the GT. The lousy stuff that we wonder about and struggle to understand like sickness, cruelty and so on, was never made by God, never true about His man. That is why we can be unafraid, why we can forgive unkindness.

Pycl #4: Be ready to share “water” with whoever asks! Check out the story of the woman at the well in citation B10. This is a great story coupled with Mrs. Eddy's reference to giving a cup of cold water in Christ's name (S14). If your kids are younger, ask them who was giving water to whom in this story. What was the difference between the water the Samaritan woman gave to Jesus, and the "water" he offered? Do they understand why it was unusual for him to ask her for water? Did he seem reluctant to share his message with her? What does this example mean for us today? Maybe if we have something good to share we need to be ready to share it with whoever asks rather than with those that we "like" or think are more "fun", etc. Notice that Jesus stayed in that Samaritan town for two days to share his message!

Pycl #5: Banish outlaws! One way that we can see more of our spiritual nature is to follow Mrs. Eddy's directions to "…banish sickness as an outlaw…" Talk about what it means to banish someone. Also talk about what an "outlaw" is. They may have fun thinking about the image of an old West type "outlaw" with guns, etc.—or simply a bank robber or something. Can they think of sickness as an "outlaw"? How might we go about "banishing" sickness? Maybe we take it to court and win in a trial like Mrs. Eddy holds in Science & Health. Maybe we "arrest" it by stopping it in its tracks and tying it up tight in handcuffs and chains so it can't get into our thought? I think the kids could have fun thinking about different ideas about banishing sickness—or, for that matter, sin. Talk about how a bad thing doesn't have the support of the law behind it—that means it will eventually be arrested. We can be like a policeman and arrest such thoughts that make us think we have no choice about being sick, angry, jealous, and so on.

Hope these give you a few ideas for Sunday, have fun!

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