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[PYCL: Alertly expose disguise, rebuke human will, be aware of God's supremacy!]
Possible Younger Class Lessons for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

”Soul and Body”
on November 20, 2016

by Kerry Jenkins, CS, House Springs, MO (314) 406-0041

Pycl #1: Obviously you will want to look at this subject and all the big words if you are teaching young children. There may be no need to define everything; you could just give them a simple reduction and a clear example from your experience. Then you can share each Bible story in the lesson and see how they illustrate this subject. Can you come up together with some examples of how we can be tricked into thinking that there is another power or mind that is suggesting things to us that are not Godlike and true? How do we combat this?

Pycl #2: Some things I noticed that might be capitalized on: In Section 1 we are discerning error's disguise in such a way as to eliminate it. In Section 2 we are encouraged to be alert/vigilant against error's suggestions. In Section 3 error is exposed and denounced. In Section 4 you could say that error or evil is rebuked with Christly authority. In Section 5 human will is recognized as the error of a separate mind from God—in opposition to good. And in Section 6 we are encouraged to be "conscious of the supremacy" of God so that we then are aware of evil's nothingness! I think there might be a way of weaving these ideas together in a helpful construct for the children. Each is a step to destroying the hypnotic nature of so-called "life in matter". If you listed them vertically in some way, possibly:

*discern disguise

*be alert/vigilant



*recognize human will

*be conscious of God's supremacy

You might come up with a better reduction—have at it! This list could be posted and revisited as ways to recognize and destroy whatever seems to oppose God's all-power and goodness.

Pycl #3: In our pursuit to understand the nothingness of error, try looking at citation S2. Talk about the question "How can there be more than all?" If Goodness is all, then where do we put other suggestions? Do they remember last week's box or container that couldn't fit anything more than "all" in it? When goodness fills up every single "space", even infinite space—where is evil? That's how sickness disappears; it doesn't run and hide under the bed, only to pop back out some other time. It disappears because it has no reality or power—Good is all.

Pycl #4: Thinking about alertness is a great one with children (and grownups!). How do we stay alert to what might try to steal our health and happiness? Read the story in Section 2 and translate a bit for them. I love that "light" is "armor" (B10, Romans 13:12). Where does darkness "hide" from light? In the same way, if we let in God's light—thoughts of joy, truth, health, wholeness, intelligence, gratitude, and so on, error has a hard time sneaking in. Try drawing houses or homes on paper, or building them from shoe boxes. Talk about the defenses they have in spiritual terms. How are these defenses part of our own thinking or consciousness? If we can recognize that something mean or ugly that is said to us is powerless because God didn't make it, we are already rejecting the hurt that we could receive, because we have defended ourselves with this alertness. On the drawings or structures we "build" in special "spiritual doors" that only open to truth and good (for example). Maybe there are pots of boiling oil that drop on top of error and burn it up before it reaches our "home". Have them use their imagination—but try to keep it heading in the direction of spiritual defense.

Pycl #5: What is the one thing the "devil" says to Jesus with each temptation? "If thou be the son of God…" Here, Jesus' sonship is being challenged. Can we see that when we are tempted to do wrong, that the suggestion is that we are not the satisfied, loved, cherished child of God, but actually the needy, unhappy, unfulfilled, etc. …child of matter? What if we challenge every suggestion that comes to us with the "child of God" [C.O.G.] test? How is the suggestion telling us that we are separate and not one with our Father-Mother? Can we identify it as such with our new alertness? Sometimes it's interesting to see how we are tempted… is the temptation telling us that we will be "more" or "happier"? If so, can we slow down enough to recognize and rebuke the suggestion?

Pycl #6: Citation S21 gives us the opportunity to use a balance or scale—you could build your own and talk about truth outweighing error. How do we do this? Apparently evil and fear can seem pretty "heavy"! Can you bring some healing examples of how getting rid of fear helped "tip the scale" in your own experience? I know this is the biggest factor in any healing my children have had. And, of course, Mrs. Eddy tells us that casting out fear is the first ingredient in healing! (One of many references is S&H 392:5 … same page as citation S21, and 410:29) You can use small items, either pieces of paper with truths on them against the "fear" and "error"—you could use tiny pebbles or, depending on the scale, larger stones with truths painted on them… Think about the analogy that Truth would have "weight" and substance, while error only seems weighty when we are afraid of it.

Pycl #7: What is human will? How does it blind us? See the story in citation B17 [and the insights by Cobbey Crisler in Met PS#3] to help them understand it. Think of human will in our lives and what forms it takes so we can recognize it!

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