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PSSTs: Find freeing answers of “Truth” for 1-28-24 Sunday School questions!
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for classes on Sunday, January 28, 2024

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.
now from Austin, TX

[some bracketed citations by Inspirational Offerings editor, Warren Huff]

Possible Sunday School Topics (PSSTs) for the GOLDEN TEXT:
[“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)] How does Truth lead to freedom?

What bonds does knowing the Truth release us from?

Work with your students to identify a foundational truth and then discuss the freedom that comes from knowing that truth, and the potential bondage that may occur if someone did not know or understand that truth.

Responsive Reading (RR) PSSTs: How does Jesus behave in the face of persecution?

Why? How does his behavior lead to the glory that he speaks about in the first verse of the RR? [where “he looked up toward heaven and prayed…” (John 17:1)]
Why does Pilate ask Jesus “what is truth?” (John 18:38 (to?))
How can we learn to behave in a similar manner to Jesus when we are in difficult situations?

Section 1 PSSTs: What are “doctrines and time-honored systems”? (citation S1/vii:13-15 Truth)

Ask your students to come up with examples of these either from Biblical times, Mary Baker Eddy’s times, or modern day.
How is Truth independent of “doctrines and time-honored systems”? [cit. S1/vii:13]
Why is it important for Truth to be independent?
How does it help us to demonstrate Truth when we understand its independence?
Why do we want to be independent from “doctrines and time-honored systems”?

Section 2 PSSTs: How can we learn to have confidence in the truth?

What does the Psalmist mean when he speaks of testifying before kings and not being ashamed? (cit. B4/Ps. 119:46).
How does the story of this section demonstrate this courageous speaking? [by the prophet Micaiah to king Jehoshaphat in cit. B5/I Kings 22:2-9) and cit. B6/II Chron. 18:12-34]
What is moral courage and how can we build more of it in our own experience? Why do we want moral instead of animal courage? (cit. S9/28:29-10)

Section 3 PSSTs: How do love and obedience (cit. B8/II John 1:6 (to 1st.) relate to grace and Truth (cit. S12/67:23)?

What is our reason for loving God enough to be completely obedient to Her? [cit. B8/II John 1:3, 6]
How does this obedience translate into grace and Truth in our experience? (cit. S12/67:23)
How do grace and Truth lead to power that is greater than human strength? [cit. S11/333:19-21]

Section 4 PSSTs: How do we keep ourselves within the court of Truth and not error? [cit. S17/433:31-11]

Whose truth are we following and learning? (cit. B10/Ps 25:5 (to;)).
How do we gain the confidence to speak Truth to error? (cit. S14/418:28)
Why does Mary Baker Eddy choose a courtroom to set her allegory? [cit. cit. S15/430:13-32]
What parallels exist between law and Truth?
Why is the invalid ultimately found “not guilty”? (cit. S22/442:5)

Section 5 PSSTs: What is the answer to the question: “What is Truth?” [cit. S23/22314-20]

What is God’s way? (cit. B12/Ps 86:11 (to:))
What does Paul’s experience (cit. B13/Acts14:8-12,14,15) teach us about walking in God’s truth?
How does the principle of one God and one Mind help us to answer what Truth is? (cit. S25/357:19-22)
What is the simple rule of Truth? (cit. S27/418:16)

Section 6 PSSTs: How should we feel when following Truth?

What is the general feeling of following Truth as expressed in this section (cit. B16/Ps. 40:8,9 (to:), 11 let).
Why can we be confident in the Truth? [“Truth is always the victor.” (cit. S30/380:4)]
What are the outcomes and results of Truth? (cit. S29/287:10-11; cit. S30/380:4 (only); cit. S31/225:3 [“Truth makes man free.”]).


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