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PSSTs for Sunday School, December 31st, 2023
Possible Sunday School Topics (P S S T) for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science”
for Sunday, December 31st, 2023

by Tom and Amy Evans,
former staff members and big fans of CedarS

P.S.S.T. for the Golden Text and the Responsive Reading

Discuss the role of angels. What does it mean in the Golden Text for an angel to “keep [you] in the way” or to bring [you] into the place…[God] prepared”? How have you had angels guide and protect you?

Think about the trust and faith that Mary needed when faced with the angel Gabriel and his message. She was unmarried and told she would conceive a child. That story might not be believed by Joseph or her family, yet Mary said “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word” (Luke 1:38).
Would you have Mary’s same level of trust in God if you were in her position?

PSST for Section 1: Angel Messengers

Did you notice a theme about messengers in the Golden Text and Bible Citation 1, and references to Angels in Bible Citation 3? Do you think the references in Malachi to a shepherd apply to Jesus?

In Science and Health citation 6 we read, “Christian Science and Christianity are one.” What does Mary Baker Eddy mean by this statement? What is genuine Christianity? Is Christian Science Christian? (Yes!)

PSST for Section 2: Speak God’s word with all boldness

Discuss Bible citation 4 from Ezekiel with God as the shepherd who makes a covenant of peace and brings “showers of blessings.”
Are we supposed to do something to enable these showers of blessings and covenants of peace? (Yes and no. Start by recognizing God as the divine source and only Creator.)

Does Bible citation 6/Acts 4:29, 30 sound like a call to act and stand up for Truth in the world? Jesus’ life was not just for the Christmas holiday but an example to heal the world.
Use the text of Romans 8:35 (Bible citation 7) to talk about the love of Christ demonstrated by Jesus healing the world from “tribulation, distress, persecution,” etc.

The marginal heading next to Science and Health citation 9/107:3-10 says “Mission of Christian Science.” “[D]elivering the children if men from every ill ‘that flesh is heir to’.” These ills of the flesh can include war. How can Christian Science deliver humanity from war?

Define apodictical (unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration). Science and Health citation 13/98:15 speaks of Christian Science as a “revealed and practical science.” Pick a world issue and give a treatment as a class.

PSST for Section 3: Our duty & privilege to follow Jesus’ example

Make a connection between Bible Citation 12/I John 4:14 with Christ Jesus as the savior of the world and the Golden Text sending a messenger before you.

Were there female followers of Jesus? (Yes! See citation B11/Luke 8:1-3) Would you follow Jesus everywhere he went?

Science and Health citation 15/26:12 mentions “mission” again. There are actually 5 references to the word mission in the Bible Lesson this week including the marginal heading in citation S9/107:3-10.

Look at Science and Health citation 16/476:32. Discuss how Jesus was able to heal. What did he do differently? (hint: What did he behold?)

Look at Science and Health citation 17/xi:1+ and discuss how sin and disease disappear naturally in human consciousness when darkness gives place to light in our thought.

  • What does it mean for darkness to give place to light?
  • Discuss the process of destroying or overcoming sinful thoughts.
  • Give examples. Consider the types of thoughts we reject or accept. Consider the decisions we make. Consider the spiritually uplifting effect this has on those around you and the world.

Whose “duty and privilege of” is it to follow Jesus’ example? (see Science and Health citation 18/37:22) Why do you think Mary Baker Eddy listed those three groups (“child, man, and woman”) in that order?

PSST for Section 4: “Become conscious for a single moment…” (cit. S23/14:12)

In Bible citation 16/Phil. 1:6 what does Paul mean by “the day of Jesus Christ”? Does that have to mean a second coming of the man Jesus, or can we think of this as an awakening in our thought? Perhaps a more general acceptance of Jesus’ message in the world and society living in alignment with Jesus’ teachings?

In Science and Health citation 20/147:24 what is the difference between goodness and the divine Principle of goodness?

In Science and Health citation 21/123:19-29 why is the operation of Principle so important?

Science and Health citation 23/14:12-15 reminds us to “become conscious for a single moment…”
How does this build on the idea of healing occurring as darkness gives place to light in our thinking?

PSST for Section 5 Practice Christian Science in your life:

The last citation in the Bible this week includes speaking to many peoples, nations, and rulers. (cit. B19/Rev. 10:11)
What does this have to do with demonstrating Christian Science in our lives and overcoming sin, disease, and death?

Discuss Science and Health citation 28/547:6. What is the “Science of healing”?  Did Mary Baker Eddy give the “correct interpretation of Scripture”? How do you know?

The lesson ends with the sentence, “Truth is revealed. It needs only to be practised.” (Science and Health citation 29, 174:20).
How are you using/practicing Christian Science in your life?



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