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[PSST: Work to feel more “transfiguration moments” of spiritual sense/consciousness (5)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Soul and Body”
for classes on November 22, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S. steven.henn@gmail.com

Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics like: What qualities make for an ideal dwelling?
How does God, Truth, Love demonstrate those qualities of an ideal dwelling place?
Why does King David call out “all generations” in this verse?
Why is it important that Soul has been our dwelling for all generations?

Responsive Reading Possible Sunday School Topics: What dwelling qualities does Isa. list? Look throughout this Responsive Reading for translation of our dwelling places on earth into spiritual dwelling places. How are those qualities in line with the qualities your students came up with for an ideal dwelling as demonstrated by God, Truth, Love?
What role do God’s word and glory have in establishing a dwelling place for all of his children here and now?
How can focusing on God as our dwelling place be an effective response both to the immediate challenges facing your students, and the broader challenges facing our spiritual brothers and sisters around the globe?

Section 1 Possible Sunday School Topics: Why do those dwelling in God’s house praise Her? Why are they blessed? What does Moses ask of God? How does God respond? Can your students ask the same thing of God here and now? How might your students reword the request to be more relevant to their own experience? What does God’s response to Moses give to him, and what sort of response might offer something similar to your students? What are the deep things of God that are searched by the Spirit? How can we learn more about these deep things? What is the benefit?

Section 2 Possible Sunday School Topics: What does “loss is gain” mean to your students? How would your students feel if their earthly houses/tabernacles were dissolved? What would that look like or mean to them? Look at the third verse of Mary Baker Eddy’s poem “The Mother’s Evening Prayer” – found on page 389 of Miscellaneous Writings – the final words of that verse are “loss is gain.”
First, what does that line mean in Mary Baker Eddy’s poem?

Look at the full poem to better understand her meaning.
Next, how does that concept apply to Paul’s message to the Corinthians?
What can we learn from that message, and how can we apply it to our own lives today?
Where could your students use the lessons of this poem?

Section 3 Possible Sunday School Topics: Can promises offer by mortal mind be trusted?
How do we know those promises cannot be trusted What spirits come to us?
How do we test whether they are of God or are false prophets?
What promises does error/mortal mind offer us?
How do we know those promises cannot be trusted?
What promises does God offer?
How do we know we can trust the promises of Mind?
How do your students understand spiritual and mortal senses?
Consider looking at the glossary for the definitions of the senses, and explore how we can rely on our spiritual senses more than our material ones.

Section 4 Possible Sunday School Topics like: What light do your students have to shine?
How often are they fully shining it? If your students are uncomfortable talking about their own light – who in their lives shines as a bright light expression of God’s goodness?
How can your students learn to let their own light shine as brightly?
Why does the word “let” mean so much in that statement?
When it comes to being perfect, what does our perfection rely on?
How do we recognize our perfection more fully on a moment by moment basis?
Consider the power of seeing perfection in others – can your students see the wonderful light of God in others around them?
Teach them the phrase “Thanks You, God! That’s Mine, Too!” in response to any good thing they see in someone else. This time-tested phrase & its T.M.T acronym were coined by CedarS director, Warren Huff, who says such T.M.T. thinking is more powerful than T.NT. (dynamite)!

Section 5 Possible Sunday School Topics: What is the importance of the transfiguration? What was Jesus showing his disciples at that moment?
Consider having them look up these verses in a Bible commentary or Blue Letter Bible online. What does Mary Baker Eddy say is the significance of this miracle of Jesus?
There is plenty to look at in the lesson, but your students can also use Concord to look up transfiguration in Mary Baker Eddy’s writings.
Have your students felt a moment of divine consciousness or spiritual understanding of Life and Love?
What did that moment feel/look like? How can we work to have those moments more consistently?

Section 6 Possible Sunday School Topics like: Why do we praise God so fully?
Why does Mary Baker Eddy translate “Hallowed be thy name” in the Lord’s Prayer as “Adorable One”?
Have your students looked up the definitions of Hallowed and Adorable as they were defined in Victorian England (KJV’s time) and in Mary Baker Eddy’s time?
Why is praise so important? What does it signify about our relationship to God?
When we put God in that seat of praise, how does that impact our thinking about Her, about ourselves, about our fellow neighbor?
What is the importance of seeing that the New Heaven has no temple or body?
How does this build on the opening of the lesson where you discussed dwelling places?

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