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PSST: Woo wanderers with Bible "WOWs" and laws lived daily!
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Probation after Death”
for classes on April 25, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST): Warm-up how your students relate to God!
What is the key point of this declaration? Ask your students to read “outside the lines” by going to Psalms 62 and reading directly from the Bible beyond verse 5.
What is the central idea David is trying to convey?
How will following David’s message change the way your students relate to God, Good?

Responsive Reading PSST: “…rejoice with joy unspeakable & full of glory…” (I Pet. 1:8+)
How does this Responsive Reading set up the tone and inspiration for the entire lesson?
What is the feeling/message about affliction or trials? What is the response to them?
How does this reflect Jesus’ demonstration throughout the passion week?

SECTION 1 PSSTs: “behold all the glories of earth and heaven and man” (cit. S6, 264:28)
What is the expected end that God has for us? (citation B1, Jere. 29:11)
How can we learn to trust in that expected end regardless of the human/mortal picture?
Where do we live, move & have our being? (cit. B2, Acts 17) What does “in Him” really mean?
Can we be “inside” God, good? What is Life? (citation S3, 289:32)
And how does our understanding of what Life really is change our relationship to God, our daily experience, and others? (cit. B5, 239:16, cit. S6, 264:28))

SECTION 2 PSSTs: Quickly identify daily thoughts as either carnal-minded or spiritual-minded.
What is the Lord to us? If She is our light, and our salvation, how does that generate peace and comfort for us? (cit. B4, Ps. 27:1, 6)
What are the things of the flesh and spirit that we could be mindful of? (cit. B6, Rom. 8:5-9)

Have your students organize every day thinking into these two categories. Help them to identify carnal-mindedness, and spiritual-mindedness more and more quickly.

What will be the impact of this discernment in their daily lives? (cit. S9, 213:11; cit. S11, 170:22)

SECTION 3 PSSTs: Relate the two great commandments to daily life (See P.S. BONUS.)
How do the two great commandments relate to eternal life? {cit. B8, Luke 10:25-28)
How do these two great commandments help us to enter the straight gate? (cit. B9, Matt. 7:13)
How do the commandments help us to claim our true identity as children of God? (B10, Rom 8)
How does following these commandments help us overcome current challenges and enter into the glory of Love, Soul, Spirit? (cit. S12 324:13)

SECTION 4 PSSTs: [W: Witness a “Wow” “in Mary’s wondering eyes all Hymn 381]
How did Jesus overcome the animosity and antagonism that was being cast his direction by the leaders of his day? (by staying “in the power of the Spirit” cit. B7, Luke 4:14)
Why was Mary Magdalene the first to see Jesus? [W: as in 4-min. YouTube video at the tomb]
Was that by chance, or can we learn something important from her total care and dedication?
How important is it that Jesus overcame the crucifixion? (cit. S17, 51:6)
What impact does that have on our lives today? What is a firstfruit? (cit. B14, I Cor. 15:20)
What does it mean that Jesus became the firstfruit?

SECTION 5 PSSTs: [W: Witness a 3+ min.“Wow” of wooing wanderers on a walk to Emmaus and the rest of the evening in a ~2-min. YouTune Upper Room reenactement.]
What is Jesus doing when he “expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself”? [W: cit. B15, Luke 24:13-32, see Part 1 of 3 on Jesus’ shepherding & scriptural review)
What does this say about the importance of understanding scripture? [W: Part 2 on Moses]
How well do your students understand scripture? [W: Part 3 on Jesus quoting & fulfilling Ps 22 and Download (from a CedarS inspirational webpage to right & above) a chart of Messianic Old Testament prophesies that fit Jesus “to a T!*”]
How does understanding scripture help us to depart from material sense & life without Christ?
How can we enter the spiritual sense of being? (cit. S24, 41:6)
How can your students take even one step in this direction this week?

SECTION 6 PSSTs: W: Witness a 5-min Wow!–a 153-fish catch & Christ’ morning meal/appeal!
What does it mean to grow in grace? How do we do it? (cit. B17, II Peter 3:18 grow)
How does it relate to our knowledge of Jesus Christ? (2nd half of cit. B17, II Peter 3:18 grow)
Why did the disciples fishing after the risen Jesus had showed himself to them in the Upper Room after the Walk to Emmaus and said to meet them in Galilee? [W: cit. B18, John 21:2-6,9,12,14/ See a blog on Cobbey Crisler’s brilliant insights on this with modern day applications for you as well as that ~2-minute YouTube video of the risen Jesus’ appearance at that 1st church meeting after dining at Emmaus]
What lesson did they have yet to learn? [W: to cast out to the outcasts and to feed “others” who are receptive (sheep) with the divine Love (Agape) that puts an end to all power struggles, sibling and other rivalries, bickering for popularity…]
What is the lesson Jesus is teaching in this story? [W: “agape” in Greek is “to desire good for one you esteem.”]
When does perfection appear? (cit. C27, 550:12 & cit. S28, 254:10)
What are true motives? (cit. S30, 326:20-21)
How can your students develop both of these in the coming week? (cit. S29, 485:14-17)

P.S. BONUS for all working on a 10 Commandments curriculum as called for (Man. 62)

DAILY COMMIT TO GLADLY OBEY EACH COMMANDMENT TO FEEL WHOLENESS WITHIN & express “the whole of man in His image & likeness.” SH 340:9; Deut. 7:9; Ex. 20:1; Mark 12:29

Jesus says the greatest of the two great Commandments is to “love God with all your heart… soul & … mind” (Matt. 22:37). [This week’s Bible Lesson has Jesus affirming the answer of “a certain lawyer” (Luke 10:25-28, cit. B7) of the two greatest commandments of the law that he says need to be LIVED!]

The first great commandment of loving God with all your heart is lived by whole-heartedly putting into practice the 1st 4 Commandments, summed up below:
#1. Celebrate examples of God’s unfailing, freeing love if ever tempted to be worried!** Click on each # below for elements of a Barry Huff podcast series on The 10 Commandments at It starts with
#2. Quit thinking most about material things and bodies that will never be “up to the job” of being God.
#3. Don’t say O.M.G. (“Oh, My God!”) unless you are praying God’s name and expecting a quick answer!
#4. Remember—give loving attention to—God’s Genesis 1 Sabbath & work out from perfection, not up to it!

Jesus says the second great Commandments is to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39). It’s lived by whole-heartedly putting into practice the rest of the Commandments, summed up below:
#5. Respect and obey all RIGHT authority figures and boundaries in your life.

#6. Refuse (re-fuse) to get angry, make fun of or put anyone down! (unchecked superiority leads to killing Matt.5:21+)

#7. Seek deep satisfaction in all God’s given and keep your promises (unchecked lust leads to adultery Matt.5:27+)

#8. Stop trying to GET happiness & instead try to GIVE it! (fulfill your “reason for existing… to impart…” My. 165)

#9. Stop saying what’s not REALLY true of others or of you (bear true witness— “tell …the whole truth… so help me God!”)

#10. Feel & say of others’ good “Thank You God! That’s Mine Too! (TYG! TMT! Is more powerful than TNT!)

P.P.S. BONUS: [W: Below are links to short YouTube video reenactments of the Risen Jesus appearing to his followers if you feel they would help convey the Wow-factor potential meaning and applications for your students. Tech support may be needed to download them and have them open to be able to share on Zoom or in person.

*Jesus appears to Mary* *He shepherds 2 Emmaus lost sheep* *He serves a Morning Meal & appeal*]

P.P.P.S. BONUS: [Warren: Download first (from a CedarS inspirational webpage to right & above) a chart of Messianic Old Testament prophesies that fit Jesus “to a T!*”]

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