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[PSST: Witness newness in your experience! (RR, S25)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

"Christian Science"
for December 31, 2017

By Tom and Amy Evans, former staff members and big fans of CedarS

PSST for Golden Text

In what ways are things becoming new in your experience? With the new year, what resolutions do you have? What spiritual growth are you seeking in 2018?

PSST for Responsive Reading (RR)

Are you eating up the little book? The last two verses in RR say, “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away. And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new.” How have you felt that comfort from God? Where are you witnessing newness in your experience? Does it only come from a new calendar year? (Hint: no!)

PSST for Section 1 – Become as a little child

Citation B1 reminds us that God is the true King. How are you honoring Him?

Citation B4: Do you know this story by heart? Can you paraphrase this story without looking at the text? What is the significance of a 12-year-old talking with the most learned men in town? (Jesus was inspired!) Are you prepared to listen to the innocence of children in your study? How many Sunday School teachers learn from their students every Sunday?

Citation S1: Why is “the Christ…without beginning of years or end of days?” Discuss how the Christ is inseparable from God. Sometimes Christian Scientists act like they are separate from the rest of Christianity. But look at citation S5. How are Christian Science and Christianity one? Citation S6: Are you willing to become like a little child? How do children leave the old for the new? Can you think of any examples?

PSST for Section 2 – Demonstrating the Law of God’s being.

Citation B5: Why is having a deep understanding of God’s law a part of being God’s people?

Tie together citations B5 and B7 about the law with citation B6 where Jesus heals. (Jesus proves this healing is a law that he could rely on).

How does Christian Science fulfill a need according to citation S7? (Jesus “left no definite rule for demonstrating this Principle and healing and preventing disease.”) In citation S9, what laws of Divine Science, or the way things work in God’s creation, does Mrs. Eddy talk about? In citation S9 Mrs. Eddy refers to the “confines of mortal existence” meaning a near-death experience when she fell on the ice in 1866. The marginal heading next to this passage is “Light shining in darkness.” Why is the Truth like a light? In citation S10 how is the new idea like the birth of the holy child?

PSST for Section 3 – Right thinking blesses

The Bible citations in Section 3 are concise. If the section has something to do with spiritual power and progress as we change our thinking, what ideas do you pick up from citation B8, B9, and B10? (Possibly: B8: God’s Care for us, B9: Jesus demonstrated the Holy Ghost or Divine Science, B10: When we are in Christ “all things are become new”).
Citation B10 is a repetition of the Golden Text. Why is this spiritual newness so important?

In citation S12 we find “Whatever holds human thought in line with unselfed love, receives directly the divine power.” The very next sentence is about the time Mrs. Eddy healed Mr. Clark in Lynn Massachusetts when he was dying. Is this like Mrs. Eddy saying “for example”?

Citation S14: What kind of a “Change of base” do we need for our thinking? Is this just mind over matter? (NO!)
Citation S16: what kind of thought do we need to hold onto “perpetually”?

PSST for Section 4 – Be receptive, drink in the spirit!

Citation B11: Try reading this passage in The Living Bible Isaiah 29:24 says “Those in error will believe the truth, and complainers will be willing to be taught!” Is there a sense of humility and God-inspired receptivity?

Citation B12: What does it mean to stand watch? After discussing what it means to stand guard at a certain time, how does this relate to being ready to hear insights as they come?

Citation B14: The Bible Lesson committee chose to include the new wine / old wineskins parable from Luke 5:37. Discuss how Jesus did not have glass bottles in rural Galilee, but leather pouches or wineskins. See the Greek text here. Why do we need to train our thinking to be new, flexible, receptive wineskins ready to receive a new idea?
What is the danger of being a old, brittle, unreceptive wineskin?

Citation S18 and S19 elaborate on citation B14. Look up the word imbibe (drink in, absorb, receive into the mind and retain) Look up behest. According to citation S22, who can demonstrate Christian Science? (Anyone who imbibes the spirit of Christ.)

PSST for Section 5 – Divine Science

How are you keeping the commandments? Consider the new commandment that Jesus gives us in citation B15. Are you loving others the way Jesus did? What is the promise from God in citation B17? (“the Lord thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee”)

Make the connection to the Comforter, Divine Science, and the benefits it brings to individuals and mankind as a whole when they recognize it (S26).

What is Christian Science? What is Christianity? What is Christ? (S24)

How are you witnessing new views of divine goodness and love with each successive stage of your experience (S25)?

For older classes, discuss how Mrs. Eddy equates the following three terms: Comforter, Holy Ghost and Divine Science. What does your class know about the Holy Ghost?

Here are some references that are helpful for this conversation:

John 14:26 “The Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things.”

S&H page 497 in the second Tenet, “the Holy Ghost or Divine Comforter.”

S&H page 55, “The Comforter I understand to be Divine Science.”

S&H page 588 is the definition of Holy Ghost in the Glossary.

S&H page 331 in the platform of Christian Science regarding the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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