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[PSST: Walk the talk! Identify lies and correct them! (1, 2)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

Probation after Death
for Sunday, October 23, 2016

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

P.S.S.T. Golden Text: What does it mean to be a child of light? Think about the concept of heritage – if we are the children of light, what is our heritage? Then, how does walking confident in your heritage prove, show, or demonstrate what is acceptable, or pleasing to God? What is pleasing to God? (Check out Luke 12:32)

P.S.S.T. Responsive Reading (RR): Why is God called Father? How many times does the name “Father” show up in this RR? What is the significance of God as Father, to Jesus, to all mankind? If God is truly Father/Mother, what does that mean about us as His/Her children? What law is established by Christ Jesus as the Son of God? And what is the result/impact of that law for us? [“The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death” (RR)]

P.S.S.T. Section 1: How does the metaphor of the path in this section relate to our lives? What paths are your students following? Who is directing their paths? How do we know when God is really directing our paths? What is the best “guide” we can ask for as we walk the path of eternal life? [1st Tenet, B1] What is the connection between the idea of walking and the vital concept of demonstration? Have your students heard the phrase, “walk the talk”? How does that apply?

P.S.S.T. Section 2: Why does Jesus turn so quickly on Peter? [B7, W’s PS#1 online] Does he really call Peter Satan? What does this interaction teach us about the true sonship to God? What vital qualities of sonship is Jesus demonstrating here? Think about the Lord’s Prayer and whose will it is that is primary. Why is God’s will primary? And how does this connect to Jesus’ harsh words to Peter? What does it mean to truly know God and Jesus? What in our experience daily needs to be elevated or corrected? Are we not constantly bombarded by the lies of corporeal sense? [S8] Work with your students to identify these limited ways of thinking and explore how to elevate and correct them.

P.S.S.T. Section 3: Why does it really matter that Christ was risen from the dead? [S13] How does that pertain to our own victory, through Jesus Christ? What victory is being spoken of here? What do we need to be victorious over? How does this connect to the corporeality of the previous section? Why is the idea of the supremacy of Spirit so important? Do your students trust/believe/understand the supremacy of Spirit? How has it been demonstrated in their lives? How has it been demonstrated in your life? Consider sharing examples with each other.

P.S.S.T. Section 4: Why would Jesus be upset at his disciples for not believing Mary Magdalene? [B11, PS#2 online] What in our own experiences might the Christ idea be disappointed in us for not believing? Is our thought open to the Christ idea being present here and now? Do we get distracted by what we believe to be impossible, or what our material sense tell us is true? What can/must we do to train our thinking out of that limited cycle?

P.S.S.T. Section 5: What is the kingdom of heaven? [S26] Where do your students see the kingdom of heaven in their own experiences here and now? If we reap what we sow – how do we ensure that we will enter the kingdom of heaven? Do we need to commit to any actions or beliefs that are not natural or productive? Is there any resistance in your students to move thought in that direction? If there is resistance, where does that resistance come from? And, what can you as a class do to overcome that resistance both in Sunday School and between Monday and Saturday?

P.S.S.T. Section 6: One last time we are commanded to walk [B16] – speak with your students about the significance of walking. Why does it show up throughout this lesson? What does it have to do with our experiences today, with their experiences in school or elsewhere? Furthermore, is it possible for us to do anything other than walk as children of light? Do we actually have a choice in the matter? What is the reality of spiritual being?

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