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[PSST: Use your authority of at-one-ment with God this week! Love one another! Save the world!]

Possible Sunday School Topics by Merrill Boudreaux, CS, for the

Christian Science Bible Lesson: Doctrine of Atonement

October 13 – 19, 2014
[Bracketed italics by Warren Huff, 1st CedarS camper, current Director, Newsletter editor…]

P.S.S.T.  Golden Text – How can you put into action the command, love one another?  How can we practice love as the fulfilling of the law?  See Science & Health 435:19-23.  Is there some service project the class can undertake as love for church members or the community?

P.S.S.T.  Responsive Reading (RR)–What laws are referenced in the RR?  Which Commandment is Mrs. Eddy’s favorite text?  Why?  S&H 340:15.  What’s the result of the 1st Commandment, practiced?

P.S.S.T.  Section 1 – Read aloud together citation B5.  What is the first demand of Christian Science? (S4)  This system – Christian Science – lived, practiced and demonstrated, will do more for the betterment of humanity that any other system.  Answer for yourself the question posed in citation S6.  What does this mean, what does one have to surrender?  Are you willing to do so?  How does this surrender demonstrate at-one-ment with God? — for you & all mankind.

P.S.S.T.  Section 2 – Read aloud together citation B6.  What is required of those who agree to follow Jesus’ teachings and example?  Where does one find Jesus teachings and examples?  (Primarily in the four gospels)  Where do we put these examples into practice? (S10)  As you read through citation S10 see what qualities are required for demonstration as followers of Christ Jesus.

P.S.S.T.  Section 3 – What power did Jesus demonstrate in citation B10?  What law was being fulfilled?  Which of the Commandments?  [Check out a re-enactment skit of this Matt. 9:2-8 healing in the file in the upper right of CedarS online Met for this lesson and read Cobbey Crisler P.S.1 insight at the end of the Met.] Ask students to memorize citation S14.  See also citation S16, line 28.  We must do likewise.  How is beholding the perfect man fulfilling the law of love, and the Golden Rule?

P.S.S.T.  Section 4 – Is anyone left out of God’s knowledge [or of the care a “good shepherd” (B12)]?  What of those of other religious faiths or practices?  From where or whom did Jesus have the authority to preach, teach, heal, and live?  See citation S18, lines 14-16.  Do we have this same authority as followers of Christ Jesus?  How have you demonstrated, used, this authority of at-one-ment with God this past week?  Why is testifying as a witness to the law of God available to us today important?  It is evidence of God with us, and all.

P.S.S.T.  Section 5 – From what does the world need to be saved?  Can you save the world?  Will you?  How does being one with God help?

P.S.S.T.  Section 6 – What is required of us to have holiness in our lives? (S25 and S26)  If you are united with God, what cannot you do?  What must we do if we desire holiness above everything else? (S25)  Use the laws in the Commandments and Beatitudes as your guide to oneness.

     Read aloud together Hymn 117 from The Christian Science Hymnal.  Can a law ever be broken?  Can your reliance on a law always result in proof of the law’s existence as well as its practical use or application?  Which law of the Commandments or Beatitudes will you practice this week [to feel and demonstrate your wholeness in oneness with God]?  Come prepared next week to share the results.

[At week’s end look in the upper right corner of CedarS Met webpage for a file that’ll bring to life (on a Frisbee "Whole-in-One" Golf course) our wholeness and oneness with God thru your mindset as a “divine image and likeness” who lives to give.  Sunday School may even start on a zipline tour of our Bible Lands Park at a DiscoveryBound Teen Regional event at CedarS this coming Sunday.]

[PSST: Here's an updated reenactment script & follow-up question I plan to use today!]
Jesus Heals a Man Sick of being bedridden with Paralysis (sometimes called palsy)

[A Bible Re-enactment script by CedarS Bible Park Rangers, Warren H. & .Lauren C.]

Consider that anyone who has trouble getting out of bed or doing an assignment is suffering from a form of paralysis according to a Google definition: “loss of the ability to move… as a result of… poison, or injury

Bible Verses: Matt. 9:1-8, Mark 2:1-12, Luke 5: 17-26 w/ insights by Cobbey Crisler, Book of Matthew, Auditing the Master (42-43 & Mary Jo Beebe, Olene Carole, Nancy Fischer, Jesus’ Healings, Part 1 (20-28)

Characters in this healing (which happened at Capernaum on the Sea of Galilee):
Narrator 1
(or Narrator 1, Narrator 2…)
Friend(s) (up to 4) who carry the paralyzed man (or a dummy if you really lower it thru the roof)
Paralyzed Man (“Stuck-in-bed Fred”) who’s sick of being paralyzed with the poison of negativity
Scribe(s) (or Teacher(s) of the Law, as many as want to play that role)
Crowd, struggling to get close to Jesus to hear his every word: as many as are available

Narrator 1: Right after Jesus shares the Sermon on the Mount, he’s given a series of 10 tough tests that show he can “walk his talk”.  Jesus passes these tests with flying colors as recorded by Matthew in chapters 8 & 9.  At the start of Matthew 9, Jesus is confronted by the friends of a man who has been paralyzed and unable to move for quite a long time. (In the Luke 5:18-25 version that we’ll reenact, where the paralyzed man’s friends want to help him that to get to the mob-pressed Christ they carry up to the roof over Jesus, make a hole in the roof big enough to get their friend to the Christ and then lower him through the roof! Oh, for true friends like that!)

Narrator 2: Let’s call this poor man “Stuck-in-bed Fred” to give a face to his suffering.  He is sick (and tired) of being confined to his bed, unable to move unless he is carried around on his sleeping pad (bed) by his friends.  They bring him to Jesus and one asks:

Friend: Please, Jesus, will you heal “Stuck-in-bed Fred”?

Narrator 1: “Stuck-in-bed Fred” must feel and look terribly discouraged about the condition of his body, especially since nearly everyone in those days (like the friends of Job) thought that suffering was a sure sign of punishment from God and so proving that the sufferer must be a sinner. Jesus thought differently, but was impressed by the faithfulness and the faith of Fred’s friends.  Always discerning what’s most needed for healing, Jesus says two unexpected things to unhappy, “Long-Stuck-in-bed Fred”:

Jesus: Cheer up, Son, dear Child of God! Be full of joy and courage; your sins are pardoned.

Narrator 2: The Teachers of the Law drop their jaws and start thinking “This Jesus has no respect for God; he’s claiming to be better than God who has chosen to punish this man.” 
Jesus detects the Scribes’ limiting line of thinking that would keep Fred stuck-in-bed.  Correcting this doctrine, Christ Jesus says to the scribes:

Jesus: I can read your minds and tell what you’re thinking; and you’re wrong.  For whether it’s easier to say, ‘your sins are forgiven’, or to say ‘arise and walk’, I would have you know that the Son of man has divine authority on earth to forgive sins and to heal…
(turning to “Fred in-bed)  Arise, take up your bed, and go home free.

No-longer-Stuck-in-bed Fred” (springs to his feet and says): Thank you, Jesus!

Amazed Crowd, all together: “We’ve never seen anything like this!  Thank you, God!”

Follow-up questions & ideas to help reenact the silver-lined lessons of such Christian healing–-TODAY!

How often do you suffer from the paralysis of not wanting to get out of bed, or of not wanting to do your homework or do something else you know that you need to do? How can “cheering up” and seeing the silver lining in everything help heal this pattern that would paralyze you (and so “poison your popsicles”)?  (Remember how the Science of Christ’s mindset saw that “Stuck-in-bed Fred” had lost his treasure of that special silver lining of feeling ever at-one with God and how restoring it freed him from the paralysis of guilt, worry, depression…)  How could you more consistently exercise your spiritual-sense that sees a silver lining in every cloud?   What will help you keep or restore your own spiritual treasure of consistent cheerfulness? 

What will you do differently next time you start to feel immobilized in any way, maybe just listless with apathy or with “writer’s block”? Or, maybe stuck in a rut or in a dead-end situation or habit like a miserable sinner, unworthy of God’s love and outside of it?  (Christ Jesus’ merciful grace is calling you today to stop beating up and belittling yourself! His grace is calling you a loved “Son” (or “Daughter”) of God who should cheer up and accept God’s loving forgiveness of all past sins (or “missing of the target” as the original Greek means). How did (or would) knowing that you are loved, loveable and loving bring about your healing and restore your energetic, wholeness-in-oneness with God?

Have you ever had an “Aha-moment”, talked about it, and right away had an opportunity to prove it?  (like Jesus did after stating the Beatitudes with his 10 tests in Matt. 8 & 9)  You can count on clouds coming that will tempt you to let your cheer down and lose your newfound treasure of being a constant silver-lining thinker.  Be ready to promptly and persistently exercise your spiritual senses for yourself as well as for your family and friends!

How can you best help family members and friends who seem to be stuck in negativity to break the habit of worry (or of “ingratitude in advance”)?  Will you be as confident of the healing power of the Christ, of divinely-positive-thinking, that you make every effort to carry your friends up to where they can be healed by this Christ-view of themselves as a “Divine Image And Likeness” (D.I.A.L)?  How can you best help others regain their spiritual sense of cheer so that they can see a silver-lining in everything and experience the good that’s all around them?  To defeat worry (ingratitude in advance) and apparent lack, Jesus showed us his gratitude-in-advance method of declaring his at-one with Love as a beloved child in whom the divine Parent is well-pleased. (Jesus spoke aloud his gratitude in advance before he raised Lazarus’ from the dead and before he fed the multitudes.)

Glorify God, which has “given such power unto men”
It is important to note that the last line of this story is, “when the multitudes saw it, they marveled, and glorified God, which had given such power unto men.” (Matthew 9:8)

By striving to “have the mind of Christ” (1 Cor. 2:16) and trying to live his beatitudes mindset hourly, we too can demonstrate the authority to relieve ourselves and others from the unnecessary suffering of negative thinking and ungrateful acting like miserable sinners who are separated from God. When we discover the great, spiritual treasure that we are at-one with God, we too will “heal the sick” as Jesus commanded us to do.  (in Matt. 10:8)


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