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[PSST: Use examples to make this Lesson more immediate & clear to your students!]

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for
June 14, 2015 [

Apologies for the lateness of this PSST, due to difficulties with email transmission!]

“God the Preserver of Man”

by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon (541.418.1176Â /

Thanks for your time in considering this week's Bible Lesson and being prepared to support your local Sunday School, as a teacher, superintendent, parent, church member, friend!

Throughout this letter, I'll be embedding links in the text. I'll also post the full links at the bottom of the email, for anyone reading this from a printout and who can get to a computer later.

What are some different meanings or connotations of 'preserver?' Where do you find preservers, or preserves, in your day to day life? Are there any parallels you can make to those daily examples that will help make this Bible Lesson clearer and more immediate to your students?

Here is a fun graphic you can download and print and share with your class.

PSST Golden Text (GT) and Responsive Reading (RR): Look for the theme of wings and feathers throughout the Lesson. What does this imagery suggest to you about the nature of God's love and care? What do those protecting wings feel like? Does Psalm 91 really cover any and all situations? This psalm was written a long time ago; does it really mean that we are protected from ALL terrors, today? How does God keep us safe? Why does God keep us safe? Do we ever deserve to not be protected?

The story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego is a wonderful example of God's protective power. Enjoy this fun video, and pick out a few key qualities of these young men that you can practice more this week.

PSST Section 1: What does it mean to be found in a desert land (B2)? What might those desert lands look like today? If you were rewriting citation B2 to more specifically illustrate your own life, what experiences, healings, and divine promises would you include? What is the purpose of specifically pointing out that 'there was no strange god with him’? Does God save everyone who's feeling like they are in that desert land, or only a few?

The prodigal son is a well-known story that clearly speaks to God's saving love. Watch the re-imagined setting and storytelling, and consider what habits you are holding on to that are helping your recognition of home, and what habits aren't helping.

PSST Section 2: Consider the foundational qualities that Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz had. How did these qualities translate into the harmonious conclusion of this story? What parts of Ruth's story are specifically relevant to you right now? How do you maintain your trust in God when it seems like so many bad things are happening? If it's God who 'preserveth the strangers' and 'relieveth the fatherless and widow,' what is your role in supporting these (and all) people? Social justice has different connotations to many people, but what role does social justice play in your prayers and life?

Consider Ruth's story from Naomi's perspective with this original animated video.

PSST Section 3: What does it mean to 'wait on the Lord' (B8)? Isn't it really important to get out there and do things on your own? What's all the fuss about waiting on God, praising God, giving God the glory? If you win a game or get a raise or get hired or have any kind of success, what did God have to do with that? What role does God play in your successes?

This blog about success, competition, and healing shines a new light on why and how we can praise God and wait on Him and glorify Him in everything.

PSST Section 4: Citation B12 tells a challenging story; this blog helps shine some light on it. Have you ever prayed 'importunately'? What role does persistence play in your prayers? What is the benefit of humility in our prayers? Do we have a health status or a social or financial status that we are stuck in forever? What mental qualities does it take to break out of that aspect of pre-destination? How do you persist in claiming God's birthright for you?

PSST Section 5: Does the symbolism in Revelation freak you out? How do you find the relevance and importance of this text, for you? Who are the characters in this story (B17) – the dragon, Michael, the woman, the flood… – and what do they represent, and promise, for us today? What is the role of prophecy in your day-to-day life? Do you consider yourself a prophet? Why or why not?

This video is the introduction to a 5-part series about Revelation. They'll help you dive in to this important book.

As with all our study, it's so important to not just read this Bible Lesson, but to listen for the individual revelation for you, and how you can live these ideas. Thanks for your engagement with your Sunday School community, however you engage with them, and for your modeling of the Christianly scientific life.

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