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[PSST: Uplift body—see abundance daily! (3, 2) Serve God for a rock-solid foundation! (RR)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

“Soul and Body”
for November 25, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST—Golden Text: Where does God dwell? How is God worshipped? What does God give? And to whom does God give?

PSST—Responsive Reading: What masters are we tempted to serve? What does it look like to serve God, only? How do we build our relationship with God on a rock-solid foundation?

PSST—Section 1: What is the house of infinite Soul? Can Soul be contained in a human/mortal body? What is man made of, if he is not a mortal housing in which Soul resides? What does it mean for Soul to be reflected by man? What does this mean for Soul/God? What does this mean for generic man, and specifically your students?

PSST—Section 2: What does it mean to have life more abundantly? What does an abundant life look like? How can we see abundance in our lives? What is it that prevents us from seeing abundance on a daily basis? What must be true about Life, if it does not end in death? How would your students approach their daily experience differently if they saw Life/Soul as limitless?

PSST—Section 3: What does it take for us to raise up our bodies in the manner Jesus did? How do your students build their conception of their bodies on a daily basis? Is their foundation spiritual? How does it change our perception of body to raise our thought about it to a spiritual conception? What freedoms do we gain through this shift in our thinking?

PSST—Section 4: What is our origin? Why must we be distinct about this understanding (S22)? Have your students felt cast-down recently, or “disquieted”? In those spaces, how can they find hope in God? What does praising God do to help feelings of hopelessness or discontent? How do we make sure that daily we are only governed by Soul?

PSST—Section 5: What is real substance, and how does it relate to our conception of Soul and body? How does a more spiritual sense of substance shift our thinking about our daily experiences? How can your students approach the coming holiday season differently with a more metaphysical approach to substance? What can you and your students do to rely on the strength of Spirit, rather than your own, in your spiritual work?

PSST—Section 6: What is false that must be swept away? What is true that must be given a primary place? What does it look like to establish and inhabit a temple/body “whose builder and maker is God”? Does the body, built by God, look, feel, act differently? Should we interact with our bodies differently, if we conceive of them as built by God?

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