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[PSST: Understand your coexistence with God to accomplish what you care about most! (6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Probation after Death”
for classes on October 25, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S.

Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics like walking in the name of Life forever in Micah 4:5:
What is the “name of our Lord” – look at the definition of “name” in Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, as well as on the BlueLetterBible website – consider what is so important about God’s “name” – and further, what does it mean to walk in that name?
Is the active nature of walking important here? Why?

Responsive Reading Possible Sunday School Topics like being led to walk in the way Isa 42:21:
How does God care for his children?
How often do we actively seek to hear what God is saying to us?
Do your students listen for guidance from God?
How do we practice listening, and how can we become more consistent about listening for direction, support, and wisdom from God?
How does listening for God help us grow towards Her?

Section 1 Possible Sunday School Topics like “the path of life …is fulness of joy” in Ps 16:11(B2):
What is the path of life? How does death appear to be on this path, and what does this section teach us about the real place of death? What is the source of our life?
How can we translate this understanding to address the seeming deaths of others in our experience or around the world?
How do we develop a compassionate understanding of the power of Life in the face of strong fears/beliefs about death?
How do we keep Love and Life at the heart of our relationship to God & His wonderful creation?

Section 2 Possible Sunday School Topics like Enoch walking with God daily in Gen 5:22(B6):
Take any discussion from the Golden Text even deeper in regards to this section. How do we walk with God? What does it mean for Enoch to walk with God for so long? How can we learn to and more consistently walk with God on a daily basis? Is it enough to talk about this in Sunday School on a weekly basis? How do we bring this practice into our daily lives? How does walking with God promise to impact our daily lives? How do we demonstrate that walking with God does not interfere with our daily ambitions – conversely, how do we learn more about the ways in which walking with God enhances and advances our daily pursuits?

Section 3 Possible Sunday School Topics like Elisha seeing Elijah’s ascend in II Kings 2:1 (B10):
How does Elisha respond to Elijah encouraging him to hang behind? Dive into II Kings with your students to see how often Elijah makes this request of Elisha – and how Elisha responds each time. What does this say about Elisha? And what is Elisha’s ultimate goal or desire in staying with Elijah? As Elisha persists to walk with Elijah, what is the result of his efforts? You’ll need to read outside of the lesson this week to see how Elisha’s commitment and persistence are rewarded.

Section 4 Possible Sunday School Topics like Jesus raising the dead at Nain in Luke 7:11+ (B16):
What is the gospel that we are to believe, according to Jesus?
If the time was fulfilled 2000 years ago, what does that mean for today?
How “at hand” is the Kingdom of God today? And how do we experience it first-hand – not just through faith or belief, but through demonstration?
What does it mean to repent? What does it take to “have” everlasting life? And is everlasting life defined by time, or does it exist outside the confines of human, mortal concepts of time? How do your students use their practice of Christian Science? Is it only for themselves and to heal their ills and address their concerns? How often do your students listen for and find ways to heal, cleanse, raise dead thinking and cast out erroneous beliefs for the benefit of others?

Section 5 Possible Sunday School Topics like Stephen’s experience in Acts 6 & 7 (B18 & B19):

What does Stephen’s experience teach us about being faithful and about the responses of others to our faithfulness? Are we to be afraid as a result of his experience?
How can we gain peace and learn to draw closer to God as a result of his experience?
How does Stephen view others, and how does he relate to them in his speaking?
How outward looking are your students in their practice of Christian Science?
How did Stephen prepare for his preaching of Christ’s message?
How consistently are your students listening to God’s direction and desiring to draw closer to God, to advance spiritually?

Section 6 Possible Sunday School Topics like Paul’s to forget the unreal past in Phil 3:13 (B22):

What is the real and eternal? What direction do your students consistently look?
How can they work to more consistently look in the direction of God and Her perfection?
What does it mean to coexist with God?
How does understanding that we coexist with God impact our daily activity?
How does it help us achieve the accomplishments we care about most?

How does it help us feel fulfilled on a daily basis?

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