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[PSST: Understand God as one. (GT) De-dust daily! (1) Commit thought to God (3) Hear silent calls for help & respond. (4) Enlarge treasures of Truth & Love. (6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

for September 22, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S.

PSST Golden Text (GT) –
Why is the idea of God as one such a critical principle to understand?
What is the impact of truly seeing what this means?

PSST Responsive Reading (RR) –
Think about your students as the likeness of God – naturally, we all have in thought a likeness or comparison for God – what is it?
Is it accurate or helpful to our relationship with God?

Do we need to adjust our mental picture of God to be more effective healers?

PSST Section 1 –
What “dust” are we shaking from our thought on a daily basis? [De-dust daily!]
Ask your students to consider the thoughts they have that do not fully reflect Mind’s thinking, and then discuss what dust is trying to attach itself to them.

How does worshiping God in spirit and truth help us to shake off this dust in our thinking?

PSST Section 2 –
The foolishness of citation B10 seems clear – and yet, how many of us attempt to perfect ourselves through or in flesh?

In what ways are we tempted to become better or more perfect in the flesh?

How can we see the error of such perfect-flesh suggestions and truly become more perfect, more complete in our thinking?

What does it take to “grasp the facts of Spirit”? (S10)

PSST Section 3 –
What sort of healing thought caused the iron to swim?

And how does that connect to the saving of the king of Israel’s life by telling him where the Syrians were hiding?

What does it mean to commit our thoughts to God?

Do your students do this on a daily or on a moment-by-moment basis?

Consider challenging them to do this for a specific period of time this week – if not the whole week –and report back on the experience.

PSST Section 4 –
What sort of hope do your students have in reaching out to the Christ idea?

How does this woman’s commitment to healing and trust in Christ teach us about our approach to purity and goodness?

On the other side, what does Jesus’ receptivity to helping others teach us?
How often are we attuned to the needs around us?
Can we hear the silent call for help, and are we willing/ready to respond?

PSST Section 5 –
Why are we not “consumed” (B20)?
What is it that would attempt to consume us?

How do we defend ourselves against the suggestions of consumption, limitation, doubt, fear?

What does it mean that we are the expression of Soul?

How does Soul counteract the lies of matter?

PSST Section 6 –
How often do your students “ascribe greatness” to God? (B22)

How often are we tempted to ascribe greatness to matter or material prowess?

When your students see something truly great, do they take the next step to glorify God for that greatness? Or to challenge the greatness that it is not real if it is not housed in Truth?

How well do your students discern between the temptation of human/mortal/material goodness and the substance of Soul, Life, Truth?

How can your students enlarge their treasures of Truth and Love this week? (S31)

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