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[PSST: Turn to God to transform any fear into power!(GT) Feel and trust in the peace of God’s thinking. (1) Apply the power of Mind to any seeming challenges facing you. (4)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for February 24, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text (GT):
What do we seem to fear? How does turning to God transform our fear into power?
What part does love play in this transformation? What about having a sound mind?
What does that mean?
And how does it help us have courage in the face of seeming fear?

PSST Responsive Reading:
Do your students know that God is with them, every moment of every day? Do they trust that? How does trusting God’s presence help us to overcome fear, forget misery, be secure, feel hope, rest in safety?
What do new heavens and a new earth look like/feel like?
Can you picture the joy that comes when in God’s creation?
What would you say if you were in God’s creation every day, all day long?

PSST Section 1:
Do your students know the thoughts God thinks towards them? (B1)
Do they feel the peace of God’s thinking? How can we learn to feel and trust that peace?
How often do we take the time to stand still and witness the good of God’s creating? (B2)
What is a covenant? And what is the covenant that citation B4 is declaring?

PSST Section 2:
What is the difference between being carnally minded and spiritually minded? (B5)
What “triggers” us to be one or the other? How do we learn to be more spiritually minded?
Does it ever feel “fake” or superficial to try to be spiritually minded?
How can being spiritually minded be a substantial support to the healing work and human work we do on a daily basis?

PSST Section 3:
Is God merciful with us? What does that look like? (B8)
Do we put our trust in God? How fully? (B8)
How does praising His name/word relate to trusting Him? (B8)
How can we develop or grow our trust in God? (B10)
Do we really not fear what flesh can do to us? Why can we be confident in taking that stand? (B8) What does it look like to trust in flesh, and why is trusting in God more effective and reliable?

PSST Section 4:
Does God heal us? How confident are we in His healing power? (B13)
How fully can and do we trust in it?
Do we have to do anything to earn the benefits of this power? (B16, S23…)
How do we go about applying the power of Mind to any seeming challenges that face us, specifically physical challenges?

PSST Section 5:
What is the old man/woman that we are to put off? (B17) What does old mean in this context?
Why should we put it off?
What are examples of deceitful lusts that would corrupt, or attempt to corrupt our thinking/aims/motives/actions?
What does it look and feel like to be renewed in our mind? (still B17)
How can we accept the goodness of God’s thinking?
How can we be confident and courageous when relying on and growing towards God, Mind?

PSST Section 6:
What does it mean that Mind is the light of our salvation? (B22) Or the strength of our lives?
If this is the case, what is it that makes us fearful?
What are the waters that we seemingly need to be drawn out of? (B23)
How fully do we feel and recognize not only our own perfection, but the perfection of all of God’s glorious creation?
(S31, S32)

[W’s bonus PS from a childlike healing application of citation S30, 514:6:
This week, my dear sister, Ann, reminded me of the following healing.:
In Omaha, Nebraska when I was about seven years old (BC, Before CedarS), I unsuccessfully tried to run and jump over an open section of the sidewalk that had been removed to access a broken waterline under it. I had to crawl about a block home because I couldn’t put any weight on my ankle. We quickly called Mrs. Lois Anderson, my mom’s Christian Science teacher. She simply asked me if I could think about God and a hurt ankle at the same time. I said NO! She asked, “Then what are you going to think about?” I said “God!!”

She then read the passage in the lesson that week “Mind (God), joyous in strength, dwells in the realm of Mind. Mind’s infinite ideas run and disport themselves.” She reminded me that running and disporting myself was all that I had been doing and that as Mind’s infinite idea I could do that with strength and joy and without injury or fear.

Hearing this I felt great and happy and had no fear or thoughts of pain. I put my shoe back on and happily ran down the same sidewalk to a friend’s house to play. Then, I am told Mrs. Anderson read to my mom (to help her release me to this instantaneous healing) the paragraph on top of page 237 in Science and Health: “A little girl, who had occasionally listened to my explanations, badly wounded her finger. She seemed not to notice it. On being questioned about it she answered ingenuously, ‘There is no sensation in matter.’ Bounded off with laughing eyes, she presently added, ‘Mamma, my finger is not a bit sore.’”

Later “Nana Ruth” wrote a book titled “Laughing Eyes” about her grand parenting adventures. (It’s available for $5 plus mailing costs by calling or texting Warren at 314-378-2574.)

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