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[PSST: To see Truth and its blessings demonstrate purity in heart! (6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

for July 26, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S.

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Golden Text (GT):
Notice the tense of the verbs in this Golden Text: is, is, are, is. All present tense – why is that important to the author of this text? Why is it important to us?
Can we still use this sentence in the present tense, even though it was written thousands of years ago?

Possible Sunday School Topics for the Responsive Reading (RR):
How can God be at the same time our refuge, strength, salvation and our judge?
What does this mean about God’s judgment of us?
Why is Her judgment so crucial and how is Her judgment different from human judgment?
How does a God “God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth” render judgment?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 1:
Where do our thoughts about God, Truth begin? (S1, 275:10-15)
Why is the beginning of our understanding of God matter so much?
Why does putting God, Truth, at the beginning of our understanding about creation matter so much – what impact does it have on our approach to daily interactions with others, problems we are faced with, and physical challenges we are tempted to believe as real?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 2:
Why is Peter’s declaration so crucial to our understanding of Jesus – and why was Jesus so insistent on praising Peter’s insight? (Matt. 16:13-19, B7)
Take your students outside of the lesson this week – read a few verses after Peter’s insight – who does Jesus call Satan, and why? (Matt. 16:20+)
What does this teach us about the difference between human insight and divine wisdom?
What is the Christianity that Jesus is teaching his students – and by extension, us? (S6, 135:26)

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 3:
Why does Jesus ask Peter if he loves him 3 times? (John 21:15-17)
Explore the words Jesus uses each time – what is Jesus teaching Peter in this instance? (agape vs. philea for love as explained by Cobbey Crisler in GEM#)
What do the Science & Health citations in this section – (like the definition of SHEEP, 594:12) == teach us about the interaction between Peter and Jesus?
What must we do to show the truth of our love for Christ Jesus and all he has given to humanity?
What does it mean to feed the hungry and give “living waters” to the thirsty? (S16, 234:4)
Have your students had such an opportunity?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 4:
What does it mean to love in deed and truth – as opposed to word and tongue? (B12, I John 3:18)
Do your students have examples of when they themselves loved in deed/truth – or felt such love from someone else?
What is significant about that approach to love? (S17, 224:28)
To whom should we be bestowing this love – what does it take for someone else to deserve these deeds/this truth from us?
What is the impact of such love? (S17, 224:28)
How do we practice it powerfully enough to heal? (S22, 418:22)

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 5:
What lesson is Peter teaching all of us in this section? (B18, Acts 10:1-5, 25-35)
Who is included in the love of God? What are the attributes of Truth that are manifest in your students and all with whom they come into contact?
How does loving God supremely and our fellow man/woman as ourselves relate to Truth?
How does God’s oneness relate to Truth?
Why does that particular truth, the oneness of God, matter so much? (S26, 340:23)

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 6: To see Truth & its blessings demonstrate purity
How do praise and gratitude connect with Truth, especially as it pertains to Truth as another word for God?
Are your students prepared to receive Truth? Why is preparation required to receive Truth?
What is the impact of receiving it and how do we prepare for this impact? (S28, 333:19-23)
How do we develop purity in our hearts so we can see Truth? (S30, 341:8)
What obstacles would tempt us away from developing this purity? (S30, 341:8)
How do we overcome these obstacles, and why is it so exciting and important to do so? (341:8)

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