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[PSST: Take your stand and turn to the example of Christ Jesus and his teachings.]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

“Doctrine of Atonement”
for October 9-15, 2017

prepared by Merrill Boudreaux, CS 314-308-1059


P.S.S.T. Golden Text and Responsive Reading – Let’s begin this lesson by reading together Hymn 12 from the Christian Science Hymnal (printed below). Read the question in the Golden Text and its answer in the Responsive Reading. See also Romans 8:35, 37-39. What stands out to you when reading Paul’s statement?

  • We can never be separated from God, our Creator
  • We are conquerors of any false suggestion that would turn us away from the truth of who we are
  • The love that God has for us is more powerful than any belief in sin, sickness, disease, or death

When is the time to receive these saving truths?

  • Now and for all time

In many faith traditions it is believed that humans suffer because of the sin of Adam and Eve, our so-called first parents, who turned away from God. If one accepted that fable one could conclude that down the years all of their offspring must atone or make up for that first sin. Do you see the absurdity of that false belief? First, would God, who is Love, condemn man, His creation? Second, would God, who is Spirit, lock man away in a material body/world with no room for escape? Third, would God, who is Mind, ever confuse man as to who he is?

Let us say with Paul, No, I am persuaded otherwise. Like Paul, let us also turn to the example of Christ Jesus and his teachings and demonstrations as ever-available to us today as we “…take (y)our stand….”

P.S.S.T. Section 1 – Now here is a great question, “whither shall I go from thy spirit? Or whither shall I flee from thy presence?” Read the entire passage in Psalm 139:7-14. What are the affirming truths in these passages?

  • I am fearfully and wonderfully made (and I know it)
  • Thy hand leads me
  • You are with me everywhere and I am with you everywhere
  • I can never be outside your presence

Look to Science & Health p. 304:9 and read about the doctrine of Christian Science (S8). These truths nullify the doctrine of any human theology. This doctrinal statement frees you from any flawed suggestion.

P.S.S.T. Section 2 – What do you believe is the covenant or contract God made with man? How was this contractual commitment expressed in the Bible story in citation B5? Can you conclude: Rather than God cursing man for all time because of Adam and Eve, God restores to man his rightful home and classification? The forces in the universe that are active in our lives are restorative and because they belong to divine Mind these laws are also ours. See SH 124:325. As you take your stand and cast out generations of false beliefs, what will you see as your rightful home and classification?

P.S.S.T. Section 3 – What is it you are asked to thoroughly understand in citation S12? What are the benefits of such understanding? Ask students to mentally prepare a petition and put it on the altar to alter some issues in their lives. Since “Christ’s promise stands” (Hymn 12 below) you will and do receive his power to overturn any untoward situation.

P.S.S.T. Section 4 – Are physical healings through Christian Science important today? S14. What do they prove? Miracles, mind over matter, one belief replacing another belief? Or, do they demonstrate “God with us” as She has ever been throughout and across all time?

Where can you find testimonies of healing by individuals who relied on Christian Science to turn them to God? Share with students current statements of healing from the Christian Science periodicals.

P.S.S.T. Section 5 – You are all witnesses (B13). Ask students to share personal examples of healing that confirm their oneness with God. How is such a healing part of God’s plan for you? Does God send sin, sickness, disease, and death to you? Remember Hymn 12 and Paul’s affirmation from earlier in these PSSTs. Jesus is our Way-shower. What a great statement we have in citation S22 of what Jesus taught and gave to us, his witnesses!

P.S.S.T. Section 6 – Read together citation B16. What are you called on to do in your lives? See also citation B3, Micah 6:8. Now read together Mary Baker Eddy’s answer to the question, “How can I progress most rapidly in the understanding of Christian Science?” SH 495:25 – 496:27. This progress affirms and renews your at-one-ment with your Creator who loves and cares for you without measure. S25.


Hymn 12

Arise ye people, take your stand, Cast out your idols from the land, Above all doctrine, form or creed Is found the Truth that meets your need. Christ’s promise stands: they that believe His works shall do, his power receive.

Go forward then, and as ye preach So let your works confirm your speech, And prove to all with following sign The Word of God is power divine. In love and healing ministry Show forth the Truth that makes men free.

O Father-Mother God, whose plan Hath given dominion unto man, In Thine own image we may see Man pure and upright, whole and free. And ever through our work shall shine That light whose glory, Lord, is Thine.

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