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[PSST—Support students using the sword of Truth, God’s Word, as a powerful tool to do good, root out oppression, share the closeness of God and pursue their own aims daily. (4, 6)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for January 26, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S. steven.henn@gmail.com

PSST Golden Text (GT): How can a word be sharp?
What happens when truth is spoken in the face of a lie? How can that be characterized as sharp? Why is this a relevant Golden Text for the lesson on Truth?
(Push your students past the simple answer of the passage referring to “truth” directly.)

PSST Responsive Reading (RR): Do your students “wait on God”?
What does it mean to wait on God? Why would one want to wait on God all day?
(Hint: look at the next line of the RR for starters).
What does it mean for us to be covered by His feathers?
Do your students see Truth as both a shield & buckler? (Take a moment to discuss what shields do and bucklers. Look up “buckler” if your students don’t have a clear sense of that concept)

PSST Section 1: Why is God’s word so prominent in this lesson? What is the word and why is it so important? (look up John 1:1 for reference). How is God’s word like a sword?
How does God’s word “keep the way of the tree of life”?
Why does Mary Baker Eddy refer to wisdom as “cherub”? What is a cherub? That is a great term for your students to learn.
In addition to confirming the reality and power of Truth, Mary Baker Eddy rails against the unreality and powerlessness of error – why? Why not just focus on how great Truth is?

PSST Section 2: How clear are your students about the thoughts and intents of their own hearts? Do they ever struggle with identity or a sense of purpose? How can listening for God’s word help in this regard?
David asks God to look upon him and be merciful, and then praises God for His righteousness and law. How would your students ask God to look on them? Does mercifully match, or would they ask that God see them in some other light?
For what would your students praise God? Do they agree that His righteousness and law are praiseworthy? What else?

PSST Section 3: What does it mean to fear the Lord? Do your students fear God or Truth in the way Joshua is meaning it? Why is it important or valuable in our daily lives to have this relationship with Truth?
What are the gods that your students need to put away?
What gods do they unintentionally serve on a daily basis and how can they break away from those false idols? How can they most effectively serve God in their daily lives?

PSST Section 4: Being anointed with the Holy Ghost and power by God, what does Jesus do with his station in life? What does it mean that he was “doing good”?
How do your students use the sword of Truth, God’s Word, to do good, to root out oppression, and share the closeness of God, good? Is there only one way to do this? How can you encourage your students to move in this direction, and support them when they do?

PSST Section 5: How often do your students “look unto” God when they need to be saved?
Is there any other God, source, power to be looked unto and relied upon?

What is Jesus calling for when he admonishes everyone to repent? What does it mean to repent – and where is the kingdom of heaven?
Why do the rulers of Jesus’ day respond so negatively towards him?
How should we interpret Jesus’ experience? Why does Mary Baker Eddy say that his discomfort is not interpreted “aright”? What are the spiritual blessings that result?

PSST Section 6: What have your students seemingly learned from error?
What is the basis of their real existence? What does it mean to demonstrate Truth; and how is this eternal life?
What will your students do with a greater understanding of Truth?
How will they use it in their own way to be a light among their peers, family, teams, and community? How will this sword of Truth be a powerful tool in pursuing their own aims and ambitions each day?

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