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[PSST: Strive not to be happy, rich or entertained, but to be truly satisfied! (GT)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;

“Probation After Death”

for Sunday, April 26, 2015

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST Golden Text – What does waking up symbolize? Think with your students about waking up each morning, and putting on the likeness of God – what does it mean to do this, and what does it take to do it daily? How might our days be transformed when we do this? What does it mean to be satisfied? Why would we strive to be satisfied and not strive to be happy, or rich, or entertained?

PSST Responsive Reading – Offer to your students the first two verses of this Responsive Reading as a prayer – what is the Psalmist praying for? What qualities must he or she express in order to truly pray this prayer? What will lead us all to receive the promise of Isaiah, that death, tears, and rebuke will all be destroyed at the word of the Lord?

PSST Section 1 – Where does security and safety come from? How do we find it? What can we do to increase our faith in God and His power, and reject the seeming power of life in matter, sin and death?

PSST Section 2 – What should our primary goal(s) be in life? What should we pursue? What does this section promote as being of most importance? How do we grow past seeking happiness and pleasure in material things?

PSST Section 3 – Who is greater than Solomon? What made Solomon so great, and why is this one greater than even Solomon? What understanding has he brought to us? Work with your students to see that this understanding is not subject to our faith in it – the world (S16) does not acknowledge Christ Jesus' goodness, but the harmony his example brought with it still exists – it is on us to answer the call to follow his teaching and example.

PSST Section 4 – What is Jesus talking to the men about as they walk to Emmaus? Read these passages carefully, and then make a study of the Old Testament to see where it speaks of Jesus and his ministry (extended study opportunity). [Click in upper right of online Downloads for Cobbey Crisler's full "Walk to Emmaus".] What does Jesus' resurrection prove? What do we "witness and suffer" today that will rouse in us an "enlarged understanding of divine Science?"

PSST Section 5 – What victory is this section talking about? How does this victory come through Jesus Christ? What must we overcome to enjoy this victory? Where must our focus be to enjoy this victory? What must fill our thought and experience?

PSST Section 6 – What is life eternal? How do we overcome the lie of death? Learn with your students as much as you can about the life and prophecy of Christ Jesus.

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