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[PSST: Stop edging God out by Embracing God Only as your source of wisdom!]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on;


for Sunday, August 23, 2015

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri
[Steve's been a CedarS Program Director & teaches English at The Principia School.]

PSST for the Golden Text (GT) – God is the source of all wisdom – not just wisdom, but knowledge and understanding as well — God doesn’t just speak unfathomable wisdom, he speaks to us in ways we can understand.

God is the source of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Why does it matter that God is the source? What happens when we look to other sources for wisdom, knowledge and understanding? How do we ensure that the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding we are gaining are from God’s mouth?

PSST for the Responsive Reading (RR) – What is the focus of your pursuits? Is it wisdom, understanding on a spiritual foundation? Are you distracted from these pursuits by other ambitions? Is that okay? What happens to your personal desires/goals when you pursue an understanding of God first? (Consult SH 239:20 and 451:14; Look also at Matthew 6:24-33; and finally, refer to SH 322:3)

PSST for Section 1 – Who is Daniel? Do your students understand his character, beyond the boy who was not eaten by the lions? Read citation B1 in context to help your students understand the fullness of Daniel’s character and discuss what we can learn from him. What common traits exist between Daniel and Solomon, especially in these instances shown in citations B1 and B2? How important is humility to their expression of dominion over limited thought? How important is humility in the entire first section of the lesson? Why is humility where the lesson on Mind begins? Why must human ego be removed before the real demonstration of divine Science can begin? [An acrostic for ego that may help answer this is Edging God Out.] What is the true conception of man and God?

PSST for Section 2 – What sort of judgment are we choosing? Work with your students to understand the concept of judging righteous judgment. Why is it important to be discerning of what is good? Are your students ever tempted to put God out of his primary place as Cause and Creator of all? Explore citation B7 with them – you’ll probably need a few resources like to support your exploration and understanding. And for further context, you could explore the story of Job with them – all from the standpoint of what is our true relationship to God as creation to Creator. Why does it matter that we acknowledge God as the source of wisdom?

PSST for Section 3 – What is Ego? What do your students understand of ego/Ego? [An acrostic for the divine sense of Ego that may help answer this is Embracing God Only as your source of intelligence!] What does it mean to truly realize only one God, one Mind, one intelligence? Why would your students ever wish to separate themselves from the oneness of Mind/God? What human temptations are there in a life separate from this Mind, and what do these temptations teach us about the false sense of ego? What are the benefits of giving up “the delusion that there is more than one Mind”?

PSST for Section 4 – What a powerful ending to this section – once Jesus has proven the power of Mind/God, I Corinthians makes a declarative statement. [“we have the mind of Christ.”] Read this citation B14 with your students – encourage them to memorize it. What is the importance of this statement? Why does it matter so much? What do your students understand about it? What does it mean for them and their interactions with others? What is the difference between having the mind of Christ, and being willfully minded? As you prepare for class this week, you might look up what Mrs. Eddy has to say about willpower and why it is to be avoided.

PSST for Section 5 – Does holding and having the mind of Christ prevent us from having to do work? What are citations B15-B17 demanding of us? What sort of work must we do, and why? Work with your students this week to develop their abilities in the areas mentioned in citation S27. As the new school year approaches, this citation [about “academics of the right sort”] seems remarkably applicable and is worthy of great unpacking.

PSST for Section 6 – What is the “straight and narrow way”? What does it take for us to trust in God fully? What does it look like? What are the benefits of doing this? How can we practice doing this? How can we know we are doing it correctly? How does trusting in God fully lead to seeing more clearly what Mrs. Eddy describes in citation S31?

What a great lesson to launch our students into a new school year – enjoy working with your students on more fully understanding the concepts of Ego, one Mind, and the source of true intelligence.

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