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[PSST: Stop believing in faults! Like Christ, start loving yourself and all!! (GT)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

Soul and Body”
for May 26, 2019

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text (GT) –
What are the faults that our whole being is kept from?

How does mortal mind try to get us to believe in our faults?

How can we confidently push past them and look towards Christ?

PSST Responsive Reading –
What are the roles and responsibilities that this Responsive Reading gives to God?

What actions are we, as God’s children and reflection, responsible for?

What qualities and attributes do we express when our relationship to Soul is right?

PSST Section 1 –
Who is the Lord good to? Who does this include?

What does it feel or look like when God is good to you?

What is his likeness and why should we be satisfied with it?
Are your students satisfied with God’s likeness? (Ps. 65:4, B3, W’s PS#3 Cobbey Crisler)

How big is God?

Why is the word “only” so important when referring to God? (S1, 330:11)

PSST Section 2 –
What offerings can we bring to God?

Do your students know they were made by God? Why is that important?

Why must we reject mans mortal origin – so called?

What happens when we yield power over our bodies to sources other than God?

Where do the qualities we express come from?

What is the recipe for beauty? (SH 247:31-2, S10)

PSST Section 3 –
What joyful noise can we make? Why would we have reason to make such a noise?

Why should we be filled with joy?

How big are the resources Soul has for the support and development of man?
Why should we seek happiness in Soul?
How does Soul secure our happiness? (SH 60:29, S11)

How does Soul turn sorrow into joy? (SH 14: 16, S14)

What claims of matter can/must your students begin to deny?
What is the result of such denials? (S15, 242:6 … “Denial of the claims of matter is a great step towards the joys of Spirit, towards

PSST Section 4 –
How do we find or place our strength in God?

Can our strength ever be anywhere else?

What tempts us to believe our strength is somewhere other than with God?

Why would we want to avoid believing in strength that comes from somewhere other than God, even if we seem to have a lot of strength from that other source?

What is inferior to Spirit, and why can Soul not reflect those things?

What does it mean to declare “Thou art whole!” and why is this declaration so important to understand?

PSST Section 5 –
How much hope do your students put in God?

Especially in moments of doubt or discouragement, how do your students respond to the idea of relying on God?

Do they see God as the “health of [their] countenance…”?
How often do they “delineate” on their own bodies and experiences thoughts that reflect God’s goodness?
How active are your students in this endeavor?

PSST Section 6 –
Do your students meditate, or think deeply about God?

Are their thoughts of God/Soul “sweet”? What does a sweet meditation of Soul look & feel like?

Why is it important to recognize that God is not in each of us, but is reflected by us?
What is critical about that distinction?

What is the true conception of God and man that we must gain, and what are the results of this?

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