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[PSST: Share with others the joy of feeling filled with the Spirit! (6)]
ossible Sunday School Topics (PSST) for the Christian Science Bible Lesson for

August 9, 2015 on

Prepared by John Biggs, CS, of Bend, Oregon
(541.418.1176 / /

/This week's PSST's are filled with questions, and only questions. See how you and your class (whether you use these questions or not) can let every question or idea be a springboard for deep and effective discussion, rather than a checklist of yes or no answers. Enjoy this blessed and valuable time together!

PSST for the Golden Text: What does it mean to you to be anointed by God? What is the significance of being called by Spirit? Is there any power greater than, or equal to, Spirit? How do you go about following Spirit's call? What does it look like to have your heart sealed by God?

PSST for the Responsive Reading: How do we put Spirit's guidance into practice? What does it practically mean to you, that "there is no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus?" How does Spirit help you know how to pray? Where is there room for your own desires is you're always following Spirit's call? Have you seen 'the fruit of the Spirit' in your life? How can you reap that harvest more, and share with others more effectively?

PSST for Section 1: Have you ever felt God's presence giving you rest? Why do we need to praise God – doesn't He already know we love Him? What does it mean in your life to speak to God face to face? Is Moses the only person who could do this? What does it mean that Spirit is divine substance (S4)? Is there anything else beside Spirit? Why does it seem like there is? How do we find out more about Spirit, about Truth?

PSST for Section 2: What relevance to your life does the story in citations B6 and B7 have? Have you seen evidence of God's great power in your life? Do you feel like God delights in you (B8)? Why or why not? What does God's delight mean to you? Why does it matter to you where we come from? Why is the sole creative power of Spirit important to us? What is the impact on our lives of this grand fact of Spirit being our perfect source?

PSST for Section 3: Do you consider yourself a prophet? What role does prophecy play in your life today? How do you nurture the role of a prophet? Who can help you or support you in this nurturing? How do you know it's God calling you, and not personal willpower? How do you persist in following God's call when the going is rough? How can 'nothing be new to Spirit'? (S15) Are you comfortable praying? Is there just one right way to pray? How do you know God is listening?

PSST for Section 4: Isn't it scary to give everything to God? How do we symbolize this and live this in our lives today? Is the story in citation B15 only about money, or is there more to it? Have you ever felt like you've 'given your all' to something? How can we do this more persistently in our worship? How do we worship Spirit effectively?

PSST for Section 5: Wouldn't it be scary to have all those people yelling at you, like everyone was angry at Stephen in citation B19? Have you ever been in a situation like that? What did you do? What does it mean to have a face like an angel, in the context of this story? Is this a concept that is relevant to your life? What were some of Stephen's qualities? How can you live those courageous Stephen qualities? How does this story end in the Bible? Is that ending scary for us? What do we do when it seems like we get stuck somewhere? What does it mean to be indestructible (S27) and how has this ideal been presented?

PSST for Section 6: Have you ever felt filled with the Spirit? What was that like? How can you nurture that fulfillment? Can you share this joy with others? Have you ever felt called in righteousness? What would citation B22 look like, literally and figuratively, in your life? Why would we rejoice to be subject to a divine power (S32)? Don't we want to be in charge of our own lives? What does citation S30 mean for you, both right now and for your life going forward (and looking backward as well)?

Thank you for your devotion to Sunday School and to the correct, loving nurturing and supporting of our dear Sunday School students. God has called you all, and we can all be so grateful.

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