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[PSST: Separate fables from facts and permanently destroy them! (4)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

for Sunday, October 11, 2015 on

“Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?”

by Aubrey McMullin, C.S., Godfrey, Illinois
(618) 578-9407

PSST—Golden Text (GT) & Responsive Reading (RR): GO TO THE SOURCE – Source – ALWAYS.
I remember going to Christian Science camp when I was younger and going on hiking and backpacking trips. Imagine it is summer again. [Ah, yes!] Hypothetically, you're in charge of testing water quality (an analogy for your own quality). You check the quality about a mile or two from the source and it appears to be contaminated… is that a TRUE reading of the spring’s water quality? No. So, what do we do? We could try to filter out or remove the impurities, but remember how hard it was for the forty-niners to find gold in the rivers out west in the mid 1800s? Nearly impossible. We could try adding iodine or some other properties to purify the water, but that wouldn't make it like its original either. To determine the TRUE NATURE of the water, we’d need to go back to the source and test it exactly where it's coming from, right? Well, that source for us is God. Just like the GT says about the fountain being unable to bring forth sweet AND bitter water, and just like the RR says about the pure river coming from God and providing the tree of life with the best water with which to grow, our original perfection – the source of our goodness being God – blesses others and brings out their original perfection too.

PSST —Section 1: TENDER MERCIES! What does that mean? Go ahead and look up the definitions of tender and mercy. Pair them together. Have each student write down their own definition of tender mercies and then look at hymn 445 in the Christian Science Hymnal Supplement. Now they have their own definition of what is holding them. When we are being held by these tender mercies, can we really be touched by anything else? Can we produce anything else other than tender mercy?

PSST —Section 2: KNOW THYSELF! At the very end of the Bible for the second section, we are told that it is not God's will to let even ONE of His little ones perish (B9, Matthew 18:14)… and in Science and Health in the second section we are told that our only task is to know ourselves (from our Source) and God will provide the wisdom (the ability and necessary knowledge) and the occasion (the opportunity) for a VICTORY over evil, over anything that challenges your original goodness that comes from God! This victory applies to all things: homework assignments, athletic practices or competitions, having a lot of homework to do, studying for and taking tests or writing papers, giving a presentation for a class, or performing for the band/choir/theater/etc., being a group leader, going to a dance and being nervous about what the other kids might be wearing or thinking (KNOW THYSELF), maybe a relationship that keeps testing your patience with a boy or girl friend or family member or even your parents…

PSST—Section 3: CLINGING STEADFASTLY – Citation S16 was something I have had memorized since I was in middle school, and there have been so many times that even just the first two sentences have been extremely helpful: “When the ILLUSION of sickness or sin TEMPTS you, cling STEADFASTLY to God AND His idea. Allow NOTHING but His likeness to abide in your thought” (SH 495:14-20). It's very simple! Sticking to God and filling your thoughts with goodness DOES bring healing. All we have to do is cling STEADFASTLY. How do we do this in school with academics? In athletics with the appearance of injury? At home with siblings and family members? On our own and in our own thought about ourselves and others? A friend of mine shared a fun acronym with me from this sentence. If you circle the first letter of each sentence, it spells WALL. If we feel there is a wall in our way or keeping us from fully expressing God, we can turn to this group of sentences and destroy the false wall with the true WALL!

PSST —Section 4: Our [spiritual understanding works to separate mixed-up messes of all kinds —like the FAN in Christ’s hand does to separate the chaff from the wheat. (See citation B12, Matt. 3:12 AND the 1st Cobbey Crisler Download at the upper right of the online version.) Mary Baker Eddy defines FAN as “Separator of fable from fact; that which gives action to thought.” (S&H 586:7). Our Christly understanding of man as God’s very image and likeness is our fan in hand—] the “new sharp threshing instrument” mentioned in this section (B11 – Isaiah 41:15). Mountains of [mixed-up messes are sorted out only when you take them to the highest point possible—to where Christ “shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire”. (B12, Matt. 3:11) The Christ’s “fan in hand” separates all material challenges makes them as nothing but chaff, beats them small—merely fables, fans them away, where they are destroyed in a fire downwind, never to recirculate.] Why? Because God is all—the only reality—and there is nothing else. Let's rejoice in this truth! How do we supply ourselves daily with this Christly “fan in hand”? Do we read the weekly Bible lesson? Have we decided to read some of Science and Health? Are we learning more about the Bible? What can we do on a daily basis that better prepares us for the mountains of mixed-up messes that we are likely to encounter?

PSST —Section 5: BE SPIRITUALLY MINDED, as the second part of citation B14 states. This reminds me of Hymn 49 in the Christian Science Hymnal. Do we want death or do we want life and peace? The hymn talks about being reclothed in our rightful mind, praising God in deeper reverence, trusting simply in the one Truth, rising and following God without any hesitation, listening and hearing the still small voice, and letting our lives attest our sincerity. This dedication gives us the power to “breathe through the pulses of desire.” What are some of the pulses of desire for your students? Don't be afraid to ask them this! I teach 10th graders and they usually have something they'd like to talk about. (smile)

PSST —Section 6: Okay, so we know that sin, disease, and death are not real. We just proved that throughout this whole lesson. But how do we demonstrate that?? Can we really, truly, fully believe without also demonstrating what we know? Citation S31 says, “The power of Christian Science and Love is omnipotent. It is indeed adequate to unclasp the hold and to destroy disease, sin, and death.” Is Love unclasping the hold of fables in our experience? Is it destroying dis-ease, sin, and death? Have the students define each of these words (disease, sin, death) and then have them share a testimony of how the hold of one of these fables was unclasped this week. We should be demonstrating constantly, and even if those demonstrations appear to be small (changing thought about an academic class) or large (making a physical demonstration), they are demonstrations—and when we recognize them, we give the glory to God and Love’s ever-adequate, omnipotent power.

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