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[PSST: Seek God’s wisdom on social, academic, family or athletic challenges. (1)]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson on

for February 25, 2018

By Steve Henn, C.S. St. Louis, Missouri

PSST Golden Text: Do your students see God as “only wise”? How do they read this – as God is only wise, and there is no lack of wisdom in Him? Or that God is the only wise, and She is the only source of wisdom? Are both readings true? What does each of these readings mean – and how do they impact our relationship to God?
How is God receiving glory through Jesus Christ?
Can we be a conduit of glory to God? Consider Matthew 5:16.

PSST Responsive Reading (RR): What does it mean that God gives liberally?
Do your students pray to God with the expectation of good that Jesus promises – (Luke 12:32)?
What are the qualities of “the wisdom that is from above”? How can your students use this to test, or check the ideas that come to them each day?
Do your students value the wisdom of Mind – above all else, would they rather have God’s wisdom than gold and silver, [gold or silver medals,] rubies and any other treasure? How does wisdom lead to life?

PSST Section 1: The vastness of Mind and wisdom is immense. How do your students relate to this vastness?
Do they see the benefit of connecting with Mind and its wisdom?
How does communing with Mind and gaining wisdom impact their daily lives? How does seeking God’s wisdom relate to social, academic, family, or athletic challenges that they face?
How can they use their connection with Mind and Mind’s infinite wisdom to support others around them who are experiencing similar challenges?

PSST Section 2: How old was Jesus when he started his divine work? Do your students ever feel like they are too young to practice Christian Science effectively?
Do they know how young Mary Baker Eddy was when she talked with God and healed her family’s farm animals?
What is stopping them from practicing Christian Science powerfully?
What does it take to practice the laws of Life, Truth and Love?
Can your students begin, even in a small way, to build off of what is offered in this section?
Make a plan for some specific action this coming week, and then check in with how that action/prayer impacted their week when you see them next Sunday.

PSST Section 3: For whom is God’s wisdom given as a blessing? [“all men” S14)] Who will receive it? Who will benefit from it?
How do your students feel about the universality of God’s goodness?
Does their practice of Christian Science bring them closer to their fellow-man and fellow-woman? How do we incorporate others into our prayers?
How can we see more clearly what the real impact and meaning of one, all-inclusive Mind as supreme over all?

PSST Section 4: What is the basis of Jesus’ healing power? How can we be governed by Mind on a daily basis?
Do your students start their days with prayer? Why would that be important?
What in this section could they use to explore the importance of starting each day with prayer? What might those prayers look like?
What is the impact of establishing God’s government in our lives on a daily basis? How do we gain the Christ as our only savior? (S21)

PSST Section 5: How did Jesus feed the multitudes? How is that story relevant to your students’ lives? It might be literally relevant based on supply or nourishment.
But what can they learn from this story to help them with their academics, their friendships, their engagement with their local communities?
Where does the creation of everything begin? Do your students see matter as having creative power? Why is that a belief to be challenged?
Why does it matter that Jesus demonstrated over lies of matter as a creator – it was 2000 years ago? How is it relevant to us today?

PSST Section 6: What is the mind of Christ, if we are to let it be in us? How does Christ approach every situation and circumstance?
Is there any fatigue in Christ, any limitation, or any fear?
How will our days be different when we live with the mind of Christ being in us?
What is the relationship that Christ has with God, Mind?
Consider deeply what the impact on our daily lives and experiences, and the experiences of those around us, will be when we truly keep thought aligned with Christ on a daily, minute-by-minute basis.
Can your students meet that challenge for the next week, or for some reasonable part of this coming week? What better exercise to bring healing to the world!

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