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[PSST: Reply NO WAY! to whatever is not made by God!]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Bible Lesson

for Sunday, April 10, 2016 on

Are Sin, Disease, and Death Real?

by Aubrey McMullin, C.S., Godfrey, Illinois
(618) 578-9407

NO! Because they're not made by God! You can notice that immediately!” An incredible 6-year-old shared his answer with me just the other day, and I fell in love with his confidence in his response! How do you know that sin, disease, and death are not real?

PSST Golden Text: What is the promise being made? What is the reward? How can we see both as present? Page 463 of Science and Health reinforces for us that “a spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive” (emphasis added). What kind of experiences have we had that have shown us that God's promise of a provided trust and protection is a promise that is always fulfilled?

PSST Responsive Reading:No evidence before the material senses can close my eyes to the scientific proof that God, good, is supreme” (Science and Health p. 277). What experiences of proof have we had? How do we see God magnified in our day to day activities? When He is magnified, how are we exalting His name? How are we praising Him? How are we showing gratitude?

PSST Section 1: GOD'S ALLNESS! – How awesome is it that we just had our lesson on Unreality, and now get to dedicate another section of this week's lesson to the WHY behind the fact that sin, disease, and death are not real! GOD IS ALL! Job 37:14 gives us a great verse to be reminded that our duty is to take a stand for the truth of being and to still the false testimony of the material senses! [B4] Hymns 267-268 say, “Our God is All-in-all, His children cannot fear; See baseless evil fall, and know that God is here…” the rest of this hymn is wonderful as well, but what does that first verse tell us about allness? If God is All-IN-all, then is there room for anything that is unlike God? Absolutely not! Are we allowed to be firm with this fact and confident in it? Absolutely!! How do we express this firmness and this confidence in God's allness on a daily and moment-by-moment basis? “A Rule for Motives and Acts”, found on page 40 of the Manual of the Mother Church, states that we must “daily watch and pray to be delivered from all evil, from prophesying, judging, condemning, counseling, influencing or being influenced ERRONEOUSLY.” How are we to refrain from acting erroneously? How are we to act on the allness and oneness of God and His ideas?

PSST Section 2: WAKE UP! – “I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with thy likeness” (B9, Psalm 17: 15). Are we truly satisfied, at the very first moment, with being God's image and likeness? Are we experiencing the truth that being God's reflection is enough? Is that the foundation we are building upon? Citations B10 (2 Corinthians 10:3-5) and SH10 (p. 403:14-20) both work together to remind us that we cannot pray for healing and then look to matter for the cure. We do not war after the flesh! We are not self-deceived by matter but rather dwell in the truth of being! Mrs. Eddy's side note for citation SH10 is “Error's power imaginary.” How special that she outlined that in a simple and clear way! She never says that error has power that we must take away or over-power, but she says that it is imaginary!! Its power is so unreal that it simply cannot exist. How can we work to make this clear on a more regular basis? How can we be so satisfied with God's allness that it is obvious that error's power is imaginary and therefore destroyed? How is the truth of God's allness revealing the nothingness of error in your experience?

PSST Section 3: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! – How do morality and purity and respect and truth keep evil from entering your thought? Christian Science draws the line emphatically between right and wrong and demands an ABSOLUTE abandonment of evil. In this section, we are reminded to “realize no reality in (the claims of evil and disease)” (Science and Health p. 447). How do we begin to do this? Mrs. Eddy declares on page 447 that “to put down the claim of sin you must detect it, remove the mask, point out the illusion, and thus get the victory over sin, and prove its unreality.” [S16] Also on page 339, she states, “the destruction of sin is the divine method of pardon.” In order for our lives to be consistent with the teachings of Christian Science, that wickedness is simply a delusion, we must practice what is right! If our thoughts are pure, our deeds must necessarily be right.

PSST Section 4: DEBUNK LIES! – “Maintain the facts of Christian Science… then hold your ground with unshaken understanding of Truth and Love, and you will win” (S22, Science and Health 417). What are the facts of Christian Science? What do you know now as the facts of Christian Science? How did the woman with the infirmity eighteen years demonstrate these facts? How did she hold her ground with unshaken understanding? How soon was she made straight when she held her ground? How soon after declaring the truth did she win? IMMEDIATELY!! Do we need to wait longer than she did? NO! Jesus told her that she was “loosed from her infirmity”! [B16**] That was all she had to hear for her healing to occur! Really ponder this message! God is All-in-ALL! There are no exceptions there! Because we know what is true, we can identify the lies and unmask them!! [See Cobbey Crisler insights online too on citation B16 and others at]

PSST Section 5: DEATH HAS NO REALITY! – Have you ever had a healing and then immediately felt that mortal mind was attacking again? This section of the lesson talks about the Hydra, and I wanted to clarify what a Hydra was just in case anyone wasn't sure. In Greek mythology, a Hydra was a monster with many heads. When one head was cut off, several more grew instantly in its place. What are some Hydra heads that we must battle? Just a few weeks ago I was making dinner for my family while trying to hold a conversation with a family member. As we talked, the liquid being boiled began to over boil and I grabbed the lid off of the pot quickly enough that much of the liquid spilled on my leg and leggings. The family member quickly said, “Oh my gosh are you okay?!” to which I replied a firm and loud, “YES!” A few moments later, as we watched the hot liquid begin to melt my leggings to my leg, I looked up and declared “I am fine.” It seemed that when I had cut off the head of the Hydra, it had grown two more and was trying to attack my perfection by presenting another daunting material image. As I knew that I was fine, I watched my leggings reform and there was never a mark visible on my leg. “Suffering, sinning, dying beliefs are unreal” (Science and Health 76) no matter what the Hydra tries to convince us!

PSST Section 6: CHURCH'S ROLE IN GOD'S ALLNESS! – I always begin my Sunday School classes by asking my students if there are any testimonies that they would like to share. This way, the students know that church is a place where we can share our proof of God's allness! “Church. The structure of Truth and Love; WHATEVER RESTS UPON AND PROCEEDS FROM DIVINE PRINCIPLE…” (S28, Science and Health 583). What rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle? What is our experience of Church?

[** See Online version of this Met (upper right) for Cobbey Crisler commentary Downloads and some spiritual insights on a few Bible citations for this Bible Lesson.]

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