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[PSST: Relate all you think and do to law and the scientific aspect of Christian Science.]
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Christian Science”
for June 28, 2020

By Steve Henn, C.S. steven.henn@gmail.com

Possible Sunday School Topics for Golden Text (GT)

Which gifts come from above? How many? What are the attributes of these gifts?

Why is it significant to call these “gifts” which are “given”?

How much work do we have to do to earn these gifts?

What are the attributes of the Father in this GT?

How do the attributes of “no variableness” and “neither shadow of turning” relate to Christian Science? Think particularly about how they relate to the scientific aspect.

Possible Sunday School Topics for Responsive Reading (RR)

Define “law” with your group. Identify as many words as you can that are related to “law” from this RR.

Why is law so important in the conversation about Christian Science?
Why is God’s law so important? Is there variableness in His law, or shadow of turning in Her precepts?

Look back at the list of words you identified in the RR that are related to “law” – define those with your group – do these definitions add any further insights about what God’s law includes and why it is so important?

What are the results of God’s law – knowing it, loving it, living it, witnessing it – according to David and Paul? How have your group seen results from God’s law in their lives?
What examples of these results can you find in this week’s lesson – in the Bible, in articles and testimonies on JSH Online?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 1

What is the basis of Christian Science? Where does it come from, and what authority does it rely on? What roles do the following play with respect to Christian Science: Old Testament, Prophecy, New Testament, Jesus, Mary Baker Eddy, your group?

What is the impact of Christian Science? How do we realize this impact?

Whom does Christian Science benefit?
What ills does Christian Science address? How do you know?
What in this section supports your knowing – any specific passages that you rely on?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 2

What types of disease and sickness did Jesus heal?
What does this reveal about where Christian Science is relevant today?

What was Jesus teaching? Be specific and find examples of his key lessons/instructions from this section and even from the entire Bible. How are these teachings still relevant to your group?

Who gets credit for Christ Jesus’ healing work? Where does Jesus point us to place our faith and trust? How did Jesus heal? Where does physical healing in Christian Science result from?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 3

Whom does Jesus want us to believe on and trust in?
What/who is the comforter promised by Jesus? What are the attributes of this Comforter?

What is science? How is it defined generally? What makes Christian Science scientific?
What are the scientific attributes of Christian Science?
What are the spiritual rules and laws in Christian Science that lead to healing? What can the laws of Christian Science heal?
How do we apply the laws of Christian Science? How reliable are they? How do you know?

What specific passages, experiences, insights support your knowing?

How/on what is the practicality of Christian Science established?
What are the rules to follow? What is the Principle that supports this Science?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 4

Look up the article on “Obedience” in Miscellaneous Writings (116) – Mrs. Eddy’s “ADDRESS BEFORE THE CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST ASSOCIATION OF THE MASSACHUSETTS METAPHYSICAL COLLEGE, IN 1893 Subject: Obedience”

(Miscellaneous Writings 1883–1896, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 116:7)

Consider how this article is directly relevant to this section and this week’s lesson as a whole.

What does it mean to “yield yourselves servants to obey”?
Do we have to be servants to one or the other – do we have to be servants at all?
What does it mean to “mind” either flesh or spirit?
Where do your group’ aims, ambitions and thoughts rest most often?

What does it look like to “dwell” in Spirit vs matter?
Think of dwell not only in terms of a living space, but also in thinking – to dwell on an idea.
How often are you and your group allowing your thoughts to “dwell” on things material?
How can we train our thinking to more naturally dwell on spirit – to mind the things of the spirit, instead of material things?

Carefully consider the artists in citation SH18 (359:29-21) – Where do their perspectives come from?

How are they developed and what do they rest in? How often do your and your group’ thoughts/perceptions align with either one?
How do we actively develop and maintain the spiritual perspective?

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 5

How many of our challenges does God help us with? How many of their challenges do your group reach out to God for support with? Is any challenge too small? How do we set mortal mind right? What is the way in Christian Science?
What does the warfare between truth and error look like? What is it made up of? How do we put our efforts on the side of truth? What must we work to remove with Love in this warfare?

ADAMANT – What is the “adamant” of error? Research this term, “adamant”, using Webster’s 1828 dictionary – note the reference to “load stone” or “lodestone” – what is a “lodestone”?
With this investigation in thought, what is the “adamant” of error, and how do we destroy it in our warfare with error?

Great questions in citation SH24 (496:9-14) – how do you and your group respond to these? Be specific and work to find evidence either in the lesson, or your lives to support your responses.

Possible Sunday School Topics for Section 6

For what are we thirsty? What do we most desire? What is the fountain of the water of life giving? Is it clear to you?
Are you crystal clear on what you truly want and how Christian Science daily supplies your need in pursuit of your most sincere desires?

To whom does divine Science deliver benefits? Any limitation or prerequisite?

What is spiritual consciousness (hint: SH 209:31) and what is the effect of understanding that the kingdom of heaven is within you? Is this a present possibility? What if it is?
How does that change your and your approach to each day – each person – each situation you find yourselves in?

What is the relationship between the Science of the Christ and loving our neighbor?
How direct is this relationship and why is it so important?
How is loving your neighbor a natural outcome of recognizing the Science of the Christ?
How is loving your neighbor scientific?

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