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PSST: Rejoice in and follow Christ Jesus’ eternal consistency!
Possible Sunday School Topics for the Christian Science Quarterly Bible Lesson on

“Christ Jesus”
for classes on February 28, 2021

Questions by former CedarS Program Director, Steve Henn, C.S.

Golden Text Possible Sunday School Topics (PSST): Rejoice in Christ’s eternal consistency!
“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever” Hebrews 13:8
Define “same” with your students.
Why is it so comforting, and joyful that Christ is eternally consistent?

Responsive Reading PSST: Have a Christlike conviction & awareness of your own identity.
“Know thyself” is a central concept in Christian Science [SH 571:16] – why is Christ Jesus so confident in his identity? [Responsive Reading (RR), John 8:12, 14, 29]
How strong is the argument against him by the Pharisees? How forceful? [RR, John 8:13]
What does it take for us to have similar conviction and awareness of our own identity?
How do we establish our place as true disciples of Christ Jesus? [John 8:31, “If you continue…”]

Section 1 PSST: What was Christ’s mission, and how can we benefit from it today? [cit. S4]
What does it mean to believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God? [citation B5, I John 5:1]
Why is this understanding so important?
Explore the connection between divinity and humanity with your students. [cit. S1, 25:31]
What was Christ’s mission, and how can we benefit from it today? [cit. S4, 26:16]

Section 2 PSST: How does the 1st commandment relate to Christ Jesus’ teachings? [cit. B6, Exodus 20:3; S10, 361:6-13]
Why does Jesus question his disciples so insistently at Caesarea Philippi? [cit B9, Matt 16:13-18]
What do your students think was so urgent about this line of questioning? [S6 & S7, 136 – 137]
What does all of this have to do with the foundation of Christ Jesus’ establishment of the Christian church? [cit. B9, Matt. 16:18; cit. S8, 138:14-18]

Section 3 PSST: What is the foundation of Jesus’ teachings? [cit. B11, Matt. 9:35]
What is the focus of his teachings? [cit. S16, 476:32-3]
Does he glorify himself? [cit. B13, John 7:18]
How often are your students tempted to glorify themselves?
And what is the most effective response to this temptation?
How does demonstration fit into Jesus’ teachings? [cit. S15, 271:7]
How can we daily demonstrate our understanding of Christian Science? [cit. S16, 476:32-3; cit. S17, 25:22-26]

Section 4 PSST: What does the light of Christ truly reveal in our lives? [cit. S21, 315:32]
When we believe in Jesus’ teachings – who are we really putting our trust in? [cit. B14, John 12:44]
What does the light of Christ truly reveal in our lives? [cit. S21, 315:32]
Study the story of blind Bartimaeus carefully with your students. [cit. B16, Mark 10:46-52]
Why is it significant that he throws his garment away? [cit. B16, Mark 10:50]
What does Jesus ask when Bartimaeus does arrive near him? [cit. B16, Mark 10:51]
How would your students respond to this question?
What is the source of Bartimaeus’s healing? [cit. B16, Mark 10:52; cit. S21, 315:32]

Section 5 PSST: How to prove & improve our faith & understanding each week? [cit. S27, 418]
Who is our master? [cit. B17, Matt. 23:10]
Why is this so critical to understand? [cit. S26, 494:30-3]
What is the danger of not fully grasping Christ’s role in our lives? [poor “basis of” cit. S25, 259:6]
What does it take for us to move past being faithless and perverse? [cit. B18, Luke 9:40 & version in Mark 9:29 where “prayer (yes) and fasting (no)” needed]
How can we prove our own faith? [“by works” cit. S23, 145:31-2]
What can your students do each week to prove and improve their faith and understanding in concrete terms? [cit. S27, 418:5 “Stick to… Plead with an honest conviction…”]

Section 6 PSST: What systems and foundations must we forsake? [cit. S30, 326:12]
What is the basis of those systems and how can we truly let go of time-honored traditions? [cit. S30, 326:12]
What challenge can you put to your students that will help them develop the determination of Christian Science – to know only Christ, and to forever glorify God? [cit. S32, 200:27]

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